What is God asking of us in this Crisis?

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    Seems like we just had a marathon of fuax-pas news assaulting the Church. Certainly these are grave attacks against the nature of the Church as there is always an attack on the nature of Jesus Christ, but if there is any good news, these attacks from these six bishops, each grouped to their own revolt, have been more blatant and obvious for even the relaxed observer to see.

    This has to happen less we all fall into the error. History shows all errors become more visible and defined when the proponents are more comfortable to come out into the open.

    Cannot everyone see the definitions?

    Why is maintaining what we have as Catholics not good enough anymore? Everyone agrees there has been a change. Why do we have to change as each bishop departs in change. Is the Church a "living tradition" to adapt with changing times? Protestants think so...each of its members are their own church interpreting what makes them feel good.

    Why are we even having a discussion to go to the novus ordo mass again distributed by our own "leaders"? Why do we question and dispel tradition as only "a part of the church"? Why is conciliarism now identified as the Catholic Church when Archbishop Lefebvre doctrinal declared it is not? Why do these bishops want us to merge with evil when we already have the good; and need to share that good? Why are these bishops holed up in silence before the crowds when the people starve for salvation no one else can give them?

    Is the Church so disfigured in men's minds their hands and feet cannot go to a book shelf and look at history, even the simple catechism to find a stable answer?

    BW said the Catholics of the 1950's brought the revolution of the 1960's. So did the Traditional Catholics of the 2000's bring the revolution of conciliarism into their Traditional house in the 2010's?

    No preaching of Catholic militancy on the pulpit can only bring in the world's militancy of secularism. When there is a void there is a vacuum.

    Are there no definitions any more for these people or just wanting one big merge? Are the details and simplicity of Christ too much to meditate on by the slashes of modernism cutting away at the flesh of Christ and the members of His Church?

    Is this a time to turn our backs on the Church and Christ himself or stand resolute with our Lord He so often complains about in Holy Scripture from only so few who will follow Him to His Father? Is Christ's life vain or ours?

    Why the tepid response in front of a cowardly error easily removed by humble recognition of God's order; if we want?

    Where are the Jonahs preaching to Nineveh to convert in sackcloth and ashes than the Jonahs to remain in the belly of the whale as silent observers lamenting their own pity while souls fall in destruction in result of this indifference?

    Doesn't history show God is in control of all events and guides such for the greater good? But that good needs human participation Scripture searches out for; where is the good will and participation now?

    Has Tradition lost its flame and salt flavor? Or has men stopped thirsting for that salt?

    Where do each of us stand before Christ if we were to die now? The way we live is the way we die. What would we do differently in life if we had another chance before Him to correct our lameness and selfishness?

    Why not do now what grace fills you to succeed for God's glory?

    All things can be done with God if we let Him and let ourselves be moved in humble attribute like our Lady and millions of other saints before the Cross.
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    What indeed is God asking of us?

    This seems to be the re-enactment foretold by the Fathers of the Church where the Apostles and disciples of Christ deserted Him when it came to dying on Calvary. Who remained there? Mary of course. It is She who will not let us down in spite of the Rosary being used for nefarious purposes by one Shepherd of note - Bishop Fellay! And Shepherd BW who tells us to say the Rosary - leave everything to Her though - that is what I do where you do not have to do anything at all but go with the flow wherever it leads you even if you end up in hell - so what!?

    Well, for a start, we KNOW what NOT to do. Inadvertently said Bishops have given strong examples/advice demonstrating what we must reject. If they misuse Our Lady's Rosary we can be certain that nothing they say is according to the mind of Christ and His Mother because it is only through Her Intercession we receive true grace.

    So beginning our Rosaries we remind Our Lady that God promised not to leave us orphans.
    • Shepherds may abandon the flock so in consciously rejecting their examples/advice we explicitly witness to their absence. So we must first pray for them. That would be Our Lady's first direct request of us.
    • Secondly, because Shepherds, including the Pope, have abandoned their posts gives us no excuse to allow our faith to dissipate making the excuse that it is their fault.
    • On the contrary, use the occasion to deepen our faith because our needs are not being met. We are left to starve.
    ALL you that thirst, come to the waters: and you that have no money make haste, buy, and eat: come ye, buy wine and milk without money, and without any price. (Is. 55 : 1)

    'Praising, I will call upon the Lord, and I shall be saved from my enemies..' (Liturgy of Mass prior to second Confession)
    • God loves to test our faith. It brings many merits to the soul and gives Him the opportunity to demonstrate His Power and Glory where, in our cliff-hanging need, we cannot accrue credit to ourselves.
    I guess it is a kind of martyrdom. The Saints trusted God when facing excruciating physical torments and cruel deaths. It is a cruel death of the soul to starve it of all hope. But in reality no-one can take away our Hope or our Faith. We can only abandon it of our own free will.

    The martyrs were not starved because they would never abandon their faith. Their trust was childlike and saturated their whole being.
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    From the Syllabus of Errors, condemned tenets by Pope Pius IX, 1864:

    5. Divine revelation is imperfect, and therefore subject to a continual and indefinite progress, corresponding with the advancement of human reason.

    To change and alter what the Church teaches has been condemned over and over. The enemies of the Church prey upon Catholic hearts who are left confused with no bishop to lead them. "When the Shepard is struck...."

    And to see Bishops Fellay and Williamson - to all appearances on opposite sides, but in reality both leading souls to accept the Conciliar Church as the right one - taking full advantage of their episcopal offices to lead trusting souls into the jaws of the false Church, is sickening.

    But this is our chance, as laity, to cling to our catechism and confound the enemies of the Church by not allowing ourselves to be misled. To take responsibility for the decisions we make and to hold fast to the true Church, always known by Her distinctive marks of One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

    How can what Bishop Williamson teaches, 'do whatever you need to do to nourish your faith' fill the criteria for these Marks of the Church?

    His version of the church cannot be One, when he tells us we can attend sedevacantist Masses, who do not acknowledge the Pope, thus do not acknowledge the One Visible Head by which the Church is recognized.

    Catechism Pope St. Pius X, 1880:
    14 Q. Why is the Church called One? A. The true Church is called One, because her children of all ages and places are united together in the same faith, in the same worship, in the same law; and in participation of the same Sacraments, under the same visible Head, the Roman Pontiff.​

    Likewise, Bishop W's church cannot be Holy when he tells us that even the Anglican faith can have truth in it.

    17 Q. Why is the true Church called Holy? A. The true church is called Holy because holy is her Invisible Head, Jesus Christ; holy are many of her members; holy are her faith, her laws, her Sacraments; and outside of her there is not and cannot be true holiness.

    Bishop W's church cannot be Catholic, when he preaches "And so I don't think we need to be too concerned to bring souls towards us because people just don't understand today.":

    18 Q. Why is the Church called Catholic? A. The true Church is called Catholic, or Universal, because she embraces the faithful of all times, of all places, of all ages and conditions; and all peoples are called to belong to her.​

    And finally, Bishop W's church cannot be Apostolic when he tells us "...the Apostles only left three means to them: example, charity, and prayer...I don't think much more will fly":

    19 Q. Why is the Church also called Apostolic? A. The true Church is also called Apostolic because she goes back without a break to the Apostles; because she believes and teaches all that the Apostles believed and taught; and because she is guided and governed by their lawful successors.

    (The Apostles labored intensely to bring souls to the true Faith. They did not 'hunker down' waiting for the fall of Jerusalem or the Roman persecutions. They did not preach: 'to do whatever you need to do to nourish your faith', they did not teach that false Christian (e.g. Anglican) teachings had truth in them and they did not ever state that man-made Masses gave grace.)​