Who is Fr. Pancras listed on OLMC?

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    OLMC mass notice:
    Mass in Nashville, TN
    Father Hewko and Fr. Pancras from India
    Sunday Sept 16 at 3 pm
    Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt (Downtown)
    Who is Fr. Pancras?

    Readers digest version:
    1. Diocesan, in good standing, in India
    2. Friends with +Williamson
    3. Worked with Fr. Chazal until recently.
    4. Ordained 1968. Don't know if ordained old or new rite.
    5. Worked in association with Sspx for a long time.
    6. Refused to perform the Novus Ordo. Forced to retire and lived a monastic existence, saying mass by himself for many years. Made regular parish priest of Periasamipuram under NO bishop, but says Latin mass.


    Diocesan Priests - June 2018
    Fr. Pancras M. Raja
    Born : 20.02.1940
    Ord. : 17.04.1968

    Room No.4, Xavier Hermitage,
    St. Francis Xavier’s Home
    Thoothukudi - 628 002
    (Note: Not hermitage, per Anand, but a diocesan retirement home.)


    Updates From India - January 2018
    by Fr. Chazal
    Submitted by Admin on 21 January 2018

    Even though we have just lost Fr. Pancras who returned to the Diocese and celebrated a Latin-Tamil mass, our two confreres, Fr. Valan Rajakumar and Fr. Suneel Pio, are developing the missions very well, especially in Goa, Bombay and Chennai. Perhaps an Indian priest from Goa will soon compensate for the loss of Fr. Pancras, or maybe the compensation was a pre-seminarist who joined us at the Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary.
    April 17, 2013
    We should also add to that the rest of Tamil Nadu where we are being helped from now on by Fr. Pancras, an old friend of Bp. Williamson.

    JANUARY 01, 1970
    July - December 2004

    (note: two dates, exact same information)

    25 July, Sunday. Father Pancras goes to Punnainagar to celebrate the Mass: Surprise!

    1 August, Sunday of the Maccabees. A solemn high mass is scheduled for the first time in Holy Family Church in forty years. Opposition by the Bishop is rumored. Police arrive 4:30 AM. Our priests, Frs. Pancras & Michael, guard the altar until time for the Solemn Mass.

    5 August, Thursday. In the morning, the former parish priest, Fr. Ladislaus, creeps into the Rectory, and surprises Fr. Blute and Fr. Pancras at breakfast. He introduces himself as Fr. Benjamin. He is offered a seat, and soon he says, "Actually, I’m the parish priest here". So we cordially speak about why we are here, and why we were not going to go, and how he had best go and speak to the Committee, if he must. He just smirks at us. A security guard come and ignominiously walks him to the gate. Immediately he goes with his friends to the Police station and files a complaint of attempted murder: by Fr. Blute, Pancras, and three absent committee members. If this is the quality of the clergy in Ramanpudur, I, for one, feel not just justified in coming to their aid, but also positively bound by duty.

    30 August, Monday. Fr. Pancras is already residing in this house that is within easy distance from Ramanpudur and the two neighboring parishes.

    Jun 17, 2014
    Fr Pancras Raja is an Indian diocesan priest who helps the Resistance, of course without the approval of his bishop.


    July 11, 2015
    Fr. Pancras Raja - India


    Catholic priest, Director of the Society of Reparation Trust. Promoting Fatima Message, devotion of reparation and total consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    This society was started in the year 1980 in India, at Thailapuram, Fatima Shrine of Reparation, in the Diocese of Thoothukkudi.

    When and if this Society is approved as a Religious Congregation by the competent authorities, its Superior General will govern the Society through out the world.

    Holy Mass and Communion
    While attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they adopt the admirable disposition of Our Lady at the foot of the cross; all kneeling, women covering their head.
    They always kneel to receive Holy Communion on their tongues, humbling themselves profoundly and beseeching the Mother of God to lend Her own ear and disposition to receive Her Son.

    4 February 2016

    Fr. Pancras M. Raja,
    Room No. 4,
    Xavier Hermitage,
    St. Francis Xavier Home,
    43 Innaciarpuram,
    Tuticorin- 628002,
    Tamilnadu, India.
    Cell: 9360250211
    +91 9944104697 (Whats App)
    Email: pancrasraja@gmail.com ; pancrasraja@rediffmail.com
    Tamil Web: parigaarasabai.blogspot.com
    English Web: devotionofreparation.blogspot.com

    The Director
    “Society of Reparation” (Rgd Trust 11/ 2015)
    Hermitage of Reparation
    2/ 56 Pakkappatti, Aazhikudi Road,
    Murappanadu P. O., 628252
    Tuticorin District,
    Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

    Fr. Pancras M. Raja
    Catholic Bishop"s house
    82 Great Cotten Road
    Thoothkudi 628 001
    Tamil Nadu, INDIA

    My blogs
    NEW DISCOVERY ON ST. THOMAS (note: last active 2012)
    TOTAL CONSECRATION TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY (note: last active 2018, sort of.)
    MUZHU ARPPANAM (note: last active 2016)
    DEVOTION OF REPARATION (note: no activity at all)
    DEVOTION OF REPARATION (note: last active 2016)
    PARIGAARA SABAI (note: last active 2016)
    PARIGAARA BAKTHI (note: last active May 2018, sort of.)
    SOCIETY OF REPARATION (note: last active 2016)
    NEW DISCOVERY ONST. THOMAS (note: no activity at all)
    https://books.google.com/books?id=nCI9rEk5p5gC&pg=PA211&lpg=PA211&dq="fr.+pancras"+india&source=bl&ots=I4I_W3FbEN&sig=lxTzlDYncuFfVDr9Fx8lVkNPze0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwims-GJ5b_dAhUEXa0KHV6TCUA4ChDoATAGegQICBAB#v=onepage&q="fr. pancras" india&f=false

    Fr. Pancras Raja, who refused to perform the Novus Ordo. Forced to retire and lived a monastic existence, saying mass by himself for many years. Made regular parish priest of Periasamipuram under NO bishop, but says Latin mass.


    Fr. Pancras, an old friend of Bishop Williamson

    pancrasraja said in December 10th, 2011 at 8:59 am
    I appreciate the purpose of The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny, namely the return to the Traditional liturgy of the Roman Rite. I am also attempting to start a Society in India to promote Devotion of reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to the spirit of St. Louis De Montfort, and of the Message of Fatima.
    Kindly view my blogs and website, and help me cooperate with you to promote the same purpose.
    Thanking you
    Fr. Pancras M. Raja

    The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny
    Father Richard Cipolla, Chaplain

    (note: this looks indult to me.)
    see how the women dress?

    26 Jun 2018 Fr. Cipolla’s Last Sunday as Pastor of St. Mary’s
    10 Jun 2018 Confirmation was administered by Bishop Frank J. Caggiano, diocesan

    "Mass in the Extraordinary Form"
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    St Francis Xavier Home in Tuticorin is the Diocesan clergy's retirement home. It is not a hermitage.
    As far as I can tell Frs Valan and Suneel manage quite well without this priest.
    He visited Canada last year. Concerning his ordination his diocese may well have implemented the new rite of ordination in 1969, so he may be OK. The last batch of old rite ordinations in the Bombay Archdiocese took place as I have been given to understand, in 1967.
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    Another thing is that this priest is supposed to have/have had health issues.
    Could he not have stayed on at Boston, KY thereby allowing the priest there to go and say Mass at another center? Why did he accompany Fr Hewko ? What did he do when Fr Hewko said the Mass?
    Is this a crisis or what?
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    Thank you for the information. I think I updated correctly.

    If the last batch of old rite ordinations occurred in 1967, and the new rite in 1969, what did they do in 1968 when he was ordained?
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    Looks like he said mass in Boston the same day he went with Fr. Hewko to TN:
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    I am only speaking about Bombay. Fr Pancras is from a diocese in south India. The new rite was already available in 1968 but had to be implemented by April 4 ( I think) 1969. If my priest informant is correct than Bombay merely jumped the gun.
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    I see. Thank you for the clarification.
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    My friends, let me tell you a short story. Before I begin, I want to make clear to you that I have nothing personal against Fr. Pancras Raja. I am only concerned about his doctrine.

    On July 21, 2017, I received an invitation to attend Fr. Raja’s Masses. He was staying in the Toronto area for several weeks and Mass would be available frequently during that time period. On the same day, I wrote to Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko and asked them whether they approved of going to Fr. Raja’s Masses. They both responded the same day giving me the green light to attend. Fr. Pfeiffer even ending up visiting Fr. Raja during that time period.

    On August 13, 2017, at Sunday Mass, Fr. Raja told me that it is his opinion that one is morally obligated, under pain of mortal sin, to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation when one is certain that the priest is validly ordained and that he validly celebrates the Tridentine Mass. This includes of course the Masses of current Society of St. Pius X. I told Fr. Raja that I hold the position of Fr. Pfeiffer and that I stopped going to the Masses of the Society of St. Pius X. Fr. Raja told me that he argued with Fr. Pfeiffer on this point for three hours when Fr. Pfeiffer met him in India in 2016. I told Fr. Raja that I had no intention of returning to the Masses of the Society of St. Pius X. Then, during the sermon, Fr. Raja said that when one is certain that the priest is validly ordained and that he validly celebrates the Tridentine Mass, one should not deprive oneself of the graces of the Mass and hence should attend it. He basically repeated publicly that which he told to me privately!

    My friends, do you understand the significance of this? Unlike yellow light bishops and priests, who tell the faithful that one is permitted to attend the Masses of the SSPX, Fr. Raja turns a permission into an obligation, and that under pain of mortal sin! Concerned about this, on August 14, 2017, I wrote to Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko about it and questioned Fr. Pfeiffer as to whether he did indeed know about Fr. Raja’s position, and that if he did, why he gave me the green light to attend his Masses. I did not receive a response. Nevertheless, the day before, Fr. Rafael, O.S.B., advised me to stop attending Fr. Raja’s Masses and I did not attend from thereon. I did not pursue the issue further with Fr. Pfeiffer or Fr. Hewko after that because I knew Fr. Raja would be going back to India in September 2017.

    Fast forwarding to a few weeks ago, I learned that Fr. Raja was at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Boston, Kentucky. Even though I shook my head on hearing this, I decided to write to Fr. Hewko and ask him why Fr. Raja was invited to Kentucky given his doctrine about being morally obligated to attend SSPX Masses. I thought perhaps the justification was that Fr. Raja changed his position. Fr. Hewko did not respond. Therefore, I proceeded to contact Fr. Raja to ask him directly whether he still held the same position as he did the year before. Fr. Raja responded that neither did he change his position nor was he demanded to do so by Fr. Pfeiffer and that he was invited to Kentucky to preach a retreat to the seminarians! Since Fr. Raja arrived at Kentucky a few weeks ago, he has celebrated three Sunday Masses at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church (see screenshots below).

    Before writing this post, I spoke to Fr. Rafael, O.S.B., about the situation and asked him whether I should make it public. He encouraged me to do so for everybody to see that the Kentucky Fathers themselves are co-operating in a variant of tradecumenism, which is a grave danger to the purity of the true Resistance. Fr. Rafael has approved this post as written.

    Watch and pray!

    Addendum – screenshots of Fr. Raja at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church:

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    I would like to add my own experience to this. When Father Pfeiffer arbitrarily cancelled the final scheduled Mass in Melbourne last April because the majority of attendees refused to become a parish headed by himself - I asked him later on in a phone conversation what it meant to be a member of his 'parish'. I had asked him face to face prior to this but he refused to answer. He replied that, whenever he came we would be under an obligation to attend as if it was a Sunday. By implication this meant that it would be a mortal sin to not attend. He also said that when we prayed the Rosary together as members of his parish that is fine, but if not members of his parish we would be protestant.

    Later on, I received a direct email from one of his 'Kentucky parishioners' accusing me, personally, of being protestant.

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    There's one rule for Pancras and another for everyone else. As far as I have heard the Diocese of Tuticorin (Thoothukudi) imposed certain conditions on him when removing an interdict from him some years ago. I dont think he has the permission to involve himself in the Latin Mass or with groups that do so. If he still is connected with the Novus Ordo Diocese of Tuticorin shouldn't he leave and go independent?. Here is a diocesan contact:

    Chancellor & Judicial Vicar
    Catholic Bishop’s House
    82 G. C Road,
    Tuticorin 628 001

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    This is not Catholic doctrine in the slightest. It is cult brainwashing.

    Furthermore, Fr. Pfeiffer forgets that "parish" implies jurisdictional authority. He has none. He cannot have any parishes.

    I suppose when you start calling non-priests priests, priests non-priests, bishops non-bishops, non-bishops bishops, pervert priests "friends", and non-practicing catholic "lay exorcists" good men, you have lost your priestly countenance and have fallen down the rabbit hole into wonderland.
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