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    Statement of Fr. Hugo Ruiz to the Faithful

    Posted by Tony La Rosa

    Dear Faithful,

    I am a priest of the Resistance and I have two Mass centers: the city of Mexico and Queretaro.

    We are keeping the Faith and following the line of Archbishop Lefebvre without compromise. No agreement, no Sedevacantism, no recourse to a bishop with doubtful doctrine, and especially not to doubtful or schismatic ones.

    I visited Quebec once in December 2015:

    If you are interested in having Mass in your area or would like to contact me for another purpose, please do so at the following:

    +52 5533679642
    +52 4422542515
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    I have one question:
    To which "Resistance" does Fr. Ruiz refer, or is he now splitting to a third?
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    I cannot plainly answer that question. I can only say that he is red light, does not want to join Bishop Faure's group, and is not associated with the Kentucky Fathers so long as they continue their ministerial association with Ambrose Moran. Fr. Ruiz is a former SSPX priest who follows closely the positions of Archbishop Lefebvre.
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    Thank you, EM.

    I am puzzled.
    If OLMC, once again, announces disassociation with non-bishop Moran, will Fr. Ruiz then rejoin them?

    What about the following:
    1. Fr. Robert's well known perversion?
    2. "Fr." Poisson and his "conditional ordination" by Moran?
    3. The 1988 laicization of Cordaro and the affidavit brought up against him for inappropriate contact with a minor?
    4. Their "good friend", confessed and convicted child pornographer, laicized Tetherow?
    5. Tetherow's connection to Moran via b. Macek?
    6. Fr. Pfeiffer's desire to bring in Fr. Urrutigoity "in a heartbeat"?
    7. Birds of a feather flock together?
    8. Seminarian control by a non-practicing Catholic "lay exorcist" when Fr. Pfeiffer is out of town?

    I am no priest, but each one of those seem to warrant disassociation.

    I, as a parent with responsibilities thereof, would never allow any priest supportive of OLMC access to my family again until OLMC clean up it's act entirely.
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    I believe he would. I am not sure, though, what he would do about Fr. Poisson. I cannot answer the other items on Fr. Ruiz's behalf.
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    Article written by Fr. Ruiz Feb. 4, 2017:

    One statement by Fr. Ruiz struck me in particular:
    "What the conciliar catholics
    really need is, above all, the example that Holy Tradition gives them. All mixtures violate the nature of things."

    It seems to me this applies to traditionalists, too: What traditional Catholics really need is, above all, the example that Holy Tradition gives them. All mixtures violate the nature of things.

    Does Holy Tradition give us:
    Acceptance of pervert priests to say masses for laity?
    Acceptance of laicized priests to say masses for laity?
    Acceptance of non-catholic "bishops"?
    Acceptance of "priests" conditionally ordained by such non-catholic "bishops"?
    Acceptance of non-practicing Catholic "lay exorcists"?
    Acceptance of non-practicing Catholic "lay exorcists" as directors over seminarians when father prior is out of town?

    The answer to these questions are obvious to even non-traditional Catholics. The fact that some traditional Catholics accept even one of the above make it clear that they have bought into "The end justifies the means in the current crisis of the Church," which it never does.
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