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    Facial Recognition Experts prove Novus Ordo Vatican’s “Sister Lucy of Fatima” was an Impostor


    Ladies and gentlemen, this is big news: A team of professional facial recognition experts has concluded a scientific investigation into the question of whether Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima, one of the three children to whom Our Lady appeared in 1917, is in fact the same woman whom the Vatican paraded around as an adherent of Vatican II and the conciliar “popes” from 1958 until her own death in 2005.

    The results are now in and can be summarized in two words: HECK NO!

    The following announcement was just released on Dr. Peter Chojnowski’s blog, who initiated this project:

    I can now release the overall results of the facial recognition tests that have been performed using the most up to date technology available analyzed by the most sophisticated software technicians and organized and analyzed by an expert investigator.

    “The only thing similar was the habit” were the words I just heard from the investigator in our phone conversation about the result. More specifics on the technicalities of the result will follow this initial announcement.

    On advice, I will not yet reveal the name of the investigators, the names of the companies involved, or the names of the programs being used. They are the best. They are all working on a comprehensive and definite report on the results and this will be released in the coming weeks. I want to avoid any interference in the investigation. After the final facial recognition report is complete, the second phase of the investigation will be launched which will be finding out the identity of the Imposter and finding out what happened to our dear Sister Lucy dos Santos.

    More soon.

    (Peter Chojnowski, “Fraud: Facial Recognition Technology With 2,400 Picture Comparisons Shows Sister Lucy I (Pre-1958) and Sister Lucy II (Post-1958) are Definitely NOT the Same Person”, RadTrad Thomist, Aug. 1, 2018)
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