Fr. Kramer's Newest Position

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    It needs to be noted how much Fr Kramer pens new exhortations after another pasted on this quasi-conservative-sede catholic website (here, here, and here) how Pope Francis is a public heretic, lost his office, is no longer catholic. At the SAME time lets Pope Benedict, who he revels as the present pope for himself, rides by untouched today without any modernism and heresy. Yet, Fr. Kramer denoted in his 2002 book "The Devil's Final Battle", and elsewhere Pope Benedict IS a public heretic.

    So as Fr. Chazal wrote in a Dec. 2013 letter to him:

    "Knowing you as a Fatima priest, especially as somebody so aware of the wickedness of ex pope ex card. Ratzinger, in your book "The Devil s Final Battle", in which Ratzinger plays second fiddle only to the Devil, I don t see why you make such a difference betwixt Francis and Benedict."

    We ask too, what is the difference in your mind between Francis and Benedict?

    There lies the "lost his office" carpet removed under Fr. Kramer's feet.
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    Believing pope emertius benedict is still the pope only makes the church in a worse position. Hope these people wake up soon. It is 2018 not 2014.