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    The Branding of the new-sspx medias, and the newest Dici, have gone into full focus with uploading conciliar news and corresponding apostolates almost making it indistinguishable between ESPN, CNS, and the rest of the plural domestications of Vatican II.

    We know the new-sspx had collapsed to the novus ordo structure. The effects of this union become more manifest each, well, passing day. Here is another plurality under traditional vestments painted with conciliar vocabulary.

    This week, the new [Dici], posters world news and propaganda for "christian" persecution in other lands. No, not Catholic - but "Christian".

    Words have meaning, or they are empty and ambiguous and can be used for evil ends.

    The Catholic Candle discussed this mal-practice and ill-use of the word "Christian" as a pluralists tool to include both the True Catholic Faith & False Heretical Faiths.

    The new-sspx conciliar practice has not changed in their recent articles, here.

    Battle of Mosul: Christians are Targeted

    Pakistan: Blackmail to Apostatize

    And too puffing conciliar endorsement in the "extraordinary mass" Cardinal Sarah: “No to the Self-Destruction of the Church”

    Even when there is a (novus ordo) catholic individual by the name of Asia Bibi who really is unjustly persecuted in Pakistan, she is bundle with the different denominations to call her "christian" too. Pakistan: Asia Bibi Prays for Her Enemies

    But does the word mean any longer a true follower of Christ, with the one unique faith of the Cross, used in the original Catholic world Christ intended and applied only to a practicing Catholics? What is the difference in the usage today, really?

    So here we have the new-sspx, again, blurring Christ with false religions. No distinctions made is no honor to Christ.

    An art of any revolution is to blur words to distort their meaning, thus to subvert the whole.
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    Menzingen continues to accept the religion of protestants being "christians" to showcase on their website for their followers to soak in. This new one is about a married protestant pastor in Pakistan put in jail for his "christian" beliefs Menzingen holds as something of esteem. (sic)

    Over the top? No, another proof Menzingen exercises as normal their belief in the common relationship they have with their new conciliar friends in the Vatican, and in association, all non-catholics as 'christian".

    Pakistan: A Christian Sentenced to Life in Prison for “Blasphemy”“blasphemy”-29903
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