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    Fr. Pfeiffer had enumerated and exposed many news things; including (@minute 40:00) a saved July 15, 2012 voice recording of the neutered "lion" Bishop Williamson compromising and deviating from day one in the Resistance; while looking for and setting up a deal with Menzingen over protecting the faith of Jesus Christ.

    Bishop Williamson said:
    "...I am on the exit ramp. I do not know the details but I'm on the guillotine. Don't make plans yet for the seventh of August. Let's see whats possible. But don't yet commit me because don't know what I am going to do. I don't, I haven't had yet the alternatives proposed to me that I know there is going to be a proposition. proposition will be an amiable separation. Now I don't have the details. But I am going to have to make a decision. But...huh... I do not know what I am going to do. So don't yet count on me. So I would think father to go back to the will be resettled...[take your punishment]".

    Further in a return conversation with Fr. Pfeiffer hours later, Bishop Williamson elaborated more to say:

    Bishop Williamson:
    "They offered me a solution. They gave me two choices: "Either I can leave, or I can leave amicably. I have to see what they are offering me. I have to see what the proposition is."

    Is their a pension and compliant contract in that "amicably"?
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    DEO GRATIAS! what a wonderful informative conference......and much to father pfeiffer's credit that he and OLMC have been taking so much abuse upon themselves rather than reveal all Bishop;s goings on; until now, until it became necessary.
    I hope more faithful will finally be able to get a better understanding of this whole problem. Esp the awful, scandalous posters from Mathinfo. The way they speak of Fr Pfeiffer is totally reprehensible and and that site is so dispicable it wouldnt warrant a place at the check-out counter with the other trash tabloids. Its one thing to disagree, but its another thing to speak about anyone, no less a priest , 'another Christ' in such a way. THOSE PRIESTS OF THE 'TRUE' RESISTANCE' ARE THE TRUE SONS OF ARCHBISHOP LEFEBVRE ,AND THE ONLY PRIESTS LEFT HOLDING AND DEFENDING OPENLY AND PUBLICLY ONTO THE TRUE AND FULL FAITH.
    Those working against the priests who were the first and real resistors, fighting modernism and the destruction of the catholic faith should be ashamed of themselves. What is the point of catholics fighting against catholics when we know there is a true force working to kill tradition. All those working hard to discredit the priests who are holding firm to the legacy of Arch. Lefebvre must realize they are knowingly or unknowingly being used as tools to do the dirty work of these evil-doers. We must continue to sacrifice and pray for the intention for all to really be able to see the truth. and for all including priests and bishops that they may be able to STAND UP AND DEFEND THE TRUTH. ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.
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  4. Fr. Pfeiffer seems to claim in this conference that Bishop Williamson is deliberately trying to get people to lose their faith. This is what I understood at the 1 hour and 20 minute mark. Did anybody else get the same impression?
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    I would think that what is being expressed is more of BW being "deliberate" in his new [revolutionary] position away from what God had already ordained and guided for us in tradition to follow, through Archbishop Lefebvre, which BW is one of the four bishops willed by God to maintain(1),of which he is clearly not doing, and the consequences follow that people are losing their faith under his new man-centered path.

    BW claims as a catholic bishop that he does not want any obedience, no structure, no authority, no organization, to name a few things... Taking away those catholic pillars, while injecting Vatican II errors (new mass and miracles in the new mass), only creates independence from God's order = revolution!

    As such, blindness follows and errors of the intellect become formed.

    In BW's own words, writings, and actions shows the bad tree he is on. Start here:


    (1). "In brief, your Excellency, you may now go ahead and exclude me, because the arguments above are not likely to persuade you, but the exclusion will be more apparent than real. I have been a member of the Archbishop’s Society ever since my perpetual engagement. I have been one of its priests for 36 years. I have been one of its bishops, like yourself, for nearly a quarter of a century. That is not all to be wiped out with one stroke of a pen. Member of the Archbishop’s Society I therefore remain, and I wait." (Bishop Williamson, Open Letter to Bishop Fellay on an "Exclusion", 19 October, 2012)
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  6. You're not clear.

    Is Fr. Pfeiffer accusing Bishop Williamson of deliberately, knowingly, advertently, and willingly trying to get people to lose their faith?
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    He said that the purpose of the demonic attack is to get our people to lose their faith. The demonic attack referred to is that Bishop Williamson says there are miracles in the new mass. If I had not heard more than one priest saying this cannot be I would have believed it because a Bishop said so. Being confused and worried when I did hear it, I tried to find out if there was anybody who could explain it. It was then that more than one priest showed that it was wrong by teaching the specific doctrine of the church. Catholic Candle has a whole section on it.

    I cannot believe that Bishop Williamson did not know what he is doing. What, after all, is his purpose in spawning a loose unstructured federation of priests each teaching his own personal opinion like Bishop Williamson himself who just gave his opinion in so many of the last two years of his letters? Because what he teaches cannot be anything but deliberate one cannot avoid the conclusion that he is trying to get people to lose their faith.
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    I had given you my thoughts and belief of what the context of your word "deliberate" means in that conference. It certainly applies and is true that BW is "deliberately" on a different path from his consecration and the outcome is his explicit and "deliberate" expression for everyone to follow his revolution that is documented with compromise and a loss of faith! I heard that well expressed in that conference.

    You certainly can ask Fr. Pfeiffer what your thoughts or interpretation may be of "deliberate". Nonetheless, we here are not Fr. Pfeiffer's spokespersons. We are only Catholics hanging together who do NOT what to compromise with the revolution and modernism.

    BW needs a conversion from his waywardness or go out to pasture like the Fellayism people and Ecclesia Dei crowds.

    We will pray for him...
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  9. It is hard to believe that a bishop of Tradition for decades now wants people to lose their faith.
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    Yes it is.
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    If you find that hard to believe, then maybe that is because you know you have no reason to believe it.
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    It's equally hard to believe that a bishop of Tradition for decades simply woke up one morning in 2012 and decided to shake hands with Modernist Rome
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