The Missing Link

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    The Missing Link
    Do Catholic Families have to GO somewhere to be served by a priest faithful to
    the teachings and Doctrine of the Catholic Faith?

    A friend rang me from Perth, Australia where he and his wife are traditional Catholics. They were part of Our Lady of the Southern Cross until, for health reasons, they had to move to a warmer climate. Perth is absolutely devoid of what my friend and his wife had enjoyed while here in Victoria in OLSC. There is no place they can go to a true Mass. His sister is Novus Ordo, the local Church is SSPX Indult. In the middle of our exchanges when he rang he was presenting as terribly lonely in need of true Catholic company. I reminded him that he had everything at his fingertips - that he and his wife have the true faith and to unite praying a Mass silently together, saying the daily Rosary (which he does anyway).

    It seemed that my passionate response regarding this basic truth helped him. There was, and is no intention on my part to equate, replace or substitute the family for the Priest. We must diligently and actively seek the services of a priest faithful to the doctrine/teachings/guidelines of Holy Church so clearly brought to our attention through the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre. Such priests are few and far between and families are faced with the very real possibility of rarely have that privilege. More immediately, however, the question is how does a large a congregation such as followers of Bishop Fellay deal with the necessity of leaving?

    The SSPX Thomas Aquinas school and Corpus Christi church not far from where I live is full of traditional Catholic families who do not know how to leave should they begin, in their hearts, to have doubts about where Bishop Fellay is leading them, that is, into the counterfeit conciliar church.

    Where”, they might ask, “can we go?”
    • Bishop Williamson and his 'new church, set-up? Based on an 'authority' he claims to possess, but does not have because Archbishop Lefebvre did not pass it on to any of the four Bishops? A 'church' with himself as a defacto Pope and to where he is leading disaffected priests who leave the neo-SSPX? If we, the laity, follow those disaffected priests we're led into an ecumenical tower-of-babel situation where some priests are sedevacantists, some say 'non una cum' masses without telling those present at their masses that they are assisting at a Mass that is not Catholic since it is not united to the Supreme Pontiff?
    • To the Resistance Movement that is divided within itself with no Bishop leading it?
    The Missing Link Supplied
    Traditional Catholic Families have the answer at their fingertips

    Catholic families who want to leave the neoSSPX do not have to go anywhere. They have the answer right at their fingertips. For them, t'would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire if the only alternatives open to them are the two listed above. So they are caught between a rock and a hard place. It is within the already constructed traditional family unit where the true faith is kept without compromise on Doctrinal issues. Where false teachers cannot penetrate. Wherever access to trusted priests is not possible the rule of supplied jurisdiction operates. It WAS the situation in the SSPX before linking up to the conciliar church. The Pope is still the Pope, albeit a bad one. The Church has had them in the past. Pope Francis is teaching outside of his office when he gives personal opinions that contradict the perennial teachings of Mother Church.

    You don't correct Christ and tell Him He is wrong! You abandon Him by dialoguing with, and joining up with Conciliar Rome which is not Catholic. The Truth is non-debatable.

    God, has never, and will never leave us orphans. In times past it is the laity that has called the shots and demanded their Shepherds get their act together. Once, in 1243 I believe, all the Cardinals were locked up by the laity until they decided on a new Pope. Catherine of Sienna caused the Pope to leave Avignon and return to Rome.

    It is now our turn to pull our Shepherds in line. It is our turn to do our part in saving their souls so that they can get back to the business of saving ours.

    That responsibility is upon us now. Abandon false Shepherds; stay IN the true Church where God Himself supplies jurisdiction to the family because saving souls is the primary objective of the Catholic Faith. Pray contemplatively the Mass together as a family led by the father. Pray contemplatively the fifteen decades of the Rosary led by the father.. Pray contemplatively the Stations of the Cross led by the father. Do all this in union with the Mystical Body of Christ uniting spiritually with true Masses being said throughout the world. True Masses will be said throughout the world til the end of time. The role of the Priest is vital but if one is not able to be physically present he is nevertheless present dispensing Sacramental graces to such as pray in the above manner. Families would be keeping their Sunday obligation. Those who can pray this way during the week do so.

    This is the missing link giving the immediate solution by emphasising the power Families already have when abandoned or led away from the truth by Shepherds including the Pope. Neither do such familes have to choose this or that priest. True Catholic priests are very, very few but they are dotted here and there throughout the world. If any group is currently served by such a priest visibly present how long can such a service remain as true priests exhaust themselves to death?

    Let God see our faith and allow His liberality to flood over and through us as families. The Church Resides in Those Faithful to Tradition


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