Secret Sacraments: Another held by Bishop Williamson

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    I do not know what epoch Bishop Williamson lives in or what novels he reads filling his mind there are boogie men out there spilling blood needing to do secret sacraments...he is so far off base with any charity and sanity!

    Bishop Williamson just gave another secret sacrament of confirmation and a conference in Aldergrove B.C., Canada under Fr. Girouard. That's right, another unpublicized sacrament, hard to come by, no Catholics can know about outside the confines of privy.

    All the surrounding areas had no idea; no announcement on the faux-pas websites; nothing!

    What Church is Bishop Williamson and his priests in? Certainly not a Catholic one.

    Some may remember the last secret confirmation on June 28, 2015 in Mayhopac NY/Connecticut; the very one BW affirmed the legality of going to the NO mass. A traditional catholic (resistance) living just down the street didn't know there was a confirmation; the people running were privy for who was to attend. (sic)

    And the secret nature of the first two episcopal consecrations adding to their political purposes for doing so exposed here.

    And the secret crushing of the Traditional Catholic Seminary OLMC by Bishop Zendejas exposed here.

    And the Two Positions of Fr. Ortiz saying privately there is NO doctrinal problems with OLMC and publicly says there is exposed here.

    Not suprised even with Fr. Girourd going down that line because he states he does not want his public sermons recorded to help others...expose here.

    In a Fr. Chazal public letter, he too revealed a secret society of BW maneuvers; while all the time BW say he wants nothing to do with the resistance and he will not lead.

    Who does Bishop Williamson think he's fooling?

    Let's not forget the other secret workings of Bishop Williamson in his covert BRN Associates and Sapientia Education Association inc. he uses for exploitation, exposed here.

    And some say BW is mild and naive to things, even BW says he wants no structure and organization. Who is kidding who. Bishop Williamson is taking us for a stoop. He is very active working an underground while telling us Catholics to "put away your toys".

    What Church is he in?

    But he does good to "tradition" one would say. Let's see if this is true. Here is a documentation of his workings since 2012-to present "The Effects of the Williamson Tail". One will find the contrary to that claim!

    In addition to Bishop Williamson building his own "Line", what in effect is he building, another secret society?

    Is the Cross of Christ secret for salvation?

    Why the secret sacraments by Bishop Williamson and his cohorts in the false resistance?

    Even the new-sspx works in secret seeking a man centered agreement with modern rome. Every conference and news article is bent with this aim. To distort the meanings of virtue and moral law, the Neo-sspx morally lies and says it has a "right" to keep it secret!

    Modernist rome is no different in covering up their agenda and attack Christ and his Church. They make documents proving they have an aim in the Ecclesia Dei to Destroy Catholic Tradition.

    For sure the world is upside down...caused in great part by the apostation of these bishops. Our Lady of La Salette spoke true, the bishops will err and attack her Son's Church...from one Judas to 5,000 Judas'.

    These "traditional" bishops are not immune to be punished with by their flagrance acts and aims hurting the Church.

    Our hope is not in men but in God and his Christ.
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    The conferences supposedly dealt with modernism and subjectivism in the context of Pascendi. Its a little hard to take such 'preachings' seriously from a bishop who is telling people, do whatever you need to do to nourish your faith. And who contradicts the words and actions of the Church and Archbishop Lefebvre several times over, as has been shown many times on this forum.

    It seems there is the public version of Bishop Williamson, where he talks about tradition and gives sacraments, albeit often secret ones - talks the talk and walks the walk, so to speak. And then there is the private one, building up a little mini-dynasty of those clergy and laity who are loyal but yet afraid to cross him.
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    He gave a conference on Pascendi?

    Well isn't that ironic too. He applies a veneer of traditionalism when it suits his purpose, but his own documents on subjectivism betray him as a modernist.

    See here Bishop Williamson vs. Pascendi

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    I think Machabees makes an important distinction here. The Bishop has for years disavowed any inclination to do more than the bare minimum in terms of his episcopal duties. But when you really watch, he is actually quite active. And the cadre (devoted followers) he is building is impressive for a one-man show. But it reeks of deviousness. In, once again, stark contrast to the Archbishop, who was all transparency.
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    From the Recusant 41, Editorial:

    Another Fake Bishop

    The consecration of Bishop Zendejas seems, by all accounts, to have been deliberately kept shrouded in a secrecy and under a tight media control which would surely have made Stalin blush. Signs, we are told, were prominently displayed forbidding the taking of pictures or the recording of video or audio, a policy which was zealously enforced by laymen who appear to have been specially appointed to pounce on any unsuspecting offenders in the congregation. Call me suspicious, but I’m fairly certain that nothing like that took place at Écône on 30th June 1988… How the owner of (un)Cath(mis)info managed to slip past such a blockade must remain a mystery, but it is thanks to his disobedience and shameless disregard for the will of the Great One that the world may now witness what took place. Perhaps the thought of all that publicity was just too much of a temptation for him. Either way, we should all be grateful.

    The first thing which stands out is the weather. That’s right. You will recall that the Eleison Comments email (#504) which first announced this consecration, ended with the words:

    “Please pray for the blessing of Almighty God upon the ceremony - and for good weather!”

    So of course, it poured with rain. Not just a little rain. Not just normal rain. Not just heavy rain. A veritable monsoon. To appreciate this, you must really watch the videos of the ceremony and listen to the constant background noise to see for yourself. To anyone but the very least superstitious, it must have seemed a very ill omen indeed!

    So the world groaned and discovered that it had had yet another Fake Bishop foisted upon it. A Fake Bishop who teaches a Fake Teaching, whose job is to galvanise what little there is of a Fake Resistance (whose only purpose of existence is to counter the original Resistance), with Fake Followers (they’re not really “followers” properly speaking and ultimately are only in it for themselves: watch how quickly they will tear each other to shreds the moment their narrow self-interests no longer coincide!), practicing Fake Charity and Fake Apostolicity (watch and see how many genuinely new chapels he opens, in places where they are really needed..!). The curious thing is that the world seems to realise this instinctively. Not only are we of the Resistance left feeling rather underwhelmed, but from the Fake Resistance and the wider world in general the response has been virtually mute. The consecration of Bishop Faure was a much bigger deal. Since the actual consecration of Bishop Zendejas took place, nothing has been heard. Several weeks on, have you heard anything ..?

    The sermons at the ceremony, and the talk afterwards likewise, must be listened to by the reader in order to really appreciate them, but for the moment we discuss some of what was said on p.40ff. What is not mentioned is Bishop Zendejas’s own speech at the reception, in which he compares his being made a bishop to the choosing of the lead casket in The Merchant of Venice. This curious choice of comparison seems to suggest that he “hazards all” i.e. risked everything he has on the great prize which, for him, is episcopal consecration. Am I being unfair? Can anyone suggest an alternative reading? I am open to persuasion, but at the moment I cannot see one… The mockery made by Bishop Williamson of the very sombre and chilling warning of St. John Chrysostom, that the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops, is also alarming in the extreme. For who can doubt that it is true? And which of us can contemplate his eternal destiny with anything less than reverent awe, if not a holy fear and trembling? In many ways, that one “joke” tells us far more about the falling away of Bishop Williamson than all the articles written about him put together. But again, you must watch it and see for yourself.
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    More secret sacraments...more secret masses. This time by Bp. Zendejas following right in line with BP. Williamson.

    Received some news.

    - Bp. Zendejas was in Toronto last week to say Mass by private invitation only through the coordinator and obvious disappointment from others not able to talk to the bishop.

    - Bp. Zendejas met with Fr. Raja. Fr. Raja wanted to stay longer in Ontario but Bishop Zendejas told him he had stayed long enough and that it was time to leave (conclusion: Fr. Raja takes his orders from Bp. Zendejas and is in the False Resistance).

    - A parishioner who recently came back to the true Resistance is getting pressured through phone calls directly from Bp. Zendejas to return to the False Resistance. This parishioner is afraid to answer the phone now.

    - Fr. Raja told a parishioner that he couldn’t be a red lighter and that he must go to any valid traditional Mass when there is no Resistance Mass available.

    - Also, we received third hand information so far we are still verifying there was a wedding for a parishioner formerly of Ridgefield sspx who was married by Bp. Zendejas at the new palace in N. Salem, NY. But it has been so far a hush, of course, making it difficult to verify. Which is why we are posting it for others to write in. In note, there is nothing wrong, rather wonderful news, with weddings or events held at whatever location. It is the secrecy and hushness of the false resistance we are calling out with hypocrisy.

    Same old. Just sustain and tolerate Christ while acting like a bishop/priest in "sales".


    *A bishop/priest in sales is one who sells the sacraments of the Catholic Church in gain for themselves whether for clout. leverage, or any other vanity.

    What army do we belong?
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    How can a priest's or bishop's apostolate be secret (while not in times of persecution)? Isn't that against what the Holy Scripture teaches? Isn't that the exact definition of hiding the light of the Faith under a bushel?

    By their fruits you will know them...
    It's not rocket science :)