Fr. Pfeiffer in Australia

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    These were great sermons, so needed to remind us of our true north.

    Our modern world constantly wants us to turn inward toward our emotions. Modernism teaches us to base everything on emotion, our faith (as Pascendi reminds us) isn’t based on how we feel about it.

    It’s very difficult not to adopt the Protestant mentality of judging the priests and putting the laity above the hierarchy God gave us. It is difficult not to become liberal Catholics in this way.

    On Good Shepard Sunday, these sermons are a good reminder of how good shepards will always tell us the truth, like St John Vianney, who incurred the anger and hatred of his parishioners in the beginning of his time at Ars, when he tried to correct bad habits, especially of profanation of Sunday’s, etc. But he ended up being a true shephard of the souls under his care.