In Memory of a Great Priest

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    Fr Fox told me when his father died and at his burial Mass in Melbourne, he prayed outside of the n/o Church,
    it must have been terribly sad for him.
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    A little story re Fr. Fox.
    he was in Perth for Fr. Cummins 50 th anniversary staying with a large family well known to many of us.
    It was during lent. An older member of the family was feeding his young sibling & when finished said
    In crushing tones severe Fr. Fox demanded "Who said that ?"
    It would scare anyone let alone a young kid. When the frighten young cub owned up .
    Fr. jokingly said "NO ALLELUIAS DURING LENT"
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    What wonderful memories and stories! We must all pray for our priests Resistance and Faithful independent priests. What a blessing they are to us these days.
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    Those in Australia who were privileged to have Father Cummins minister to them hold him in such high esteem. They speak of his faith, his charity, his humility, his self sacrifice, his gentle nature, a priest who was not in the slightest bit puffed up with his own self importance despite all the great things he did, a priest who simply went about his duty and tended to those abandoned faithful crying out in need who were scattered throughout the country .

    If only we can have more Fr. Cummins's now. Our prayers go with you.

    So grateful you have given readers the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge of a wonderful priest - thank you
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    yes lulu we were so lucky .
    you summed him up so well. I remember his final visit to S Bay.
    Both he and brother Alban were traveling to Perth . they swapped altars because ours was more suitable for their new
    church in perth. they had made them both anyway.
    we made gift in appreciation of all he had done for us - an electric shaver - some ten years later Fr. told me he used it every day since & while shaving said a prayer for those @ S Bay
    Though poor he could not be outdone in generosity
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    Fr. Cummins was so regular & so organised that he could take advantage of an apex scheme to come to S Bay.
    Br . ALBAN was smart enough to book tickets that showed Fr. C stayed in S.B. for a month to qualify for big reductions
    You could get these cheap fares if you stayed for at least a week. Part of a tourist promotion scheme.
    They were more careful with other peoples money than their own.
    A $ saved is a$ owned.
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