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    The Cathinfo forum has a thread running on the Miles Christi newsletter. One of the posters had this to say:

    Austrasia sounds ......... [​IMG]........!
    Anyway, Australia's resistance has tumbled to a mere 100 or so from the 200 plus in the beginning and Australia is the only country with a 'fake' Resistance group [​IMG]

    It seems that whenever a priest visits Australia from Ireland, the normal priest attending to Australia has to go to Ireland to cover the duties of the former priest. So what's the point of this arrangement? Doesn't the Irish "resistance" have enough priests already and thus have no need for this sort of arrangement?. As an outsider, I believe that the Australian "resistance" laity has perhaps made the most sacrifices than those of any other country, but do the priests realise this, or do they even care?
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  2. Unfortunately Fr. Chazal dropped the ball to pick up the errors of Bishop Williamson spending his time and energy trying to defend the indefensible.

    Here's is what Fr. Chazal once stood for:

    "Australian Report" : Father Chazal

    Here is what he now believes:

    Fr. Chazal breaks with Archbishop Lefebvre; begins hybrid

    Fr. Chazal believes in N.O. "miracles"

    Many spoke to Fr. Chazal about his 180 degree, only for him to shut off the Australian faithful wanting to send them to the grave. (sic):

    Fr. Chazal's sad letter to the Australian Faithful

    And morphing the more...

    Fr Joseph Pfeiffer Fr Chazal meeting

    So sad.