Fr. Hewko to visit Australia

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    Due to Funeral Mass of Resistance Parishioner on Monday 10am. near Brisbane the following Changes need to be made:

    Seminarian Stephen Kaldawi will be traveling with Fr Hewko on circuit and will sing at Funeral Mass. He has relatives to visit in Melbourne and Brisbane areas as well.

    FRIDAY : 23rd Feb. evening Mass Melbourne 6.30pm.
    Saturday : 24th Feb. Melbourne am
    Sunday morning :25th Feb.Melbourne

    SUNDAY evening. : 25th Feb. Brisbane
    MONDAY FUNERAL : 26th Feb. 10am. sick calls

    TUESDAY : 27th Feb. : Fly on to Streaky Bay

    Rest of schedule :
    WEDNESDAY morning : 28th Feb. Streaky Bay
    Evening : Adelaide

    THURSDAY : 1st March : Goulburn
    FRIDAY : 2nd March : Goulburn or Sydney

    SATURDAY : 3rd March (Possible Baptism Melbourne)

    SUNDAY : 4th March 11.15 am. Sydney

    In Christ,

    Fr Joseph Pfeiffer

    Yours in JMJ,
    Luke Ross, Coordinator


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