Pray for Fallen Priests

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  1. Deus Vult

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    Pray for fallen priests who have cut themselves from the vine.

    “Because you have had the faith, you have had the truth, you have worshiped the true God and now you have turned away.”
  2. Anand

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    In the 30 years the SSPX have been in India, perhaps nearly half of the priests stationed there, whether Indian or foreign, have gone in various directions including out of the priesthood itself! Instead of nuturing an apostolate in that country, some could well argue that it was merely a gulag for priests deemed unsuitable for ministry to congregations in the West. Opportunities have been missed, and most of the older traditional minded Catholics have passed away.
    Would a general superior having the " true Faith, the truth, and worshiping the true God", act in such a way as to create a gulag/s to assign unwanted priests, rather than to grasp the nettle and discipline or even expel these troublesome priests from his organization?