Mission Statement of Streaky Bay Australia

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    Mission Statement of Streaky Bay Australia
    Mission statement Streaky Bay, South Australia is a sister-group to Our Lady of the Southern Cross Melbourne. We, too are a group of lay Catholics who organise our own activities and prayer meetings independent of leadership from the loose federation of priests. Our commitment to doctrinal purity is paramount in the priests we invite to help us keep the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic faith according to the guidelines laid down by Archbishop Lefebvre.


    Dear Father Chazal and Father Picot,

    We wish to draw your attention to our Mission Statement which expresses the wishes of our prayer community from this date on. As you will see it is self-explanatory. We refer to the matter of Father Kramer who has taken to publicly proclaiming his private opinion publicly - thus a priest (or bishop) misuses his office. Private opinion is not doctrine.​

    To make matters worse, Fr. Chazal has written on this subject twice. His first letter to Fr. Kramer refused to accept the latter priest's stand, yet in reply to one of us, he has contradicted himself in a second letter where he says the opposite. These can be viewed here

    In conclusion we wish to make it clear that we are not a parish. We are no different to the various groups across USA and Canada that simply provide for the immediate needs of the visiting priest, namely air fares, accommodation, transport etc.

    For well near 45 years, with the assistance of that great missionary priest Fr. Cummins and following Archbishop Lefebvre, we have kept the faith of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Referring to our conversation with you regarding your change of direction it is with great sadness that this chapel at Maryvale is no longer available to you or any priest who compromises on doctrine.

    John Cash

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    It is interesting to notice the contradictions evident in the expectations of loose federation of priests, such as Father Chazal and Father Picot. On the one hand they have encouraged the building of a church and community 'like a parish' here in Australia. Yet on the other, they have shifted their former allegiance to support Bishop Williamson's structureless society where he wants no obedience, no structure, no authority, no organization at all. Bishop Williamson is discontinuing the way Christ established His Church over the years when he told his Apostles to go into the whole world and preach the Gospel to every creature.

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