Neo-sspx promoting "Super-Pope T-shirts"

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  1. If the clownery within Vatican II isn't enough, Bishop Fellay and his Menzingen medias continue to join in the mockery against God. They too are advertising the new Super-Pope T-shirts in positive affirmation, like everything else Vatican II, to help make the communist propaganda soothing and palatable for their people.

    What happened to the pre-1991 sspx of Archbishop Lefebvre who discerned and warned of modernism even within these subtle elements? Are those days gone?

    Updating is the new motto for the neo-sspx superiors:

    "What began as an affectionate caricature has in October of 2017 become one of the official emblems of the “Pope’s Charity.” The graffiti will be printed on T-shirts and sold and the profits will go to the sovereign pontiff’s charity works. The shirt will be available in several sizes for ladies, men, and children for 19€. The front represents Pope Francis flying through the air, fist first, with his briefcase full of “values” in his other hand. The back has a few of his quotes. The exact amount of the royalties the Holy See will receive is unknown." and


    If ABL were still alive today, I am sure his SSPX would have countered this blaspheme with their own advertised T-shirts or pamphlets with quotes of pre-Vatican II popes on the back of it. Actually, they did! The OLMC Seminary with its seminarians popped in on the blasphemous trad-ecumenical conference promoted by Michael Matt from the Remnant "The Catholic Identity Conference 2017", represented also by Menzingen sending one of their neo-sspx priests Fr. Jonathan Loop, and the OLMC seminary passed out ALL of their latest OLMC Gladium News-letter with Archbishop Lefebvre's cartoon and pre-vatican II quotes of popes to remind them of their betrayal to tradition -- until they were asked to leave.

    Will the new-sspx Menzingen ever get the message?

    Archbishop Lefebvre's cartoon against the Pope's blasphemous ecumenism

    Here is Fr. Pfeiffer speaking about this trad-ecumenical event, start @ minute 20:00

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