Menzingen: Refusing our Agenda is Protestant

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    The last time I heard those words was at the end of the 2009-2011 Doctrinal meeting with the SSPX and Rome. At the end of the meetings, modern Rome lashed out at the SSPX and said they are acting like "protestants" refusing "authority". Funny how the expression keeps popping up when the sspx soon after capitulated to the modern terms; now calling their followers who refuse their "authority" seeking infidelity with modernism -- "rather dark and pessimistic...they act like protestants".

    In another and recent damage control piece, Fr. Michel Simoulin (SSPX) indulged his thoughts to support the Superior General even though he manifested there is a true discontent within the sspx over the workings of the agreement towards rome. For him, he doesn't see anything wrong.

    Would he be serious to say such a thing or is he camouflaging the argument regarding Menzingen's compromises to the faith? The latter stands out in evidence Fr. Simoulin is a major superior within the SSPX knowing full well the shift in position. Fr. Simoulin was also the one who crafted the May 2012 "We cannot be 88ers" applying "living tradition" not to be fixed on [old] set goals. And "Avoiding a false spirit of resistance" to get in line. Interesting enough, Fr. Simoulin is saying the same thing "we cannot distrust the Superior General".

    While recognizing the SSPX Statues regulate the office of the SG and his administration, he said on one point :
    " long as the commitment and vital fidelity to Jesus Christ is not in peril, can I live in a state of distrust of my superiors? Only two reasons could justify this mistrust. ... The second motive, more serious, would be their [SG] preaching contrary to faith or morality, or even their public adherence by concrete acts to modern, liberal or conciliar errors. On these two points, I see no thing to be defied!"

    "Finally, what we see taking shape is nothing but the appearance of a new Protestant sect, with no internal link other than the refusal of the authority of the Pope (to which, after the magisterial authority, present the canonical authority, what remains to him?) and the free examination by each of the secret intentions of the superiors!"

    The blind remain blind.