Pentecost Pilgrimage: Tradition Confused

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    Another year had passed seeing the [new] sspx do their own major 3-day Pilgrimage in France in route starting from Notre-Dame de Chartres and ending at Sacré-Cœur Basilica at Montmartre Paris, and on the SAME weekend, every year, the FSSP Ecclesia Dei does their own too -in same fashion- but going in reverse starting from Notre-Dame de Paris (so they do not clash in the set up arraignments) and ending at Notre-Dame de Chartres, where the sspx started from.

    Quite confusing in the Church as it is too to the surrounding villages. Each and every year the SAME thing. The two separate pilgrimages of "tradition" cross one another in a forested area, and can been mutually seen in certain sections. I know, I was on one a few years back, looking on with my fellow pilgrims in bewilderment.

    This year is no different, except for who presides at the end. The sspx tries to get some high profile, this year was Bishop de Galarreta, the Ecclesia dei had a Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, a typical novus ordo personality.

    While the FSSP pomps the novus ordo structure as a "true" life going in their direction of pilgrimage, there must come a time with the new-sspx conciliar mantra to sync with the other from its own pomp and promoting of the novus ordo structure as a "true" life. Will these two pilgrimages come together now that the new-sspx adopted the FSSP position? How will Bishop Fellay change direction on that one? Start with a novus ordo personality? Seems like this is his introduction modus operandi. Remembering the introduction of novus ordo priests in the sspx sanctuaries for marriages was the latest...more to come; it is the novus ordo policy of structure. Ask the FSSP!

    There is a reason not to mingle with the devil; but Bishop Fellay has been working hard taking down the barriers.

    It is only a matter of time Bishop Fellay will change direction of his pilgrimage making it too a -reverse- to please his new modernist masters.
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