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    I have requested Admin to give a summary of the current position of Our Lady of the Southern Cross [OLSC] community/mission. We have chosen to take this position because of certain events that have taken place in 2018 that have shaken our community’s foundation.

    Yours in JMJ,
    Luke Ross
    OLSC Coordinator
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    1. Dear Reader, this essay is written in simple layman’s language where the Baltimore, or Penny Catechism, taught him everything about his Catholic faith. It is the pewsitter who is the victim of all the distortions, errors, heresies emanating from Vatican II Council and propagated by modernist Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests upon whom we depend for instruction and guidance. The Catechism has given us the weapon to test the authenticity or falsehood of what we are taught by those placed in authority over us. As Archbishop Lefebvre has said,

    "In the Church there is no law or jurisdiction which can impose on a Christian a diminution of his faith. All the faithful can and should resist whatever interferes with their faith, supported by the catechism of their childhood. If they are faced with an order putting their faith in danger of corruption, there is an overriding duty to disobey." (Open Letter to Confused Catholics : Chapter 18 : para 9)

    2. Parishes
    We were told when attending SSPX Masses and receiving the Sacraments that -
    1. lay people were not members of the SSPX. That only priests were members, and
    2. that we were not parishes when we gathered to hear Mass or receive the Sacraments. That is when the terminology of ‘acting’ parish came into being. All the rules and obligations that apply in a true parish under the ecclesiastical authority of a de jure* Papally appointed local Bishop etc. were followed in these de facto ‘parishes’ as if they were obligatory and binding. This is a very important point to remember. (It is the model presented to us by Father Pfeiffer)
    We all know the way it worked out in practice. We treated these Bishops and priests as if they had jurisdictional authority which can only be given by the Pope even though we knew it was supplied. The Parishes in effect were illegal according to Church law but the congregation treated it all as if it were a true parish.

    3. Bear in Mind
    True parishes already exist under the authority of a Bishop answerable to the diocesan Archbishop answerable to the Pope. Therefore, the people who attend a de facto parish already belong to a true parish. That includes us all.

    Archbishop Lefebvre always said that he did not want priests to leave their parishes to join his SSPX. His whole teaching was directed at providing priests in parishes with the legal ammunition of Divine Law that the unchanging teaching of the Church was that every priest would not disobey his superior if he refused to say the Novus Ordo Mass; that no Bishop or Pope had the authority to forbid the true Mass (Papal Bull Pope St. Pius V); that in fact, such Bishop or Pope would be the disobedient one if he demanded his priests say the Novus Ordo Mass which Mass was promulgated in l969 by Pope Paul VI. In fact it was, and remains a Protestant Mass where the bloodless Sacrifice of Calvary is omitted. It does not give grace.

    * By law. By legal right
    ** Existing or holding a specified position in fact, but not necessarily by legal right.

    By extension that means that no parishioner was to be denied access to the true Mass of all ages. To circumvent that problem the Pope introduced the extraordinary form of the Roman rite where the true Mass of all ages was given an inferior position. Modernist Rome ‘permitted’ the true Mass to be celebrated to those who clung to it. Not only lowering its sole prime position it was now only permitted but limited to groups of Catholics who were placed in the position of having to specifically ask for it. In this way the phasing out of the true Mass and phasing in of the NO was set in motion.

    4. To cut a long story short -

    The Holy See immediately declared that Archbishop Lefebvre and the other bishops who had participated in the ceremony had incurred automatic excommunication under Catholic canon law. This, after the latter had exhausted every avenue of appeal to beg the Pope to save the priesthood from utter destruction as the only means left to save the priesthood AND the Mass of all ages. The true Mass and the Priest could not be divided without incurring the anger of God. Just as Our Lord said when a couple married that they now were one, ‘let no man put them asunder’. Any law made that put them asunder would incur the wrath of God. To tear the Priest away from his Mass is the devil’s key to destroying the Church.

    5. Putting it all together
    The way laid out by Archbishop Lefebvre to save the Priesthood/Mass/Church was put into effect while he lived but ended when he died. Personal ambition of one Bishop consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre slowly poisoned the fulfilment of the only way to save the Priesthood/Mass/Church. It spread its venom slowly but surely throughout the whole SSPX where de facto parishes were founded in imitation of true existing legal parishes. Candidates flocked to the Society to be ordained as new priests instead of priests in existing true parishes refusing to obey their superiors; refusing to be divorced from their Mass or the true parishioners they served. Large numbers of priests are being formed, even now, in SSPX monasteries greedily seeking funds to build or complete. The remaining three Bishops have each gone his own way - two remain with the Society personally choosing to follow Bishop Fellay. One has been expelled and who now sets up his own loose federation of priests harbouring private sedevacantists who say uncatholic Masses unbeknown to their ‘parishioners’.

    6. Stand Back
    And what do we see?
    1. True Parishes forcing uncatholic Masses on their congregations by ‘pax priests’ where the few elderly priests who did not conform to saying the New Mass were thrown out on the streets with no training for anything else and with no funds. Some died of broken hearts. Others were taken in by loyal Catholic families. So that eventually all the true parishes began saying Masses that do not give grace. The Sacrifice of Calvary is not re-enacted at all. They are Protestant Masses.
    2. De facto ‘parishes’ are saying true Masses by supplied jurisdiction, refusing obedience to the true Pope. But - now that the SSPX has ecclesiastical jurisdiction the poisonous process of the true Masses being phased out is slowly being accepted and approved by a complacent flock.

    7. Resistance Movement
    One or two individual priests left the SSPX or were expelled when Bishop Fellay, leader of SSPX, changed course and began dialoguing with conciliar Rome even before writing his 2012 Declaration accepting the New Mass. These priests banded together with Bishop Williamson and formed the SSPC-MC (Marian Corps>little army of Mary) choosing Fr. Pfeiffer as Superior for a period of six months after which time the position would be left open to re-elect him or someone else.

    Father Pfeiffer has remained Superior during the following years up to the present time. All those who first linked up to OLMC Kentucky seminary have left except Fr. Hewko. Occasionally another priest may visit for a time and then leave. Fr. Roberts has recently returned.


    At the present time the resistance movement has become divided into what is known as the true resistance (original united resistance) and the false resistance (under Bishop Williamson) where priests say Mass and give the Sacraments in various congregations they lead. All say the true Mass but doctrinal compromises and sedevactism has wormed its way into the minds of many of these priests. These two poisons have crept into all factions except in OLMC where there is no compromise whatsoever on doctrine and Pope Francis is recognised as the true Pope.

    8. Doctrinal Issues
    Without a doubt OLMC priests have promoted true doctrine alongside Frs. Cordoza, Raphael, Ruiz et al. Other priests left OLMC and aligned with Bishop Williamson. These latter priests were amongst those who left the original membership of OLMC when, and from where the resistance movement was launched.

    In other words the resistance movement was, and remains at war with itself. Where previously all were colleagues together they now work against each other.

    OLMC has continued to promote true Catholic doctrine. At the same time Father Pfeiffer had established his ‘Mission centres’. Subtly changing the wording ‘Mission Centres’ to ‘acting parishes/parish’ the lay communities, whether knowingly or unknowingly were now members of an ‘acting Parish Priest’ with Father Pfeiffer over them as operates in a true Parish. It only mattered to most Catholics that they receive the Sacraments and attend true Masses celebrated by a true priest. This re-interpretation of, and re-labelling of Mission Centres became part of the strategy to take control of the true resistance movement in Australia.

    Stating that he, Father, had established an OLMC parish in Australia in 2013 needs a closer look because

    1. Father also said there were no members left. How can anyone join an organisation that has no members. Some lay folk, including this writer, went to a talk Father gave in 2013 in a private house where he pointed out the betrayal of the SSPX by B. Fellay’s doctrinal declaration of 2012.
    2. The lay prayer community of Our Lady of the Southern Cross was formed in 2016. In 2013 we were still part of the Victorian Resistance movement.
    Zeroing in on Our Lady of the Southern Cross (OLSC) - a lay Rosary praying priestless prayer-community from its inception - Fr. Pfeiffer was approached and asked if he would come as a visiting priest and provide members with the Sacraments from time to time when he could fit it into his busy schedule. It was never established by Fr. Pfeiffer as one of his Missions.

    Then one day, in April 2018, out of the blue an ultimatum was delivered by Father Pfeiffer to OLSC Melbourne members that no other visiting priest would be tolerated who visited them. Father declared himself to be their parish priest. If he was to remain a visiting priest he would say no more Masses for them. He added that unless the visiting priest accepted to come under his authority he would not say any more Masses for them.

    He confirmed this when he cancelled a scheduled Mass for the following Sunday.

    To deviate for a moment
    Father gave the reason for issuing this ultimatum as - he had worked hard to establish mission centres across the world and that faction of the Resistance Movement under Bishop Williamson would move in and take over - virtually throwing Father Pfeiffer out who had/has no Bishop; who had/has no authority over him; who had/has no Superior to obey. These priests were all colleagues when the Resistance movement was launched. Now they were at enmity with one another. This led to much confusion amongst the laity, many of whom returned to the (now) conciliar oriented SSPX with its Indult Mass and accepting that the new mass as legitimately promulgated OR the laity grouped around whichever priest gave them the Sacraments uncaring about doctrinal purity or sedevacantism.

    The whole Resistance set-up has become a kind of ‘Catholic Protestantism’ . Whether doctrinally pure or not, priests were fighting for ‘parishioners’ to belong to their particular de facto parish. What they had in common was that they were all de facto make-believe ‘parishes’ under the headship of one Bishop or as in Father Pfeiffer’s case - under him and him alone.

    Taking Stock of the new situation
    OLSC members had to take a step back and test Father’s words against its Mission Statement which clearly spoke of visiting priests (plural), their hope being that eventually Our Lady would send, not necessarily the same priest, but visiting priests as often as possible so long as they were not loose federation priests under Bishop Williamson and who recognised Pope Francis as Vicar of Christ. The ultimatum left no option for other true resistance priests to visit who wanted to remain independent of OLMC.

    OLSC lay prayer community rejected the ultimatum put to them by Father Pfeiffer.

    9. Choosing to remain faithful to its Mission Statement. members were not prepared to refuse the Sacraments if or when offered to them by a true resistance non-sedevacantist priest saying the traditional Mass.

    Having just learned, after a year, what Father’s agenda was, OLSC realised that any priest who demanded to be de facto pastor over a de facto ‘parish’; who had no Superior; who was under no authority thus answerable to no-one above him - that such a set-up was not Catholic.

    10. Parish Priest’s first commandment to his parishioners:
    OLSC rejected Father as Parish Priest exercising his singular authority over them where, in answer to a question asked - What is required of us as a parish under your headship? He replied that to miss Mass on one of his visits they would be under the obligation to attend as if it was a Sunday. Translated, this means that they would be committing mortal sin if they did not attend his Mass. He added that as a member of his parish praying together was fine, but if not a member of his parish they would be protestant.

    OLSC members meet regularly to pray fifteen decades of the Rosary. In their daily lives they say the Rosary, offer Spiritual Communions, say the Stations of the Cross, make sacrifices, refuse to attend the only indult Mass available - yet they would be protestant unless they became members of Father's parish.

    11. Our Current position
    We are a community of lay Catholics who continue to pray as stated above. We meet regularly to pray as a community. We pray that Our Lady sends us true Catholic non-sedevacantist and doctrinally pure priests to provide us with Mass and the Sacraments when possible. If it is Our Lord’s wish that we remain priestless may He grant us the graces we need to perfect our lives according to the example of the Saints in heaven.

    We already belong to a true parish and accept the authority of our local Bishop whom we disobey because the only alterative is to attend either the Extraordinary Rite or the Novus Ordo Missae. Therefore, we remain as we are, keeping watch until Rome converts back to the true Catholic Faith

    Father Pfeiffer teaches true doctrine. In this case there is much more to be considered. Having gone through this experience before under Fathers Chazal /Picot in the then ‘Resistance Movement’, when the same proposition was put to us to become a parish - the proposition was rejected for the same reasons as were put to us by Father Pfeiffer. Added to the first rejection to become a parish under Frs. Chazal was the latter were becoming doctrinally compromised.

    In conclusion
    Each layman has to make his/her own decision about what course to follow, but one thing has become crystal clear and common to all of us - it is that we are already true parishioners of true parishes. (See para 2). Having experienced the traps of single-mindedly applying the dictum that doctrinal purity will keep us on the safe and narrow path to heaven, we have discovered when Father left us, that the times we live in dictate how we have to respond in a given situation. Obstacles arise that seem unsurmountable at the time but by the grace of God when one door closes another opens.

    ETA 21st July :

    It seems there is some confusion with my previous comments regarding Archbishop Lefebvre after Vatican II urging priests to stay in their own parishes. I never meant it to be interpreted that the Archbishop wanted loyal traditional priests to stay and say the Novus Ordo Mass. On the contrary, he preferred them to stay and fight rather than run and join him. He did not want a parallel faith under his leadership with all the good priests leaving their parishes and joining him. BUT if they could fight no more, his arms were open. I distinctly recall Archbishop Lefebvre saying words to this effect.

    Archbishop Lefebvre:

    My dear friends, we have been betrayed. Betrayed by all of those who ought to be giving us the truth, who ought to be teaching the Ten Commandments, who ought to be teaching us the true catechism, who ought to be giving us the true Mass – the one that the Church has always loved; the one that was said by the Saints; the one that has sanctified generations and generations!

    Likewise, they must give us all the sacraments, without any doubt concerning their validity, sacraments which are certainly valid. It is a duty for us to ask them for these things and they have a duty to give them to us.

    Now, I have just told you things that are found in the Gospel. Our Lord Jesus Christ's mission was to go up to the Cross. This was His mission, given to Him by the Father. It was His hour. And this is the mission that He wants to give to priests. "Hoc tacite in meam commemorationem – Do this in memory of Me." This is what we must do. Not in any of the reviews that have recently spoken about vocations is there a mention of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    What, then, is the priest's mission? They no longer know! This is what we have come to!

    So, my dear brothers, whoever we may be, if we want to remain Catholic, if we want the Catholic Church to continue, we have a duty not to obey those who wish to lead us into the Church's destruction. We have the duty not to collaborate in the Church's destruction. But, on the contrary, to work – to work ardently, calmly, serenely, for the Church's construction, for the re-construction of the Church, for the preservation of the Church.

    Each one of you can do your duty in this regard-in your villages, in your parishes, in your institutions, in your professions – wherever you are. Set up true parishes, Catholic parishes. And let these Catholic parishes be confided to true priests. And see how true priests are numerous. Look at them all around us today. There are many who think as they do. Try to lead them back to the truth in order that they may give you the sacraments that you desire and the Holy Mass that you desire.

    Organize yourselves in order that the priests who come may become parish priests, quite simply. Let the parishes be re-established as they once were. This is a duty, a strict duty. And we congratulate wholeheartedly those in religious life who are present and the priests who are here, who are persecuted, having unbelievable, inconceivable difficulties - who are asked to abandon their religious habit. So, let sisters be firm in their faith. May they remain firm in the constitutions that were given to them by their holy founders.

    And we have the joy of thinking that these religious congregations will be multiplied. We are assured that soon there will be other religious who want to preserve the traditions, the holy traditions of their congregations and of their founders.​

    Mary help of Christians Pray for Us


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    For shame!
    This is so laden with erroneous statements represented as fact it’s not even funny.
    Errors that begin with Archbishop Lefebvre. It reflects such a poor understanding of the crisis of the Faith - it’s actully embarrassing.
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    I have requested Admin to give a summary of the current position of Our Lady of the Southern Cross [OLSC] community/mission. We have chosen to take this position because of certain events that have taken place in 2018 that have shaken our community’s foundation. I mention here that the Streaky Bay community stands with OLSC.

    After much prayer and discussion we believe we have an obligation to speak up to tell the facts as they happened and refute the attacks from both local and overseas people. These attacks are based on fabrications these people have been fed. The information they have been fed is often done subtly and at other times with aggression. Originally, our plan was to lay low and wait for the dust to settle and therefore, do nothing but due to the fact that these attacks are gaining momentum we are changing our strategies.

    OLSC has been accused of putting problems of bad organisation, booking flights, money wastage and attempting to control the clergy on the same level as good doctrine. I clearly state that OLSC knows the difference as good doctrine rates much higher than these other these other issues. These other concerns unquestionably need attention but they are secondary in comparison to the subject we are examining here. These assumptions have been made by listening to falsehoods and people’s speculation of the situation. All correspondents except one has jumped to the conclusions that we are wrong, full of pride and dishonest and so on. We have been judged hung and quartered without a trial and jury. That is why it is important for OLSC to speak up our truth.

    Our own reputations have been destroyed but more importantly the work of OLSC has also been demolished to many people who trusted us. These people deserve to know the truth.

    Please note that the most important fact/s were witnessed by the whole Melbourne community at a public meeting.

    Yours in JMJ,
    Luke Ross
    OLSC Coordinator
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    Laden (Overloaded) with erroneous (false) statements represented as facts need to be counteracted with truth and correction".

    You sir have provided neither.
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    What if someone else in your area receives Fr. Pfeiffer on a Sunday and Father says Mass on that Sunday, would you attend? If not, would you not be morally bound to attend under pain of mortal sin?
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    Honestly, there are so many issues with ALL this, it would take more time than I care to devote to it.

    A few thoughts though:

    - Mr Ross asking the admin to post on a thread he started - not sure the motivation for such an awkward move.

    - completely misrepresenting the Archbishop on multiple levels

    - multiple contradictory statements

    - Mr. Ross noting that only he, the admin, and no one else save one (perhaps Ambrose?) agree with what they are doing with this new change of direction of their group; if this is the case why burden everyone else with it so publicly and expose yourselves to such censure for all the errors this summary contains?

    - The faithfulness to one’s mission statement is worthless. What matters is are you faithful to the authority of the Church? Or are you still clinging to that horrible statement of a few weeks ago that your prayer group has no priestly authority over it. (How many priests are going to come to your group with such an awful, nonCatholic mentality?) As was demonstrated the last time the OLSC mission statement was revised three times in as many hours (only a few weeks ago), a mission statement is completely superfluous.

    One could go on and on and be more specific but that would take more time I care to give this. It’s all very sad.
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    "OLSC realised” – And how do you know that you’re right with your “realization?” The Church has never been in a crisis like this before. It’s a real crisis and we’re at war. The situation is far from ideal, and the set-up, too. It’s makeshift and everyone is doing what they can, given the circumstances, to preserve the true faith and have the true sacraments from priests who haven’t compromised on doctrine. So, you can’t judge this set-up as “not being Catholic.” We’re in the trenches. We don’t have the same structure, rules, and hierarchy as before. The OLMC priests are selfless and make a lot of sacrifices for others. We should be appreciative of that and be ready to make some sacrifices, too. Father is not wrong to demand a commitment from the groups he visits.
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    Don't get sidetracked then.
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    Oh PLEASE all pray an extra Rosary this day for Our Blessed Mother's guidance.
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    We need to take a step back here, and importantly, take the time to learn about the good work that OLSC has done for the Australian faithful through their charitable and prayerful efforts to keep the true Catholic faith in Australia. It appears that much of this good work has gone unnoticed.

    Whilst I am not a member of the OLSC, I have to acknowledge the charitable work that they have done for faithful throughout the country. Was it not OLSC who arranged for Fr Pfeiffer to come to Australia in 2016 at a time when we had nothing (only false resistance priests)? Was it not OLSC who organised the conference in Melbourne early last year (when Fr's Pfeiffer, Hewko, and also Greg Taylor attended?). Was it not OLSC who set up contact points throughout the country for Fr Pfeiffer and Fr Hewko to help them in their missionary work? Was it not OLSC who organised for funds to be raised in Australia for the purchase of the property at OLMC and other expenses? Was it not OLSC who have been supporting other true resistance priests throughout the world?

    Who is spreading what appears to be hatred of this group, not only throughout Australia, but also throughout the world? Who is misrepresenting the facts? Who is causing so much divisiveness?

    We need to be very careful about attacking a group that has shone the light on people hungry for the truth.

    "If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing."
  12. That is not what Fr. Pfeiffer said.

    Here is what he said while in Australia:


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    If not, would you not be morally bound to attend under pain of mortal sin?

    No. I can attend an SSPX Mass on Sunday just round the corner but I refuse - having been taught by Fr. Pfeiffer it is not a mortal sin. In addition Father has taught us it is our own decision to make. This is the whole point of OLSC’s present position. The laity has to decide for themselves. There can be no mortal sin if one is told they may attend but advised not to.

    In order for a sin to be mortal, it must meet three conditions:
    • Mortal sin is a sin of grave matter
    • Mortal sin is committed with full knowledge of the sinner
    • Mortal sin is committed with deliberate consent of the sinner
    What if someone else in your area receives Fr. Pfeiffer on a Sunday and Father says Mass on that Sunday, would you attend?

    Each member would have to decide for him/herself. I do not know what they would decide. I believe some would do so. Others may need to talk to Father first.

    Father Pfeiffer arbitrarily cancelled the next scheduled Mass where further discussion could have taken place allowing them and each person to decide the answer to your question and talk to him personally one at a time. Father simply left OLSC high and dry forsaking not only those who were not present when making his demands, but those who WERE present before his demands could be discussed openly by all.

    It was/is Father who has decided already to refuse the Sacraments. We were given no say in the matter. When he there and then demanded an answer, before all of us together could discuss it thus each making his/her own decision, those present gave him the only answer possible - we could not meet his demands for the reasons outlined here. We did not speak for those absent. To repeat - each member has to decide for him; herself one way or the other how to respond if Father says Mass in our area.

    Speaking for myself I would want to attend. I would need to talk with Father personally about lifting the uncatholic/unjust conditions off his ultimatum.

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    How do you know what he said. You were not there.

    I am well aware of these sermons teaching about how a true parish works. As Unbrandable said - the ones we have now are makeshift. I can tell you how it doesn't work - under the authority of one sole priest, who is submissive to no authority over him thus obedient to no-one and to the exclusion of assistant parish priests.

  15. Admin

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    This is so full of errors it would take a lifetime to work through.

    When will you stop putting your own interpretation on our words? The Catholic Church teaches nowhere that a group of Catholics must submit to the exclusive authority of one sole priest. In addition, the fallacy is evident in that it would apply to any of the priests who are at war with one another. If we chose one that was doctrinally correct OK, but one who simply provides us with the Sacraments is not OK. Both are priests demanding to exercise their priestly authority over some of the laity.

    Father has always taught us that he cannot tell us what to do, we must make up our own minds, he can only advise us. Quite a shift to demanding our obedience to his exclusive authority. These events took place in 2018 that have shaken our community’s foundation.

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  16. As noted, please refer to his sermon. It is provided within.

    I'm not understanding your recent comment making Fr. Pfeiffer a sole authority. He never said such a thing. And your comment he has no "authority" over him. To the contrary, he has said dozens of times his "authority" is through the Catholic Church as a priest provided within his Canonically approved and Blessed order of Society of St. Pius X under his superior General Bishop Fellay and his direct superior is his District superior in the Philippines. Which is the reason, he said, he still wears the white cassock. He stated numerous times he is still a SSPX priest, though illegally expelled and illegitimate in view of Canon law of the Church (history will correct when necessary) and he/they continue to do what they have always been doing in their Statues and Constitution -- building missions. We all know this as they have said many times each place they go to build missions. Please refer to the second video describing the context of this too (jurisdiction).

    It appears there is a misconstrued idea or intention to bring in the question of "authority" when for the last 40 years we have existed in the state of emergency under supplied jurisdiction. So again, I'm not understanding your recent comment holding this as an omen, lack of "authority", or anything other than the crisis of the Church we are in.

    Please understand a "mission statement" for a catholic is derived from our baptism and none other. These priests travel in the mission of the Church providing the treasures of redemption to those who ask. There is no "rules" than what the Church puts on us through good will and sanctifying grace.

    If some folks what to do something different, that is their prerogative, but let it not be on a mistaken identity when Cor-Mariae has voluminous archives showing otherwise.

    God bless.
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    Well said Mirella. It is sad that all this had to be exposed when OLSC preferred to work it all out with Father privately. Due to attacks coming from people who had been privately approached with untrue renditions of the truth, not to mention personal character assassination OLSC - was forced to go public.

    After much prayer and discussion we believe we have an obligation to speak
    up to tell the facts as they happened and refute the attacks from both local and overseas
    people. These attacks are based on fabrications these people have been fed. The
    information they have been fed is often done subtly and at other times with aggression.
    Originally, our plan was to lay low and wait for the dust to settle and therefore, do
    nothing but due to the fact that these attacks are gaining momentum we are changing
    our strategies.​

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    Having experienced the traps of single-mindedly applying the dictum that doctrinal purity will keep us on the safe and narrow path to heaven, we have discovered when Father left us, that the times we live in dictate how we have to respond in a given situation. Obstacles arise that seem unsurmountable at the time but by the grace of God when one door closes another opens.

  19. May I offer an important distinction. Father did not leave anyone in Australia. It is fair to see that those attached to OLSC distinctly left OLMC by making a "mission statement" excluding them. It wasn't the other way around.
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    He DID say these things. OLSC agrees wholeheartedly with what Father said in his sermons about true parishes.