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    Facial Recognition Experts prove Novus Ordo Vatican’s “Sister Lucy of Fatima” was an Impostor


    Ladies and gentlemen, this is big news: A team of professional facial recognition experts has concluded a scientific investigation into the question of whether Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima, one of the three children to whom Our Lady appeared in 1917, is in fact the same woman whom the Vatican paraded around as an adherent of Vatican II and the conciliar “popes” from 1958 until her own death in 2005.

    The results are now in and can be summarized in two words: HECK NO!

    The following announcement was just released on Dr. Peter Chojnowski’s blog, who initiated this project:

    I can now release the overall results of the facial recognition tests that have been performed using the most up to date technology available analyzed by the most sophisticated software technicians and organized and analyzed by an expert investigator.

    “The only thing similar was the habit” were the words I just heard from the investigator in our phone conversation about the result. More specifics on the technicalities of the result will follow this initial announcement.

    On advice, I will not yet reveal the name of the investigators, the names of the companies involved, or the names of the programs being used. They are the best. They are all working on a comprehensive and definite report on the results and this will be released in the coming weeks. I want to avoid any interference in the investigation. After the final facial recognition report is complete, the second phase of the investigation will be launched which will be finding out the identity of the Imposter and finding out what happened to our dear Sister Lucy dos Santos.

    More soon.

    (Peter Chojnowski, “Fraud: Facial Recognition Technology With 2,400 Picture Comparisons Shows Sister Lucy I (Pre-1958) and Sister Lucy II (Post-1958) are Definitely NOT the Same Person”, RadTrad Thomist, Aug. 1, 2018)
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    August 18, 2018

    Best Video footage of the first time the Imposter Sister Lucy was put before the Public on May 13, 1967 and, also, Close-Up Footage of the Imposter Aged 70 or 80.


    One interesting thing about this picture is that when the Plastic Surgeon was presented with all the file of pictures of Sister Lucy, he, without any prompting from us said, "This picture has been photoshopped." His analysis of this will be included in the report that will be issued.

    Now for the videos:

    Paul VI Meeting with "Sister Lucy" in Fatima on May 13, 1967. Here the deception is unrecognized by hundreds of thousands.

    Here is the best close up video of the laughing, light-hearted, joking "Sister Lucy" who replaced the Real Sister Lucy, one of the "prophets of doom."

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    Original Photo of "the Meeting" between Paul VI and "Sister Lucy" found! TV Camera Stands Next to Paul VI. "Sister Lucy" Cut and Pasted In.

    August 27, 2018
    The Amazing Appearance of "Sister Lucy"

    Dr. Chojnowski: Due to the diligent work of a co-worker in the Sister Lucy Truth project, we have come up with the original picture --- which a professional plastic surgeon immediately recognized was "photoshopped" --- of the first appearance of Sister Lucy II. As you can see by examining the two pictures, the TV camera still appears in the background of the superimposed "Sister Lucy". Sister Lucy II's face is slightly turned from the source photo, so as to make the eyes point in the proper direction. One of the strange things that can be noticed about Paul VI's arm is that in the faked picture, the fingers of his right hand are much farther away from his left sleeve than they are in the original photo. When you look at Sister Lucy II in this photo for a while the faked nature of the photo becomes perfectly clear.

    Below are the source photos from which the picture of Sister Lucy II was clearly taken. To prove that this is not simply some internet photoshopping, we present the official publication (Blue Army) in which one instance of the photo appears.

    Also, Supporters of Sister Lucy Truth: I have been away for the last couple of weeks at a location in which the internet is very sketchy. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this month, we are now busy putting together the professional reports from private investigators, facial recognition experts, plastic surgeons, a prosthodontist, and a ophthalmologist.

    When I started this effort I did not realize how much time it would take to produce these reports and collect them into a single file. I am dependent on their schedules --- which are tight. The working is being done. I will publish the results about this case as soon as I am able --- I realize it is late August. Please be generous in your support of Sister Lucy Truth. The bills are coming in. Nothing in this work, except the work of myself and some generous associates, is for free, unfortunately. In a way that is a good thing, since we know that we are getting professional analysis.

    I will publish the source pictures tomorrow, so that I can get this posting up without problems today.


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    Also, I did a research to find out who first published these compositions. The Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa (a library not for books but for journals) has a special page with roughly 20 publications of the 1967 visit of Paul VI in Fátima:

    The journal Stella ("revista católica de cultura feminina") is a publication of the Congregação das Irmãs Reparadoras de Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The issues of May 1967 and June 1967 can be found here.

    The titlepage of May 1967 shows the following photomontage:


    This issue contains a total of three such photomontages (see link above) including the one Chonowski shows.

    Then there is the monthly periodical Fátima 50 ("revista mensal de actualidades documental e ilustrada") published by the "Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Fátima", which a few weeks after the event republished two of the same photomontages.


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    Faked Photo of Paul VI and Sister Lucy Published In Official Sources.
    Why Fake a Photo of an Event that "Actually Happened"?

    August 31, 2018

    Original and then Faked Photograph of a meeting of Paul VI with "Sister Lucy."
    Source Picture of Faked Photo and Photo Manipulated So that it fits with the Scene with Paul VI.
    I have spent a couple of hours trying to post the pictures of the books in which this picture appears and the pages upon which these pictures appear in official publications of the Blue Army and the Convent of Coimbra. I am so far unsuccessful. However, this faked photo appears in:
    Documents on Fatima & the Memoirs of Sister Lucy by Fr. Antonio Maria Martins, published by Fr. Robert Fox in Pictorial Documentary and Historical Updates on page 79 and in A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary published by the Carmel of Coimbra and identified as the Biography of Sister Lucy.

    Here is the Link to the Faked Photo on the official Fatima Shrine Website:

    On the page which contains this picture in Documents on Fatima, the text states: "The Pope presents her to the crowd of hundreds of thousands and before many journalists and the television cameras of the world. To the left of the Pope is Bishop John Venancio, then administrator of the diocese. Bishop John Venancio later stated, "This gesture of the Pope indicated, 'What Sister Lucy stands for, I stand behind.'"

    Sister Lucy Truth Supporters: As I have mentioned in an earlier blog post, the investigation has expanded to a diverse group of medical professionals along with involving the professional investigator and the latest facial recognition technology analyzed by the most proficient experts. Recently the material has been submitted to a group of orthodontists for their analysis.

    I have been away in Rome for 10 days. Now that Autumn begins, RadTrad Thomist is back in daily business, both on the Ecclesial Crisis front and the Sister Lucy Truth front. Please keep up your generous support and your heartening and moving letters. I will get out the information as soon as it is prepared to the satisfaction of the professionals who must put their names to their judgments in this case. We are making daily phone calls and continually gathering information. To those from the Fatima Movement that have viewed our efforts with contempt or disinterest. I believe you will wish you had not. Please not also that not ONE CENT of monies donated to Sister Lucy Truth has gone into my trip to Rome or to any of my own efforts invested in this investigation. Every dime has gone into hiring experts and for mailing out of receipts for tax-deduction purposes.


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    Kevin Symonds Admits that Previously Posted Photo of Paul VI and "Sister Lucy" was Doctored. BUT......He also "knows" that there was not any "conspiracy" involved and it is no big deal. MOVE ON.....NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

    September 01, 2018

    Since Kevin Symonds refuses to allow me to take any piece of his posts to post on this website --- I will just give you the link to his blog. Clearly faked photos of Paul VI and "Sister Lucy" are no big deal and most certainly not part of any suspicious "conspiracy." The fact that these appeared in official publications and are part of the accepted Sister Lucy biography, is apparently meaningless and of absolutely no concern. That, Mr. Symonds, OR THEY ARE FURTHER EVIDENCE --- just little bits of evidence, of course, --- THAT THE VATICAN HAS PERPETRATED ONE OF THE BIGGEST FRAUDS IN THE HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. But of course, since Mr. Symonds is so attached to the men in today's Vatican, he will not lend any support or encouragement to an investigation to prove --- in a scientific way --- that Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II were the same person or different people. Clearly Fatima was being USED by the powers that be in 1967 to advance their revolutionary agenda --- now --- endorsed by Our Lady's Messenger.
    Here is the link to Mr. Symonds' "Nothing to See Here" article: doctored-photo-lucia

    P.S. For the commentators on this blog who have rubbished this entire effort as a huge "money making operation," I can only say that I will PROVE that this calumny is wrong. Why would I risk my immortal soul, destroy my reputation for life, and render a farce one of the major efforts of my life to make an extra $25,000? Every CENT has been spent on the investigation and will continue to be spent on the CONTINUING investigation. Impatience often seems to turn into down right meanness.

    I would like to also ask my readers why the manipulators of Fatima would doctor these photos even though Sister Lucy II was clearly there. This can be seen on the videos that I have published of this event. Ideas?

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    Here is the Link to the Sister Lucy' Museum's Use of this Faked Photo in their NewFatima Propaganda effort. Again folks, NOTHING TO SEE HERE..........

    Check out the video at the 1:12 mark especially.​

    On the faked photo, notice how the right sleeve of Paul VI was extended in order to make it appear that he was extremely close to Sister Lucy II. So instead of listening to the warning words of "Sister Lucy" ---- and does it look for a second like she is giving warning words (in 1967) --- Paul VI is actually listening to the adulating crowds who will take that enthusiasm into the new Modernist Revolution which he was planning. Suddenly, with this photo, Sister Lucy is no longer a "prophet of doom" but an enthusiastic participant in Montini's Revolution. Without Photoshop!!!! Just a little Cut and Paste.

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    Breaking News: Sister Lucy II Did NOT Have Dentures. BUT She DID Seem to Bi-ilocate. See Identical Sister Lucy Picture with DIFFERENT backgrounds! Handwriting Analysis and Height Analysis To be Included in Report.

    Posted: 05 Sep 2018 06:35 AM PDT


    As Investigation expands its study to include handwriting analysis, height analysis, eye-lids analysis, and eye analysis, we have an instance of Sister Lucy II bi-locating. Here she is with an identical face and position and look and yet with totally different backgrounds. Cut and Paste, friends. Due to the intervention of Kevin Symonds we have come across a magazine called Fatima 50 from the years 1967 to 1970. MANY GREAT PHOTOS FROM THE 1967 "MEETING" PUBLISHED IN IT. SEE LINK BELOW. THANKS KEVIN!

    And yes, Sister Lucy II did NOT have dentures. All will be in the report.



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    Again Sister Lucy II has to Bi-Locate to Get Near Paul VI during his 1967 Visit to Fatima. As Top Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, Dental Specialists, Private Investigators Analyze and Report about the Photos of "Sister Lucy," More Faked Photos Emerge . As Falling Flowers Used as Confetti Are in Identical Places, "Sister Lucy" Appears and Disappears from 1967 Photos.

    Posted: 08 Sep 2018 01:18 PM PDT

    Faked Photo. How many times did they cut and paste the same image of Sister Lucy into pictures of 1967 visit to Fatima of Paul VI?


    Suddenly, same confetti, same position of all,
    and, yet, NO Sister Lucy!

    Book in which faked photos were published. There is the fake Sister Lucy again!

    Dr. Chojnowski: As I write, the Sister Lucy case is being considered by expert physicians of the international community. As we at Sister Lucy Truth work to put together all of their findings in a single dossier for presentation to the public, we continually run into more and more of these faked photos from 1967, the first time that Sister Lucy II was presented to the public. Clearly the "Sister Lucy" imposter was present, but very few, if any, close ups of her face ---- in which it is not half veiled --- were taken. There were, obviously, a number of professionals who were let in on the bizarre substitution and they tried to create events and moments in which "Sister Lucy" was only the smiling acolyte of Paul VI, then involved in preparing a new mass, new sacraments, new religious movements, and new doctrine. Here is "Sister Lucy" ensuring that the Message of Fatima does not, in any way, conflict with this new Montinian Church.
    I think the Fatima Center, who has taken down all the videos of my many lectures at their conferences, had better pay attention.

    We are working to produce a complete dossier on the Sister Lucy case, incorporating all the studies, from all of the experts consulted, in the month of September.