The new "Tea Party" in Tradition

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    Notice the many events taking place with Bishop Fellay and the new brand of conservatives within the conciliarists jointly accepting all of these novus ordo documents, basing the family on Vatican II, and sharing hybrid sacraments culminating, at least for Bishop Fellay, for a legal identity with these modernists in their fake church.

    By illustration. In the United States there has been in the last few years many attempts by a "liberty/freedom Tea Party" movement to overturn and retake the political system away from the two party pillages of war (republicans) and socialist (democrats) to return to its "constitutional republic", so it is represented. Seeing the people's voice is growing louder than the oppression of the elite, the elite found another tactic to control the outcome, they created a "liberty/freedom Tea Party" group of their own [inside the republican party]...with prominent names to lead it. The medias on board ran with it, merged the two by design, then focused on the [elitist] well funded Tea Party calling it the true root of the conservative Tea Party and the other "members" as a noisy "radical" faction needing to be tamed or eliminated. Clever.

    We are seeing a similar phenomenon starting to rise within this Church crisis. We have a true voice of Tradition united in providence through Archbishop Lefebvre trying to take back the rightful organs of the Church in return for God's glory away from the modernists and marxists within. The conciliarists seeing the people's voice is growing and murmuring to overturn their darling order of Vatican II and its evolved family, those Pharisaical prelates found another tactic to control the outcome, they created a "traditional movement" (neo-tradition) of their own inside the conciliar structure leading a "conservative" voice with prominent names (Bishop Anthanasius Schneider, Cardinal Burke, etc...).

    However, there is something different. Bishop Fellay instead of leading the fight in the reigns of ABL and calling them out, he betrayed with coy, and through time deceived the true traditional faithful into joining the new-traditional "Tea Party" of the conciliarists. Not only has the conciliarist medias (ecclesia dei organs...) running with glee and merged the two by design, Bishop Fellay joined his own medias to MERGE the two as well; calling it as one and the same "tradition". What a traitor! Here too, this new "neo-tradition" group say they are the true root built on the hierarchy of the church supporting the pope...but really leading back to the origin of Vatican II, and they all call the other "members" as noisy "radical" factions (resistance) needing to be tamed or eliminated. Clever.

    Even to spiral, "Do not call yourselves traditional anymore..." supported by Bishop Fellay.

    So who are the real revolutionaries?

    It is clear Bishop Fellay and his administration are among the new order of the conciliarist's neo-tradition and are comfortable to let the new "leaders" carry the message of "tradition" to the masses. Hence his weak commentaries and signatures promoting the new "traditional" brand of neo-tradition.
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    With the nominal catholic world taking sides on the question of modern marriage and the family framed within the conciliar environment, there is only given two choices to the masses by the collective heads of each faction: the progressive influence of Vatican II or the conservative-progressive influence of Vatican II. In other words, the choice is Vatican II or Vatican II.

    Defining this more, there is essentially two camps taking place: one under the umbrella of pope Francis' side, and one on the side of pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. While the whole world acknowledges they are both modernists, pope Francis wants to carry Vatican II into the future with their interpretation of "living tradition" evolving with the times giving the sensual end of marriage prima facie in a wider range of society and the pope Benedict's group wants the nostalgic return of Vatican II's interpretation to stay with the sensual end of marriage to a limited amount. (sic) All the while God's rights are still trampled on and snuffed.

    To the argument, Michael Matt says "There are 'saints' on both sides and the fight is rather silly when each has to tear each other apart; why cannot we get along. See the unique phenomena taking place, we have [neo] tradition having a stronger voice being allowed...who would have ever thought?"

    If only Christ was the standard than man's flighty wants.

    What have we become? A world of self indulgence? When will Bishop Fellay see this indulgence and his own to satisfy and placate the crowds?

    In view of the two camps, they essentially are fighting over which Vatican II documents to follow and which era of Vatican II gives them more "feelings" to live with. Knowing their religion is centered on man, each member is their own church and interpretation. So the stones are settling and the oldies are growing roots while others want new horizons in the "freedoms" allow and dogmatised in Vatican II. So I agree, it is silly, get along, can't you see the revolution is the same...God is missing. This Bishop Fellay sign onto and joined his ranks to the pope Benedict side -conservative progressive- commanding his priests must follow.

    Trying to 'separate' the argument implying the documents contradict one another, yet acknowledge they share common ground in the greater influence to steer their populace, they remain blinded to the devil's play still destroying the family.
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    Fr. Pfeiffer goes into this new phenomena and its application how it is a new -Assisi- inside tradition, where this time, the neo-sspx participates among the other cults breaking the First Commandment of God.

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    This was a great sermon. Excellent summation of our current issues within tradition.

    In listening to sermons such as this, one is frequently reminded how good God is to send such preachers to guide us in navigating these troubled waters.
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    Here is the new-sspx landing in the wisdom of Vatican II