Pope's Apostolic Blessing for new neo-sspx Sisters

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  1. Isn't that revealing? Integration and communion with the humanists in Rome.

    pope francis blesses sspx sisters.PNG

    Within a sspx.org article promoting their own sspx sisters in Africa, they linked their November 2015 Newsletter no. 8, "All is grace" bulletin featuring the new postulants and new Religious Professions. Within that bulletin, there is featured a photograph (above) of Pope Francis' Official Apostolic Blessing for the new sisters of the neo-sppx.

    What a way to start a religious profession -built on ecumenism- with a pope who also blesses Buddha and Hindus.
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  2. Seems these "Pope Francis personal blessings" are now standard protocol for the conciliar-sspx. Fr. Nely, who is Bishop Fellay's second assistant within the SSPX General Council, had obtained another "blessing", this time, for the sspx mission in New Zealand.


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    The image corresponds to p. 2 of the New Zealand FSSPX newsletter, dated October 13, 2017:

    " The Vanuatu Mission receives personal blessing from the Pope.

    Through Fr. Nély, second assistant to Monsignor Fellay, our mission received a personal papal blessing from Pope Francis. The papal blessing says: His Holiness Francis grants, with an open heart, the Apostolic Blessing to the Parish Priest of the Parish of Saint Raphael, Vunapisu, South Saint, Vanuatu; imploring abundant graces and the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Father Bochkoltz and the head of the village of Vunapisu placing the papal blessing on the door of the chapel of the village. "​
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    Bishop Fellay and Fathers Pfluger and Nely have lost the plot. I have heard that Fr Pfluger will not be seeking re-election at the 2018 SSPX elections. Fellay and Nely apparently want to give the world more of their non-Traditional Catholic selves.