The Vortex of Conciliarism

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    Headlines are announcing the fresh proclamation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI saying "the Church is On Verge of Capsizing” read at a recent funeral for the deceased Cardinal Joachim Meisner.

    Hearing this from Benedict XVI is no big deal, he is a modernist through and through. As with, he was an original "draftsman" within the Vatican II council (1963-1965) promoting what he today laments. (sic).

    The interesting part of this new "challenge" from Benedict played against pope Francis' papacy is in three parts.

    1). It galvanizes a message to Benedict's hidden supporters who think he is still the "pope" and offers merit he is really a "conservative" pope. Some say, like Bishop Fellay unbelievably, he is closer to a "traditional" pope. (sic)

    2). It shows there is still a free fall of the novus ordoism the masses keep denying.

    3). And more blindly, Bishop Fellay wants to join still that apostate group...

    The illustration below is a vivid reminder to what this is really all about.


    Now replace those to names and put in the other two names of Bishop Fellay supporters and Bishop Williamson supporters..."No matter where you enter, you will always get Vatican II". Either by the front door of Bishop Fellay by "rights" to be recognized; or by the back door of Bishop Williamson by "practice" using your conscience to "do whatever you feel is good for you".