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  1. The crisis in the Catholic Church is not getting any clearer; only more distinct with external factions and marketing campaigns.

    The SSPX having the arm of God's Providence through the great Archbishop Lefebvre, a true Catholic Bishop, sustaining God's posterity in time enlivening men's minds. Like a pilot light in a dim world and wanton floods of Noah's time --always provoking God's hand to punish.

    The SSPX, now referred by many, as the "new" SSPX (neo and conciliar-sspx) had tasted the forbidden fruit - the revolution of Vatican II - as Eve had tasted the apple...and seeks Adams descendants to eat of it too. What a dire shame.

    From old to new our Lord spoke in his parables, one cannot put God's fine substance in a revolting container and call it good. The [liberal] administration of the new-sspx had levied control of all pathways to give God's grace -- to give their own version in "traditional form" the barren conscience of Vatican II as an endearment of life.

    Goodbye Christ the King, hello Herod and Pharisaical hypocrisy.

    The old-sspx had put out a documentary in 1986 to endorse God and His life within a truly Catholic seminary, untouched (in many respects) from the influence of today's revolution. I said in many respects, knowing today's seminarians entering are affected by the modern world around them and the liberal influences programed in culture and education bombarding the psychic and nature of man to turn away from God. The work of the old-SSPX is no different in any other time of revolution, it is the FAITH that is being attacked, and therefore MUST be represented in totality.

    A Sign of Hope

    However, with the taste of the "revolutionary apple" they new-sspx had changed that orientation away from God for man's delight and dreams. They built a new multi-million dollar palace seminary in Virginia (under dubious terms) in wait for a flux of conciliar entries. Having the "official" union with the conciliarists, said Bishop Fellay, "only the seal is missing on the agreement" esteem to "convert the modernists from within". So he says. But who converted who is the underlining reality?

    Here is the new-sspx seminary promotional video made in 2015 as a take-off and a "development" from the "old" 1986 version above - A Sign of Hope. But with one major change, it is not about the crisis of faith to preserve anymore, it is the slogan and tenants of the neo-traditional utopia to preserve the "mass".

    "The heart of the crisis of the Church is there, which is a crisis of the priesthood; of the spirituality of the priesthood – and so the solution is there as well." (New seminary project, Dec. 12, 2015)​

    The Standard of Hope - New Seminary Project Video

    To any one believing and practicing the true perennial Catholic faith back to Christ, inclusive with faith 4,000 years to His Father, this is a major shift from the primacy of the faith and its expression within the Mass - to now - the expression is above the principle. God set a law within creation for the relationship of how the creature is to view Him the Creator --"Lex credendi, Lex orandi" (The Law of belief is the Law of prayer). That means, He gave His revelation for what we are to believe (Faith) and how we ought to pray (Mass).

    The neo-revolution held in the Ecclesia Dei/indult community flips God's orientation to be prayer first (mass) and the faith second. Doing this is not only protestant, it is left on a platform of man's passions to change that prayer into a belief to their liking. Impulses do that.

    "If one does not live according to the way one believes, one will believe according to the way one lives."

    This latter, "believing according to the way one lives", is precisely the path the new-sspx is unfortunately now on; like their counterparts in the Ecclesia Dei community (FSSP, Institute of Christ the King, Campos...). The only difference between them is external letterheads. They all promote Vatican II and its view of "sacredness" within the man.

    Here is the FSSP documentary promoting their "belief" system putting the mass as the essential focus to worship God surrounded in the revolution of Vatican II's apple. But God said no, "Without faith it is impossible to please God". (Hebrews 11)

    This is what the Hindus and other false religions do. They make up a "prayer system" then call it their creed. Ok, we knew that. But for those in the House of God to succumb to that false paradigm in pride deserting God for false illusions can only be a punishment God sends to those who remain unfaithful; not just unfaithful, but REMAIN unfaithful. God will not be mocked! (Galatians 6)

    So too, we hear from the fake resistance the SAME false paradigm putting the mass first and the Faith second.

    It is also interesting to hear a continuity of Bishop Williamson thoughts giving his isolated advice in 1986 to novus ordo priests to "stay where they are":

    "There are plenty of things they [novus ordo priests] can do, short of actually stepping right out of the mainstream church. And we encourage them in all ways we can. We would help them learn how to say the old mass if that is what they need; if that is what they like." (Fr. Richard Williamson, video 1986, @ minute 36:07 )
    ...And after Bishop Williamson left the rules and structure of the SSPX house in 2012 to do his own thing, he developed his public comments for the novus ordo in 2015, saying:
    • While the new religion is false, is dangerous, and it strangles grace, and it’s helping many people to lose the faith, at the same time there are cases where it can be used and is used to build the faith.(Bishop Williamson, conference in Mahopac NY (usa), June 2015)
    • “Stay away from the Novus Ordo. But exceptionally, if you’re watching and praying, even there you may find the grace of God. If you do, make use of it in order to sanctify your soul.” (Bishop Williamson, conference in Mahopac NY (usa), June 2015)
    • “The golden rule is this. The absolute rule of rules seems to me be this. Do whatever you need to nourish your faith.” (Bishop Williamson, conference in Mahopac NY (usa), June 2015)
    • "N.O. priests are nourishing and building the faith in their N.O. parish."
    • "The new religion, is false, it's dangerous and it strangles grace. And it's helping many people to lose the faith. At the same time there are still cases where it's been, it can be used and is used still to build the faith." (Bishop Williamson, conference in Mahopac NY (usa), June 2015)
    • "Stay away from the Novus Ordo, but exceptionally, if you're watching and praying, even there you may find the grace of God. If you do, make use of it in order to sanctify your soul." (Bishop Williamson, conference in Mahopac NY (usa), June 2015)
    • “I do not say to everybody inside the Novus Ordo, priests and laity, I don’t say: ‘You’ve got to get out!’” (Bp. Williamson, conference in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada, 5th November 2014)
    This "conservatism" continues in Bishop Williamson's thoughts, isolated from the true Faith that one must not worship false idols and MUST get out of the environment that sins. Placating away from God is a sin; as is having a Refined Hypocrisy dancing between the objective and subjective. Does Bishop Williamson have a subjective faith? Is he still attached to his prior Anglican faith he grew up with? Juggling with the rights of God to appease another's pride didn't go well for those who rebelled in the heavens -- with St. Michael leading the charge.

    So are these the only choices and paths of modern man to worship God by various forms of worship following whims and vanity? Of course not!

    Where then is the true faith?

    Fr. Pfeiffer gave a recent sermon to emphasis this false relationship of man wanting to give God a different worship in the example of Cain and Abel. They both gave a sacrifice in the exact same form, but only one was pleasing to God. Why? Abel gave the first-fruits within God's commandments in Faith while Cain gave God a secondary-fruit to his own likeness putting himself first - a prayer in form of his own belief. God refused Cain's sacrifice...and later cast him out for committing graver unconverted sins (murder of his brother). This is what happens when one dwells on the human, one seeks the human, even if another has greater possessions, the other will kill out of jealousy and guilt of conscience.

    There are a many of prelates and priests who kill the spirit in another too by throwing out those who try to help them see their wicked ways trying to form an idol within God's house -- the idols MUST be taken down before any order can be restored back to God.

    What remains to be said, where is the true Faith?

    Had God given up on man like He bemoaned to Moses to destroy men and their revolt?

    No, God is ever-present and ever-providing to those who seek Him out; He promised this as a Good Shepherd to His flock.

    The "old" SSPX still continues in those priests who were [providentially] "banished" from the modernized conciliar-sspx, as those faithful priests provided for in the time of Maccabeus. They continue the Mission and glory of the Catholic Church in all Her form and beauty preaching the uncompromised faith through the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel seminary (OLMC).
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    Even before Fr. Williamson became Bishop he did not encourage N.O. priests to leave the concilar church.
    How strange. When the Arbp. Lefebvre was alive we know an open letter to Card. Gantin from the SSPX stated this:
    "The faithful have indeed a strict right to know that the priests who serve them are not in communion with a counterfeit church, promoting evolution, pentecostalism and syncretism."

    In one of his EC's Bp. Williamson wrote:
    "There is still a good in the conciliar church and we mustn't reject it completely.
    Not all priests in the conciliar Church should get out of it

    Here Fr. Pfeiffer tells of a Novus Ordo conservative priest he brought to visit Bp. Williamson in the mid 1990's hoping the Bishop would encourage the priest to leave the conciliar church to come to tradition. Instead Bp. Williamson told him he didn't have to leave nor did the Bishop encourage the N.O. Priest to say the Latin Mass. Instead he told the Priest to stay in the diocese and wait to see if his N.O Bishop kicks him out (for being "conservative"). That priest is retired now, never left the N.O. and never said the Latin Mass.
    @ about 28 min:

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    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Bishop Williamson, then Father Williamson, was even then saying you can stay in your Novus Ordo parishes. How different from the Archbishop, who always clearly drew the distinction that the Novus Ordo was a false religion.

    “And we have the precise conviction that this new rite of Mass expresses a new faith, a faith which is not ours, a faith which is not the Catholic Faith. This New Mass is a symbol, is an expression, is an image of a new faith, of a Modernist faith… Now it is evident that the new rite, if I may say so, supposes another conception of the Catholic religion - another religion.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Sermon, June 29, 1976)
    In retrospect, Bishop Williamson seems to be a simile to Vatican II. In the case of Vatican II, there are over 200 heresies in those documents. But since they are surrounded by thousands upon thousands of pages of proper Catholic teaching, many of those heresies were overlooked or not taken seriously as heresies.

    Same for Bishop Williamson. Most of what he says is proper Catholic teaching. But buried in his speeches and blog posts are many errors. But they are easily overlooked because they are couched with proper Catholicism. And so he fools many by the subtlety of his machinations and efforts to appear truly traditional when he clearly is not.
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  4. Another marketing video emerged on the neo-sspx website, this time, trying to promote their religious brothers. Unfortunately, it is also a sad development within the context of a conciliar deal when these innocent brothers are bound by the three-Evangelical vows: Poverty - Obedience - Chasity under priests within a community who are only secular priests (no vows). It is thus quite a challenge to keep ones obligations when the priests are independent and unaccountable to the life of the brother; yet give orders the brothers must comply with.

    Nevertheless, a true religious vocation is a beautiful gem in the heart of our Lord. Especially in the trials these brothers need to navigate through in our modern time to remain faithful. And there is the crux - to remain faithful in a neo-secular priory the brothers are not allowed to research outside of that framework.

    Then there is charity.

    God's providence does find His way through with many means to help them see their superiors sellout; but at what cost.

    The greater defamation here is really with the superiors of the new-sspx faltering and deceiving the faithful while using the brothers as a pawn to market; how pious they are. And how maligned are the superiors when their new video is trying to push and persuade others to maintain and support their material building. Ya, that Winona "building" Menzingen and the u.s. district said needs to be scrapped from its heavy burdens of gain a new seminary in Virginia.

    Even the human numbers do not add up to house the brothers and "novitiate" to warrant the huge square footage of that "dilapidated" building. According to the official new-sspx statistics, there are only 15 brothers in the u.s. district; and the majority of them are distributed in various priories, retreat houses, and to maintenance the new Virginia seminary.

    So what is the real agenda of that building? A secret view of a novus ordo resettlement of priests; aged priests, ... helping in the confusion of the Church? But the new-sspx doesn't know what the confusion is anymore. They do not even identify what the confusion in the modern world is on their website. The bottom line is there is a huge piece of real estate with costly insurance and maintenance to upkeep and heat for only a handful of brothers. Seems like a dwarf arraignment; unless there is a hidden plan the faithful are not allowed to know...really to be use for the conciliar paradigm.

    New Video Gives Insight into SSPX Brothers, the Silent Angels of the SSPX
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  5. Council of Trent said, Session 7, Canon 13 -
    "If any one saith, that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church, wont to be used in the solemn administration of the sacraments, may be contemned, or without sin be omitted at pleasure by the ministers, or be changed, by every pastor of the churches, into other new ones; let him be anathema."
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