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    The "G" in Mr. G wouldn't be for good anymore than to be great; seems more of a handle to be a Mr "General".

    The aka "Mr G" is Sean Johnson (who said BW told him not to use an internet name anymore) trying to steer his [solo] form of Bishop Williamson's trad-ecumenism amongst the pantheon along with the dead horse "new-sspx internal resistance". It isn't easy, especially when no one gives Sean Johnson (SJ) a platform without being called out for such an unstable and untenable position. Frankly, it is not at all Catholic. False ecumenism under whatever form never is.

    Out of the two, SJ puts more stock in the liberal-conservatism of the "new-sspx internal resistance" even before he recently and quietly [denounced] Bishop Williamson's laziness...now latching on to the other three bishops for some sort of a life jacket. With that said, he is also trying to merge the two "resistances" as one "neo-resistance"; it's a jig-saw puzzle. The only way he wants you to understand it, is to follow what he tells you [now]. These mood swings are always full of charge and energy -like a "general"- but without a good plan. There is only one plan God gave to us in this time through his [saint] Archbishop Lefebvre and it is not mixed with compromise and the many ideologies the false resistance likes to inject.

    Today I was informed "Mr G" is on another mood swing pomping his pseudo "internal resistance/neo-resistance" again on Cathinfo for everyone to get on board and charge...in support of the lame Morgon Capuchins "study"; who continues to say one thing on paper while living, rather cowering, in human respect following and supporting Bishop Fellay in the post-2012 neo-tradition; though only a little slower than some regarding the more progressive forms of change (i.e. hybrid sacrament of marriage...), they are happy with the rest and also want the "right" to be recognized from the modernists in rome.

    We already addressed the post-2012 neo-tradition of the Capuchins here Morgon Capuchin: 2017 Roman Proposition Study

    So why mention the new fraud of "Mr G"? For the same reason to disclose the fraud of anyone who tries to deceive the innocent and weak as we do with any other form of assault on the Faith and the Catholic Church. "Secret" intentions we are told in private while publicly supporting the revolution adds to the deceit.

    The bottom line we are given from the false resistance is to half-hardheartedly leave the progressive neo-tradition of Bishop Fellay and jump on board to their neo-resistance which brings you into their conservative form of neo-tradition. All such roads lead back to modernist rome...

    Trying to gain numbers as clout means nothing at the foot of the Cross.

    The only credence one has to gain our respect as Catholics is to walk the narrow path of Christ saying SiSi-NoNo He told us to do without a "maybe" thrown in the false resistance nurtures.
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    Received word Sean Johnson is trying to make another statement posted on Cathinfo, entitled: To An Idiot Calling Himself "Machabees". Quite like him to use such language. "Semper Idem" -always the same.

    I'll post it below and comment in red.


    Dear Machabees-

    I happened to chance across your recent post titled "Poor Mr. G" while doing research for an article, and was amazed to see you telling the world that "Mr. G is Sean Johnson" (http://cor-mariae.com/index.php?threads/poor-mr-g.6180/#post-11563).

    Now, I have no idea who "Mr. G" is, but if his writings and views can be mistaken for mine, I'm sure it is no insult. I was informed from various sources, over three weeks, this being the case, no insult nor false interpretation. When I checked and sourced “Mr G’s” own archives, indeed there is a striking resemblance between Mr G and you Sean Johnson; even the immature comebacks are your style especially the mannerism of all things Sean Johnson.

    What is insulting (and what reflects very poorly not only on your character, but also on your quality of judgment) is that you yourself acknowledge that I never post anonymously (and haven't since April/2013, for the reason you adduce). You are wrong, again. I did not say “never” as this reflects poorly on your own “honor and character”. Have you forgotten or trying to deceive us too with your recent anonymous name on the now defunct ABLF3 you went under as aka “Br. Athanasius” exploiting your third order Dominican name (for which the Avrille Dominicans have admonished any of their members to do so), and at present, I do not remember if you added another aka on ABLF3 right before you became a second administrator using your own name. All this doesn’t matter right? I’ll let you explain that one.

    Be assured, I do not follow you nor even have a bookmark for your website. I only get updates every once and a while in emails of your false branding and hyperbole articles trying to hold up the false resistance; which too is defunct. Not interested.

    Yet, that knowledge did not impede you from maligning my honor to the world, based on your own poor and mistaken guesswork.

    I want to tell you a little story now, to make you understand just how stupid your claim is; a story which is necessary now, since the SSPX priests and laity who monitor this site will be quite surprised to see me posting here:

    You may remember that shortly before I stopped posting here, I had for some time been discussing the problem of rash judgment in Resistance polemics (of which you are the poster boy, par excellence). I had been quite down on myself for having thought that I myself had slid into that sin on a few occasions, and in that contrite state, confessed the problem.

    I myself offered to the priest in the confessional that perhaps he should ban me from posting on Cathinfo, as I did not trust myself that I would not eventually fall into recidivism in this regard.

    The priest took me up on my proposition, and took it a step further, banning me from even logging in to CI.

    That was three years ago, this past Ascension Thursday (and if posting histories are still viewable on this new CI format, you will see I made no posts since that time).

    True, from time to time, I submitted articles to Matthew if I thought something was important enough, thereby complying with the letter of the law (even if touching a gray area regarding its "spirit"). Ah there we have the BUT where you play off on Cathinfo to SUBMIT, MONITOR, and have Matthew EDIT for you (like a secretary) your regular “articles” from YOURSELF to contain YOUR brand on YOUR website as some kind of source to go to and build with readership aligning with and pomping the defunct ipsaconteret.com, defunct ABLF3, and on the way defunct Huge Akins site; including, many articles you had posted on Cathinfo from your first defunct website, second defunct website, and now your third resurrection of a new branded-website. Who needs Cathinfo anymore when you have your own website - Wink ;) Piggybacking and usury are strange things. If not both of you benefit when Matthew has nothing else to offer his advertisers but sensational content regurgitating - BW good; Fr. Pfeiffer bad - for ratings. And Branding is not a part of this? Not falling in that trap.

    By the way, what is the different of not falling into "recidivism" you say of yourself posting on Cathinfo any different of you falling into the ill "recidivism" on other websites you are a member of and carry on in the same manner on your "own" website? Who is watching the fox...? So it is not my or our "stupid" claim; is it? Please, no need for false humility! As I recall, when you stated this back then, you said the priest told you to STOP all posts and internet activity...your archives will prove this. But why waste time on important details...huh? Like you said, there is the letter and the spirit of it.

    In any case, I am sure Matthew possesses some admin tools which can prove I am not "Mr. G" if he has the inclination.

    But as regards you, I get the impression that you do not give a damn about rash judgment; I even wonder whether you care about your own salvation, seeing the irresponsible way you conduct yourself.

    That said, I am glad you are out there, in order that you can draw other like-minded souls to your caricature of Resistance, like flies to dung, in order that we don't have to deal with them in the sane Resistance.

    I have watched/read you act a fool now for several years. Yes, we are aware you regularly visit Cor-Mariae as with Samuel, your new partner for all things Bishop Williamson in the false resistance. Please read on, the contents on Cor-Mariae are quite shocking in nature disclosing the quotes of the neo-tradition Bishop Fellay and the false resistance promote.

    I’m informed you follow it so much that you copy some of our content for your website. But come on…let’s not lower oneself to name calling your neighbor. Please speak to a priest about that too…providing real content without conflating it is better than relying on your sullied adjectives to describe a person. Just saying.

    Do you not know this is your reputation?

    With the grammar of a 6 year-old Yoda, your posted gibberish would have inhibited a wiser man from saying anything at all in public.

    But not you. Hmm, I’ll take my natural self and all God sees of me, and not you? Perhaps a little memory can serve you well. Do you not remember being banned from many websites for your vulgar "catholic" mannerism…over many years...from many people trying to help you in the “same”? Glass houses are...(you know the rest).

    Well, no more point wasting energy on you.

    Semper Idem,

    Sean Johnson

    PS: In case you should start to think I had broken my penance in order to come back on Cathinfo to address you (which would have been a perfectly predictable rash judgment on your part, but do you REALLY think I would be willing to go to purgatory just to argue with you?), know that I explained both the reason for the penance I was given, and the rigor with which I have observed it since it began, to another priest, and taking the responsibility upon himself, he has judged the penance satisfied.

    Romans 5:20 "But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more." .

    -I retract any and all statements I have made that are incongruent with the True Faith, and apologize for ever having made them- PS: Having this statement in your avatar is rather hypocritical isn’t it? This mental gymnastic is like giving a feigned “permission” for yourself to say whatever you want, however you want, as you do,…giving a basis of incongruity.

    By the way, it is noticed you have not addressed the point and content of the said post ("Poor Mr G") calling out the fraud you, Sean Johnson, are doing trying to exploit the Morgon Capuchin's "study" as part of your ill framed "neo-resistance". I'll inform you the Capuchins also came out and denounced such an exploitation. So the aka “Mr G” is only a tooled distraction for you. But what does that matter. Your aim has always been to deflect what is zeroed in on the fraud you present; sorry it is uncomfortable for you. But you made the offensive act against the faith and we will always defend Her honor.

    This is a doctrinal problem; not a personal problem you reduce it to.

    Hoping for an honest discourse someday.

    God bless,


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    "With the grammar of a 6 year-old Yoda, your posted gibberish would have inhibited a wiser man from saying anything at all in public".

    No need for this! Years ago in India there was a group of conservative Catholics who were to save the Church there from the Vatican II Modernists. You really had to be of university level to be a member. In it's newsletters and souvenirs one's qualifications were announced whether in photo captions or in articles proper. Eg: Mr Parrot Crammer BA., B.Ed., LLB. This organisation is now as dead as most of it's members. Buried with full educational qualifications. I knew one of it's bigwigs. A fancy talker and slime ball holding qualifications from across the globe. People were fooled by this. He was often co-opted into various organisations which he then played a part in running into the ground.

    6 year olds are old enough to get a message across.
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    Out of his own mouth!



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    How is this NOT embarrassing for Mr. SJ - to proclaim he has no problem with the gray areas, especially in regards to his salvation. An interesting insight into how he is able to comply with the letter of Catholic dogma but all the while playing with the "gray area regarding its spirit". So that's how he is constantly excusing Bishop Williamson's errors....its all clear now.
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    Trying to exploit the Capuchins and every other "pawn" SJ wants to buttress for his view of trad-ecumenism is a "poor man" lacking conviction in what he believes in, as needing others to secure his evolved cause.

    I went after the Capuchin piece as it started to be believable through different networks. So I put some sobering water on the fraud it was before it went into a bigger fire. Receiving a source from the Capuchins not wanting to be exploited by the false resistance was a bonus.

    These people don't quit nor are they united in one single cause. Sean Johnson is discovered in his role trying to promote his own version of trad-ecumenism and is just the louder of them. He can try and hide all he wants, his finger prints are all over the fraud.

    War is never fun and one never falls in the trap of empathy to the deceits of the enemy. SJ always plays the same game. When he doesn't win the truth test, he resorts to immature words, then tries to play the "victim" card, then the superiority complex, then the downplay button, then the ignore button to hide trying to take away the bad attention he got himself into to throw it off himself...all the while not to respond to the real issues.

    This is about doctrine and the Holiness of the Church. It is noticed the faux-pas never enter into the rights of God and His order. It is always about politics, pluralism, personal feelings, sensationalism, and hyperbole exploitation -quite a depressing religion. These types of revolutions always cause confusion in souls serving as a drama and a smoke screen to serve mammon. It always ends up in some destruction to the Church...dethroning Christ.

    If only they would get out of their selfish bubble and see the cloud of Cain they live with trying to kill the faith to gain their perceived greater lifestyle.

    There's our chastisement, like those living in the french revolution, german catholics morphing into protestant revolution, England King Henry VIII catholics to anglicans, Catholics to Arians... It is all the same. It is our fellow catholic neighbors not wanting the fullness of Christ anymore in their lives who draw the sword on those who do trying to force on us their newest belief of pluralism.

    If only they would pause and reflect on the cross, they would see a greater purpose than themselves.
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    Anyone who tries to use the Council of Trent to defend the New Mass with a straight face doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.
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    Mr. Johnson, I'm not interested to parse and wade through all of your new personal squabbles, and you trying to hide your anonymous internet name(s), which seems to bother you the most. Asking to "produce" something from a defunct ABLF3 website is humorous more than it is a deflection when we all know the admin Samuel publicly refused to let your real name Sean Johnson be identified with your aka "Br. Athanasius" internet name you started with; which you are quite aware of. From many discovering this, you never came forward in an honest manner until the cat was too far out of the bag; then you attached both names together. The archives show this if samuel wants to produce them. So please.

    The real content of this conversation is the Capuchins false intent to present a document based on neo-traditional (evolved) principles adapted more to conciliarism than to fight and live wholeheartedly against it like ABL maintained. While you revolutionaries try to ABL into an old-SSPX box. Exploiting this as "resistance" is far from being honest. This is a SiSi-NoNo issue. And yes, the Capuchins have retracted their principles many times both verbally in sermons and in documents. See here Traditional Capuchins of Morgon retract their principles.

    It is clear you are content to dwell with the neo-tradition camp on the liberal conservatism side of Bishop Williamson, that is your prerogative, we do not want it. It seems if there is a fight, it is from your camp trying to leach and hijack the position of ABL as a front and mascot to claim some kind of "authoritative" basis for your novel revolution. No, the world sees through that fraud too. One cannot hide in orthodoxy and claim new doctrine and novelties of independence.

    It is understood also you do not like the more recent progressive path of BW he is setting, nor do you like the absolute path of ABL maintained in the SSPX priests who wish to remain as they are -SSPX priests- now residing in the SSPX-mc with the same Statues and Constitution they made promises to years ago. That puts you in a quagmire. Who do you turn too? Some within your camp, whom I know, have gone back to the neo-sspx, some to the FSSP, some to the novus ordo, some to the indult. You instead have chosen to re-brand and re-market BW back to his original 2012-2013 version, as to pull it back [less] progressive than it is, while you continue and support the parade and attendance of the neo-sspx; you recently admitted too. Yet, you ask "Does that mean I am not Resistance?" Resistance to what, actually?

    The principle "revolution breeds revolution" is seen vividly within the neo-tradition of the false resistance. Of course when it is based on independent thought BW maintains -- it is inescapable really.

    So for you and your camp to downplay these other faithful SSPX priests and anyone else who follows the fullness of ABL's Catholic position as "stooges" for not following your revolutionary order: of lapse priests turned faux-pas bishops, lapsed monasteries of the Dominicans and Benedictines hiding in neutral territory 'not taking sides against one position (ABL) or the other (neo-sspx)' -The Friary’s position, and a lapsed bishop of ABL (Bishop Williamson) setting his own course, is not ingenuous. You do have a free will to follow whatever religion you want, God gave you that gift of will, but clearly there is only one wise choice.

    Hopefully one day you can see neo-tradition is too a revolution based on mammon.

    God bless.
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