Fr Pfeiffer's recent Liverpool visit

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    Someone called Emmerentiana recently made two posts on cathinfo regarding Fr Pfeiffer's recent visit to the Liverpool resistance Mass centre.
    I would like to respond based on my knowledge of the Liverpool faithful I know.

    I can say with confidence that it is wrong to claim "Fr Pfeiffer has little or no impact here ".
    All the original resistance faithful ( with possibly one exception ) have the greatest admiration for Fr Pfeiffer, as do quite a few others.

    This represents a significant proportion of the Liverpool congregation from what I can see.

    They are still grateful to him for being the foundation of the Liverpool resistance and regularly watch his sermons ( and Fr Hewko's ) on the web.

    His recent visit made a huge impact on those who attended his Mass and Q and A session afterwards.

    Emmerentiana claiming to speak on behalf of 95℅ of the people is therefore dubious to say the least, as is the claim about Fr Pfeiffer's lack of impact.
    The fact is many who attended felt genuinely uplifted after his visit.

    I hope this storm in a teacup is now over and we can move on without any more malicious accusations of hostile takeovers by sad people.
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    God bless you JimD for giving us the real news that puts to rest the fake news that comes out of
    the "National Enquirer magazine" for traditional catholics, "cathmisinfo".
    Anyone who frequents there cares not for truth, but is only looking for the latest gossip and lies.
    This has been proven over and over again.
    Your comments are helpful for all who desire the whole truth and nothing but.
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    Just like the false resistance crowd to dramatize and create something that isn't there - what a bunch of stinky stinkers :)

    Many thanks to the Real Jim D for speaking out against such nonsense and speaking the truth - what a breath of fresh air from the stink!
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    Amen to all the above!
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