Who does Bishop Williamson think he's fooling?

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    I received the following email from author of The Recusant who comments on the above Sermon by Bishop Williamson that is spoken in Spanish.

    "He (Bishop Williamson) says, according to my rough translation

    "The time for structures is past What, what's he saying? The time for structures is yesterday" (el tiempo de los estruturas es pasado. Que, que dice? la tiempo de las estruturas es ayer)

    "Without the Pope you can't be Catholic in any way" (sin el papa, no hay algo Catholica)

    "In our time, authority is dissolved. So, to structure a resistance with authority and obedience and superiors, don't hope for it." (esto momenta, la autoridad disuelta. entonces, struturar una resistancia con autoridad y con obediencia y con superiores, no lo espere)

    ...it's bad, but nothing new. I just find it tragic and pathetic that this has to be hidden and hushed up in case people find out what he actually thinks and teaches, and in case it turns out that the wicked people who dared disagree with the great hero might actually have had a point".


    In this video clip Bishop Williamson is all over the place. In his answer, he argues the following and then some:
    • Stay away from the New Mass!
    • You can go to the New Mass under certain circumstances
    • The New Mass is wrong as a whole
    • If it nourishes your Faith, you can go (this “seems” to be the “absolute rule of rules”)
    • You cannot cause scandal by going to the New Mass
    • Archbishop Lefebvre said the New Mass is a danger to the Faith
    • There are Eucharistic miracles in the New Mass
    • The New Religion, of which the New Mass is a key part, is dangerous and strangles grace
    • The New Mass can build your Faith
    • The New Mass does harm in itself
    • Decide for yourself
    • Ask a priest you trust and heed his advice — maybe
    • The rite of the New Mass was designed to get you away from the Catholic Faith
    • If you can trust your own judgment, use your own judgment
    • All of this is just his opinion and “almost heresy”
    • Maybe none of this should be said in public
    • Etc.,ad nauseam
    The above summation was taken from a sedevacantist website. We publish it because of the accuracy of the summation only.

    ETA the above information
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    Gee...No structure, No authority, No obedience, No organization, No pillars of anything of God's will for our fallen nature? Isn't that what the protestants did in revolt of 1517; and what every other revolution does against God?

    Why then is Bishop Williamson consecrating a Catholic bishop made for a hierarchical structured Church, a Church based on Authority, made for the Church's will of obedience, and for an organized Church as justice and peace demands.

    Contradictions and excuses were plentiful when the servants in the Old Testament didn't want to do God's will as well. There end did not go so well. Why are we being asked to follow and repeat this self-same betrayal and treason?

    Not on my watch! And neither was it on the great Archbishop Lefebvre who lead the faithful in the fullness of Catholicism; no compromise!
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    I am not understanding Bishop Williamson.....If he can make bishops. why couldnt he help OLMC make priests ? Why not offer any help in any way? Why is Bishop Williamson not treating all his spiritual sons the same? The priests have invited the bishops to OLMC and they refuse. Fr Zendejas comes into the picture 2 1/2 years later. Says his goal was to open a retreat house and stay put....Didnt want to travel all over like Fr Pfeiffer. Bishop helps fund a 2 million dollar property.. doesnt work out, b ut within months acquires a $650,000 property in TX. Bishjop and Fr Z were obviously planning together before Fr Z left the SSPX. Fr Z's followers say he is doing wonderful ministry. I say, when you have an endless supply of money offered to you, one can do alot. And what wonderful work is he doing.? Has he started any new Mass centers.? He's ONLY BEEN MOVING IN AT MASS CENTERS ALREADY VISITED BY FR PFEIFFER. ...What about the many faithful who have no priest or no masses at all? What is Father's real goal?
    Why is everything always a secret. within the fake resistance. How come Fr Z isnt accessible? Why dont ALL trad. catholics know where ALL resistances mass times and locations are? and what about their sermons being posted? We can always reach the Kentucky priests and always have access to their Mass times and locations and then thanks to OLMC website for online sermons and conferences.

    Bishop Williamson taught the Boston priests well and now these same priests are persecuted for defending the same Faith and Truth the Good Bishop taught.them in the seminary. Now Bishop alienates them! Fr Pfeiffer was denied confirmation and denied invitation to Bishops Acquinas's consecration. And yet Dom Thomas was always friendly with the Fathers from Kentucky. What changed? It appears the new bishop had to compromise , almost like an initiation, to be part of the club. How can Catholic priests and bishops treat fellow priests in such a way.!! It is NOT CATHOLIC! Are the OLMC priests heretics? are they pedaphiles? No, of course not! Then what specifically have they done to warrant such attacks and alienation from their brother priests and Bishops? The only thing is that they cant be bought, and by the grace of God will never deny the Truth even unto death! We already see the divide is made by those priests and bishops with a spine who will defend the faith and rebuke error, regardless of who made them and those who wont!!
    And priests and bishops who were always friendly with the OLMC priests now go against them...And these are the same priests and bishops who will not say a word against Bishop Williamson,,, and some will actually defend Him in his errors...
    Bishop W didnt want an organization, but there is a pretty good organization under Him who do everything they can to discredit OLMC and anyone else who dare speak out against him. It mirrors what went on in the SSPX and Bishop Fellay. God Help us and we continue to pray for the strength to always persevere in the faith no matter what.
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    Sadly, we are living in strange and uncertain times. We see friends of yesteryear's being enemies today.
    I pray too that we continue to pray for the strength to always persevere in the faith no matter what.
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    "The Catholic Faithful have a strict right to know that the priests to whom they have recourse are not in communion with the counterfeit Church which is evolutionary, Pentecostalist, syncretist."

    Archbishop Lefebvre - July 1988

    Why not write to Bp. Williamson and ask him about these concerns?

    The St. Marcel Initiative
    9051 Watson Road, Suite 279
    Crestwood, MO 63126 USA
    || (855) 289-9226
    || info@stmarcelinitiative.com
    || www.stmarcelinitiative.com
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    Thanks cleopas, I think I would write to H.E.