Is Cathinfo a subversive website?

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    That was hilarious, Sarto :p
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    A new round of slander against OLMC, as usual, from Cathinfo. These so called "catholics" cannot operate without hyperbole and slander. If they made an ounce of inquiry, they would find out just the opposite from what they say.

    Starting from a statement by a person named "ilpadrino" back in June 2017:

    And flamed by a person named "Fanny", as usual, on Nov. 2017:

    And RASH judgement from seanjohnson, as usual, on Nov. 2017:

    Facts would help them more than a little.

    I know firsthand by Fr. Pfeiffer the seminarian in question secretly sought to be ordained by Bishop Ambrose without the fathers knowing while still studying at OLMC. Bishop Ambrose refused knowing the seminarian was doing this in secret. The seminarian then called Bishop Zendejas who also refused.

    When the fathers found out over the internet back in June 2017 from the above statement by "ilpadrino", both fathers Pfeiffer and Hewko questioned the seminarian for over an hour in their office on a Wednesday morning. The seminarian admitted to it without showing any guilt...and consequently was asked to leave the seminary that very day.

    OLMC refusal of this seminarian to remain was based on his role of subversion and lack of contrition. No Catholic seminarian can seek the priesthood going around their legitimate rector. If the seminarian was honest to his intention this may have been a different outcome.
    We hope for his conversion and contrition.

    We found out the ex-seminarian of OLMC in question was recently ordained on his own Nov. 4, 2017 by a Bishop Adamson.
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    It is a near-continuous trait at CI that the most outlandish comments are promulgated and promoted with little to no fact-checking.

    Amazing that it continues but not unexpected that it continues.

    CI has become an avid promoter of fake news when their ‘news’ has anything to do with OLMC. Funny really. No integrity, no interest in the truth. Only sensationalism. And as we all know, ‘Smut sells’.
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    Pity the unsuspecting flock awaiting the ministry of this seminarian-now-priest.
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    Number One and Number two Cristeros.

    'nuff said.


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    Francis was treated by Padre Pfeiffer and Padre Hewko with extreme Charity and given freely much, much more than anyone else has ever given him...

    He is not alone in betraying this Charity and Goodness from these Padres.


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    This is no small matter.

    The expected disinformation campaign coming from CI trying to dislodge facts, without any facts, of a seminarian trying to gain the priesthood on his own is disingenuous when it isn't met with speaking with the principle persons concerned.

    Knowing there are two sides of a story, the fact a seminarian was trying to gain or buy the priesthood around the Church's guidance, in addition to the secretive and no guilt to the actions the seminarian admitted to, is enough of red flags to believe the fathers telling the seminarian to leave the seminary the same day. It was some on Cor-Mairae and myself who sent the fathers that CI thread disclosing what Francis was doing, according to that CI post. Fr. Pfeiffer called me right after their meeting happened. Both Frs. Hewko and Pfeiffer were pretty sad knowing Francis was only months away being done with his studies.

    It is understood we are in a difficult Church crisis especially for seminarians remaining faithful in the true faith honoring God during this test with the bishops we have, so called traditional bishops, presently harboring in the camp of modernism looking for "rights" among men or "do nothing" all the while flirting and gaming us to join them offending God. We must stand firm without compromising one iota like our forefathers. At the same time, we know as Catholics God will provide for a bishop as He wants on His own time to effect the greater good He is trying to achieve; it is God's problem to continue His Church as He promised; not ours. And He will continue it today on His terms with a present and deserved chastisement. God is God; and He is good at it; He knows what He is doing.

    So a real and true bishop faithful to God will come at the right time contrary to these human naysayers always trying to put God in a box.

    To have a sentimental attachment to a man-seminarian or a man-priest against the protocol of the Church's guidance is imbalanced, as the act itself, regardless of the crisis we are being tested with (Job).

    For (Fr.) Francis E. Kene' Mbadugha to get his "priesthood" he would have needed to give credence and adherence to the ordinating Bishop's beliefs to win him over. If this too was done in deceitfulness, we do not know, even with the best of gain or buy, is not honest to the needs of the Church.

    No person can claim to themselves the right or dignity of serving the altar of God without God's willingness and permission though the call of his legitimate superiors He had provided for them. This too goes for boys or laymen as altar servers due to the crisis and lack of clerics to do this function. More too, when a clergyman goes beyond their role and function with pride, they are met with divine punishment (Leviticus 10 and Numbers 16).

    At some point we as Catholics and possible seminarians have to reflect on strange motives what St. Peter disdained (Acts 5) and imbalanced emotions in men's minds to adjust our thoughts towards what really glorifies God; and it is not from ourselves but through the imitation of His Son through true obedience. No seminarian knows they will be priests until the moment of the Bishop laying on of hands. Until then patience, we serve God in fidelity and honesty all our life in whatever state we are in. It is the state of grace within the peace and presence of God that is the most important for whatever we do; not the function of what we do in life.
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    Well said
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    The dubious ordination of this expelled OLMC seminarian has brought to light several interesting facts. Both in truth and in spirit. And Cathinfo has devoted at least two threads over the last week to this particular ordination, once again leaving no opportunity to attack OLMC, unexplored.

    As per their usual, there is much disinformation on that site, leaving even their adherents, questioning this ordination. Also per their usual, the subjective reigns supreme over the objective. Its one's feelings that count there and not the truth. Regardless, here is what we do know (my comments in red):

    ~ Francis Mbadugha was a seminarian at OLMC for ?three years after leaving the SSPX seminary in Australia - seeing the liberalism there and wanted to come to OLMC for a better formation. He was never forced or coerced into attending OLMC. He was advised by a priest outside of OLMC to seek admission to that seminary as the best place to complete is formation for the priesthood that was free of the contaminants of liberalism and ecumenism.

    ~Francis decided to leave OLMC on three separate occasions and each time asked Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko if he could come back - giving the Fathers concern for his formation/stability. In order to afford him every opportunity to improve himself, he was accepted back every time.

    ~Fr. Pfeiffer told Francis early in 2017 that he needed one more year of seminary and then come the end of the spring of 2018, his seminary formation would be completed.

    ~Francis was not content with this plan. He decided/felt he was ready in 2017 for the priesthood. He searched on his own/secretly for a bishop to ordain him this year. When his maneuvers came to light a few months ago, ?June, the Fathers ended up expelling Francis from the OLMC seminary. Fr. Hewko noted that no matter where you are, much less a seminary, when you operate in the darkness and not in the light, its a sign that you are not acting according to God’s will but your own.

    ~At some point after his expulsion, Francis then threatened to publish some kind of expose against OLMC. In a clear effort at retaliation, for what...not listening to Francis insisting he was ready for the priesthood, Francis threatened the priests who took him in with revenge. He is clearly forgetting the poor value of retaliatory 'exposes'.

    Of ill-temper there are three kinds: irascibility, bitterness, sullenness. It belongs to the ill-tempered man to be unable to bear either small slights or defeats but to be given to retaliation and revenge, and easily moved to anger by any chance deed or word. Ill-temper is accompanied by excitability of character, instability, bitter speech, and liability to take offence at trifles and to feel these feelings quickly and on slight occasions. - Aristotle

    While he was a seminarian at OLMC, he was fine with whatever he now threatens to expose. But since he was not able to get his own way, now he wishes to publicly punish those who took him in. Again, as noted above: "Francis was treated by Padre Pfeiffer and Padre Hewko with extreme Charity and given freely much, much more than anyone else has ever given him..."

    ~Francis was in communication with several bishops, including Bishop Zendejas this year. Not one of them except this sedevacantist bishop wanted to ordain him. Interestingly enough, CI is rejoicing over this ordination as some sort of blow to OLMC. Unfortunately, Francis has become a pawn for the false resistance. As a means to retaliate in their own way against OLMC and continue to attack and lash out at Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko, who have stood up for the truth clearly and consistently.

    ~Francis was ordained a priest on November 4th of this year by a Bishop ?Merrill Adamson -reportedly sedevacantist. Even SJ on CI noted that this Bishop Adamson has questionable sedevacantist episcopal lineage. Which of course puts into doubt the validity of Francis’ ordination.

    It causes some amazement that there is no indignation on a supposedly Catholic site like CI at learning of a seminarian who took it upon himself to operate outside the framework of the Church to seek out a bishop, unbeknownst to his superiors, when he was not ready. To take it upon himself to get what he wanted, when he wanted it.

    And who it was who did this is nearly irrelevant. It was not that Francis is such a bad person. Most who met him, liked him. But that he persisted in disobedience to his chosen and lawful superiors, non serviam, and sought his own pleasure in the matter of his priestly ordination, he has been justly repaid - the only bishop that he could find has a very doubtful episcopal consecration, thus in the minds of most people, his own ordination is in grave doubt. "Revenge is mine, and I will repay them in due time, that their foot may slide..." Deuteronomy 32:35

    Truly, this was a Pyrrhic victory for poor Francis. He got his 'ordination', but at what cost?

    Let us pray for poor Francis, that he may return to the light of God's guidance and not seek his own. 'There but for the grace of God go I.'
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    pic in a nutshell.jpg ...that's pretty much it in a nutshell....
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    Oh my! For a minute there, I thought I was still on the Sean Johnson thread. :D
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    What an unfortunate saga.

    (Fr.) Mbadugha I'm sure is a good man in his own person. But his person is not the issue. Nor is it race baiting (sic) CI smears others with. The core issue is the elephant in the room causing this whole affair and the course as it did?

    Where were the four bishops of the "resistance" all these years (+Williamson, Faure, Aquinas, Zendejas)? Why are they delinquent and negligent of their duty to raise this seminarian (and others) within the Major orders. None of this would of happened! These bishops have been called repeatedly over the years...only to fall on deaf ears. Shame! It has been related (Fr.) Mbadugha received subdeaconate and deaconate on Sept. 23 on his own and priesthood on Nov. 4 on his own from this bishop Adamson. Which adds to the problem he sought this on his own outside the protocol of the Church. What a grave crisis.

    Why CI is now playing the "victim" in this when they were the ones who started and agitated this whole ordeal. Otherwise, it was something in the past we knew about for months and had the charity not to say anything for the sake of this seminarian (Fr.) Mbadugha. Our position here in this situation is to set the facts straight from the distilled malignity and slander constantly flung at these faithful sspx priests holding the true perennial Catholic faith and who do more for the mission of the Church than those "resistance" bishops have ever done and want to do!

    For us Catholics calling out the flagrant hypocrisy is commanded by God -bark- He said if the bishops will not.

    What have we come to? Why is doing less esteemed more than doing more for our Lord. Is He cheap? Or is He your Divine redeemer? Humans are so fickle. No wonder the people always murmured and were stiff-necked Moses complained about for so long. Dropping God to worship a golden calf made of man's glorious hands' repeats itself over and over.

    Who cares about personalities. Either God and His Church is honored or it is not.

    We continue on with or without these lazy bishops.
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    There is nothing new under the sun, Holy Scripture tells us.

    Hell is unceasingly trying to convince us to repeat the words, 'Non serviam'. Always trying to get us to turn from the face of God and to ourselves. Ever gazing inward. Vatican II inculcated this in Gaudium et Spes:

    Section 12 of this document utters blasphemy when it says: “According to the almost unanimous opinion of believers and unbelievers alike, all things on earth should be directed towards man as their centre and crown.” - Fr. Hesse
    What the false resistance bishops have done by their refusal of legitimate sacraments solely on the basis of personal preference, is embody this idea of self-serving. No longer are sacraments dispensed according to the benefit of souls and the Church, but rather out of a distorted sense of loyalty to persons.

    And the proof of this is that the good priests of OLMC and others - Fr. Cardozo, Fr. Rafael, Fr. Ribas, etc and the souls under their care are denied the sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Orders for the seminarians of OLMC. And why? Because they continue to preach what the SSPX - under the guiding principles of Archbishop Lefebvre and the Church itself - have always taught. There is no novelty in what these good priests preach. The novelty is on the side of the false resistance bishops.

    It always comes down to doctrine.

    And this is what CI is constantly trying to obfuscate and gloss over. They can never ever support one iota of their points, especially regarding their support of these errant bishops, on doctrine. Their strongest argument is simply ad hominems. Personal attacks. That is all they can offer those who support them. Shifting sand.

    The problem with throwing everything away for people, is that they will always disappoint you. Always. Its only God Himself who is perfect and can never disappoint us. And this is exactly what the modernists in Vatican II want us to fall are the center. The CI crowd have grown to embody this mentality to a 'T'. For them, BW is the center and the faith revolves around him. So any errors he spews out must be accepted because he is their center.
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    Hold it.

    Where are the nabobs of negativity that crawled out of every cockroach hole they could come out of when a certain Bishop made a public appearance?

    Why aren't they all over this Bishop that ordained the Seminarian formerly know as Francis like they were over the aforementioned Bishop?

    Where is Tony La Rosa et. al., not just cathmisinfo and its owner Matthew McDimwit along with hoards of others?

    Hatred of Father Joseph Pfeiffer drove those nabobs. Nothing else. Truth had nothing to do with their rationalizations.

    It was pure hatred.

    And it's not Catholic.

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    And there it is. Gnashing of teeth against those they don’t approve of or are told not to approve of.
    It’s never about truth or doctrine. It’s about who we like or don’t like. Subjectiveness is all that counts.