Notes on the Revolution in the Church by Fr. Tam

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    Below is a link to the 1986 book Notes on the Revolution in the Church by the SSPX priest Fr. Giulio Tam, who was a professor of the SSPX seminary at Econe (I’m not sure where he is now). The book was published in French by Fideliter and in English by the Angelus.

    *Note that Archbishop Lefebvre wrote the preface for this book ("May Father Tam's "Notes" help those who read them to reach a better understanding of the gravity of the crisis that shakes the Church of today, so they may take care not to become victims! ...").

    English version:

    French version:
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    Fr. Pfeiffer refered to Fr. Tam’s book in conferences he did on the four marks of the Church (under Catholicity).

    Fr. Pfeiffer:

    “There was a book published in the 1986 by a SSPX priest called Fr. Tam: “Notes on the Revolution in the Church”. This is typical of the old SSPX. We were Apostolic, we were Catholic. One of the effects of Catholicity in our heart is that we want world domination! We want the whole world to be following Christ. When we turn up in a city to say Mass in someone’s house we’ve already got a battle plan, we’re going to fight against all the bad guys, and we’re going to convert that whole city for Christ. This is the spirit of this book from the old days. Without even reading it, just by looking at the cover you can see: there’s St. Peter’s in Rome, there’s a red clenched fist, there’s a communist hammer and sickle crushing the middle of St. Peter’s Square, and Martin Luther and Lenin and all the bad guys, and Our Lady of La Salette weeping in the background. We used to use these kind of books all the time. If you look at Chapter 10, it speaks of “Six Conditions”! Not six conditions for us to be approved of by Rome – that’s the new, wimpy, pusillanimous SSPX. Back in 1986 we had fewer priests, we had makeshift chapels, often in people’s homes. And we were talking about:

    "Six Conditions for restoriing Christendom!"

    It lists them as follows:
    · “Personal Reform”

    · “Benefit from the Lessons of the Past”

    · “Return to Sincerity of Language, Flee Equivocal Words, Tell the Truth of Each Thing”

    · “Return to the Theological Truth of the Existence of Original Sin”

    · “Return to Economic Truth” – bring back the Catholic Faith into economics, get rid of usury!

    · “Return to Social Truth” – bring back Christ into the courts, bring Him back into the public square, bring Him back into everything!

    That’s the old SSPX. Catholic and Apostolic.

    We haven’t denied any of these things, not officially anyway. We’re just not fighting for it any more.”

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    There is the underlining problem in the overall crisis and life in general, and to the sspx civil war and the false resistance in particular, the foundation of the first three conditions are not present; it is avoided an excused as "ya-ya"...for knowing better, seeking the last three conditions (twisted as they now present it) as more important. Not so. It is on the first three and fourth conditions Christ put on the cross, and in extension, gives the last two conditions to help your neighbor.

    So this crisis is not one of activism as it is one of lack of personal sanctification -the foundation is lost- rot set in. Ironically, the sspx was given the exercises of St. Ignatius from heaven for our time but do not follow it themselves any longer.

    "They are just not fighting for it any more."
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    Thank you Unbrandable for providing the link(s) for "Notes on the Revolution in the Church" by Fr. Tam. This booklet provides the complete picture and plan for victory. It is by Providence that we are receiving this information now. We receive what we need in God's time. Be assured The Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost and the Blessed Mother know our struggles and our pains.

    Let the "Notes .... " be again, the effective tool, for wisely rebuilding and "Restoring All Things in Christ".

    Let us pray. - O Lord Jesus Christ Who hast said, "Ask, and ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you;" grant, we beseech Thee, to us who ask, the gift of Thy most divine love, that with all our heart, words, and works, we may love Thee, and never cease to praise Thee.

    Make us, O Lord, to have a perpetual fear and love of The holy name; for Thou never failest to govern those whom Thou dost solidly establish in Thy love. Who livest and reignest. Amen.
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    Excellent! Thank you