St. Alexander Sauli, Bishop

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    St Alexander Sauli, bishop

    Saint Alexander was born in Milan in 1534 into a noble family from Genoa. He entered the Barnabite Congregation at a very young age, after showing great courage and humility by carrying a large cross through the streets of Milan.

    After his consecration to God, he was ordained a priest at the age of twenty two. He finished his theology at the University of Pavia, where he became a professor.

    FatherSauli was elected Superior General of the Congregation at the age of thirty three, and was appointed Bishop of Aleria (Corsica) three years later. His episcopal ministry lasted for twenty two years. As a shepherd of souls, he dedicated himself almost single-handedly to the religious renewal of clergy and laity in a large and difficult region through preaching, catechesis, synods, and pastoral visits. He placated vendettas and hatreds. He eradicated abuses and superstitions. But his greatest accomplishment was with his favorites: the poor and the sick. He took care of them and alleviated their pain.

    Because of his heroic charity, especially during the time of famine and pestilence, he was called “The Guardian Angel and Apostle of Corsica.” In 1591, Gregory XIV transferred him to the Diocese of Pavia. After only a year in the diocese, St. Alexander Sauli died in Calosso d’ Asti on October 11, 1592. He was beatified in 1741 by Benedict XIV and then canonized in 1904 by St. Pius X. St. Alexander Sauli is the Patron of Barnabite seminarians. His feast is celebrated on October 11