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    “Gaudete”! Rejoice, exclaimed the angels, “Hosanna in the Highest”.

    *Merry Christmas to all*​

    We are making a Christmas announcement the “true” Catholic Resistance is growing… There is a new Website/forum started within the United States to help with the local missions and apostolate, named, - The Catacombs -

    Many in the Traditional Catholic world know we have had three other U.S. resistance websites/forums who went defunct to the fake resistance; a sad reality. However, this new The Catacombs is born in the “true” Catholic Resistance, and for the “true” Catholic Resistance.

    With a compliment to the Australian Cor-Mariae website, and the few other Catholic Resistance sites we have for growth and information, we encourage the need for other countries to grow and facilitate a local apostolate and websites for their respected mission in which we all can complement each other with our diversed needs and talents.

    Instraurare omnio in Christo”, To restore all things in Christ.

    Come and visit, mingle, and help provide our Holy Catholic Faith to others.

    In the Hearts of Mary and Jesus.
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    Congratulations on the establishment of this true resistance forum
    May Our Lord, Jesus Christ through His Blessed Mother guide our footsteps along the true narrow path that leads to His Eternal Kingdom.
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    I hope more countries start websites.

    It surprises me how little of the 600 priests in the society are going along with the status modernism.