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    We wish to thank our friends and benefactors for their constant and unfailing support towards our
    Monastery of St. Joseph, in the midst of the difficulties and crosses which God has lovingly sent to
    us. We deeply appreciate your unceasing help and prayers for us!

    Due to a crisis suffered by the Monastery in Colombia, we had to move. Just as the Most Holy
    Family had to flee into Egypt to save Jesus’ Life, so our monastery had to move south to Ecuador,
    near Cuenca City, in order to survive without obstacles in the practices of the monastic spirit of our
    most holy father St. Benedict.


    Thanks be to God that our monastery did not suffer shipwreck in the midst of the storm and with
    the help of the God’s Grace, we have been able to keep going, trying our best.

    We are under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, both under her title Our Lady of Good
    Success (originating from her apparitions in Quito, Ecuador); and under her title Protector of the Holy
    Faith (originating in Cuenca, Ecuador). We are supported by the intercession of Mother Mariana
    de Jesus Torres and the whole Company of Ecuadoran Saints. With their help, the Monastery of St.
    Joseph continues its monastic work for the greater Glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

    The monastery is now Providentially located in the land of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the
    country gloriously consecrated to Him by the great president of Ecuador of Holy Memory, Don
    Gabriel Garcia Moreno.1

    We are five monks and also have ten oblate men living our monastic life and joining us in our
    prayers and works. We are settled in our 10,000m2 (2.471 acres) monastery, with sufficient space to fit 12 monks.

    Also, we have been contacted by many young Catholic ladies, seeking our help to enter the happy
    and self-oblating life of fully-Traditional Benedictine nuns. We now have five of these ladies under
    our care, living this blessed life in a cloistered convent near us. Their convent, under the protection
    of Our Lady, is called “Convento Benedictino Nuestra Señora De La Soledad” (The Benedictine
    Convent of Our Lady of Solitude). Convent of Our Lady of Solitude).

    With the help of God, our monastery will continue defending the banner of a Faith without
    compromises, without regard for either conciliar or Episcopal leaders who deviate from Our Lord,
    and from the defense of the Faith.

    We invoke the shining principle, which has ever illuminated us and which was taught with great
    wisdom by Cardinal Pie, the teacher of Pope St. Pius X. Cardinal Pie declared this principle:

    Battles are won or lost at the level of principles. To wait until we see the consequences of false principles before we react, is to be too late. For at that point, the battle is already lost.

    Not to constantly fight this battle at the level of the Faith, of principles, has been the cause of the
    defeat, even beforehand, of the SSPX and of those “Resistants” who place personal interests before
    the defense of principles.

    With the help of God’s Grace, may He keep us in this fight for the restoration of His kingdom, and
    if He so decides, “unto death, even the death of the Cross”.

    In union of prayers, with my blessing,
    Padre Raphael, OSB
    Homepage: benedictinos.wordpress.com
    Email: benedictinosdesanjose@gmail.com




    Emphasis added by Cor Mariae
    Catholic Candle November 2016


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    Google Translation of Fr. Raphael's latest letter on OLMC website

    Dear family, friends and faithful who fight for the faith to "layer and sword". Lack of leadership and to
    combat the poison of confusion and ambiguity that makes us numb the weapons, which should be
    constantly sharpened, for the struggle for the defense of Christ the King and his Church and as part of
    my moral and spiritual responsibility Paternity that I have over you, I have written the following lines,
    this is what Divine Providence has wanted.

    You yourselves do not wish there to be division among us, members of the same traditional Catholic
    family, and it does not have to be because we all want to be part of the Mystical Body of Christ our
    Lord for all eternity !. So what's going on?

    You know that once, by the grace of God, I was a sacristan of the chapel San Atanasio of the SSPX,
    day and night for 5 years, and that I am now a monk and a priest, then will Father Rafael no longer
    want to serve To God nor save souls since it wants to move us away from the SSPX?

    I want you to reflect on the following fact that is known to all of you. I as a religious have perpetual
    vows of obedience in the Benedictine order, and in spite of that I had to leave and in conscience I still
    can not return to my monastery.

    This fact alone should leave you thinking that one of two things is happening: either Father Rafael
    suffered something extremely serious that made him leave the SSPX or the second option is that Father
    Rafael is crazy; Since he left his monastery with perpetual vows and that can not be done without
    putting in grave danger the salvation of his soul.

    Either one thing or the other is true, and as we are talking about a serious issue that has to do with faith
    and the salvation of souls, at least of the soul of Father Raphael, then you are bound to wonder what is
    happening and Begin to investigate or help by charity to Father Rafael so that he does not lose his soul.
    For my part I want to give you a little light so that you know what direction to take.

    "The righteous live by faith," says Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is, the Catholic must move by the light
    of faith rather than by the light of opinions or people or the SSPX, or appearances. Catholic principles
    should be our guide to follow above all else. If opinions, people or the SSPX or appearances conform
    to faith, principles, truth, then we follow. But if it is not so, then it is clear that we could not follow
    them because "without faith it is impossible to please God", and because only "he who believes will be
    saved ...".

    Now, you will ask me, at what point, dear Father Rafael, the SSPX is moving away from the faith so
    that I decide no longer to follow it and to turn away from it just as you are done when leaving your
    monastery ?. Answer: Endangering faith is a sin against the first and second commandments of the law
    of God.

    In matters of religion or with Christ or against Christ, there is no middle line or possible compromise,
    this is the first commandment of God's law, in this would be the accusation of "radicalism" with which
    they accused Monsignor Lefebvre and his Followers since Vatican II, who decided to embrace
    ecumenism and religious freedom.

    To be with Christ we must reject Vatican II and its devilish spirit that has created another religion with
    the appearance of Catholic. That religion must be condemned and combated, and we can not have part
    with it under pain or threat of betraying Christ.

    Now, the FSSPX since 1996 with the creation of GREC, has been systematically trying to rejoin this
    seemingly "Catholic" false religion. The Catholic gains or loses to the level of faith. At the level of
    faith, this attitude of commitment is totally reprehensible especially since it is a habitual thing and it is
    a policy of law established by the SSPX. "By the deeds you will know them." This attitude of adultery
    with another religion in a systematic way is what forces us to separate from the SSPX in a habitual

    1.- But we want to resist internally without leaving the FSSPX.
    Answer: The head of the SSPX changed the course of the boat, you can not resist inside the ship
    without fighting with the general of the boat. One could stay in that boat only if the general returned to
    the original course. Therefore there is the sin of OMISSION, when one does not do what one should
    do. Although those who go on the ship have not changed course, it is enough that the boat changes
    direction and that they do not react against the captain of the ship to consider accomplices of the
    diversion of the ship at least by omission. If the ship is heading for ruin (acceptance of VII, new mass,
    etc.) who would not jump just to please the captain? When the captain followed the principles of Jesus
    Christ we had the obligation to follow, help and pray for the captain.

    2. But we do not see any bad changes in practice.
    Answer: Faith is of the things that are not seen. The battle is at the level of principles. Waiting to react
    until you see the consequences of false principles is like wanting to leave the ship, which has already
    changed course, only when it is sinking; That would be too late to react.

    3.- But the superiors have the grace of state, just pray.
    Answer: Our Lord said "Watch and pray not to fall into temptation". He did not say, "Pray and trust in
    superiors." Rather he asked us to keep watch as there may be lobsters among the shepherds, among the
    sheep. That one has the grace of state does not mean that one is necessarily going to be faithful to that
    grace. "The righteous sin 7 times a day," says the Ecclesiastic.

    4.- You have to obey the superiors.
    Answer: Yes, always, except when they send us something against the faith or the commandments.
    Faith is above obedience. That is why blind obedience is forbidden. And that is why Jesus Christ said:
    "The righteous live by faith."

    5. But we need the sacraments, I will only go to the SSPX for the sacraments.
    Answer: The living of faith is the spirit of the sacraments. A communion or spiritual Mass can be worth
    more to a well-disposed person, than the sacraments to an ill disposed person. God is faithful and
    supplies our needs with His power, mercy, and goodness. "Without faith it is impossible to please
    God." A priest without faith or endangering faith is not pleasing to God and should not be followed.
    The priest's faith or lack of faith can foster or endanger the faith of the parishioner.

    It is a danger against faith to frequent a priest who himself is endangering his faith. And when the
    priority of the Congregation to which that priest belongs is no longer ladefensa of the faith and the
    teaching of the truth, it loses its flavor and its reason to exist. Or something brings us to Christ or drives
    us away. Or the priests take us to Christ or drive us away. "He who does not gather with me scatters",
    does scatter but gives valid sacraments then could he go to receive those sacraments? The answer is
    no!. Many priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter give valid sacraments, mons Lefebvre forbade to go with
    them, he said, those of St. Peter betray us in the struggle for the defense of the faith.

    It is a sin to jeopardize the faith. It is to endanger the faith by attending a priest whose religious Society
    no longer has as priority Christ, faith and truth, since it would no longer be with Christ but against
    Christ. And one becomes an accomplice of a sin by omission, when in serious matter one does not act
    or resist when he should act or resist.

    6. But we have to remain united, we do not want division.

    Answer: Our Lord Jesus Christ only promised union in faith, hope and charity. Supernatural union with
    Jesus Christ. To get out of faith or charity, or fight for faith and charity is to get out of the fight for
    Jesus Christ, is not to fight under his banner. When the defense of faith ceased to be a priority, the
    SSPX automatically divided with the sword those who want to continue fighting for faith in charity, of
    those who want to remain united by a different link from that of faith in charity. Which divide are not
    the resisters of modernism but those who compromise with modernism. That is, those who divide are
    not the real resistors, but those who want to keep unity apart from the struggle for faith (Bishop Fellay).
    God bless you, they are in my daily prayers and Masses.

    Live Christ the King!

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    Fr. Pfeiffer also disclosed in a recent sermon (Min. 19:40), from speaking to one of the monks in the morning, who was one of his former seminarians, the update and circumstances of Fr. Raphael being thrown out of the monastery in Columbia he was in (owned by the faithful) who happened to write in a letter to inquiries of faithful if they can go to the new mass because BW said they could. Fr. Raphael said NO, you cannot go to the new mass. Period. That letter is above.

    That letter got to Bishop Thomas Aquinas who in turn influenced the Colombian faithful not to go to Fr. Raphael's masses and to throw him out of the monastery. Which is why Fr. Raphael and monks had to quickly pack their bags and then went to Ecuador. While there, providence had already prepared twelve Benedictine woman religious sisters being persecuted by Rome to change their constitutions; they said no. The traditional Benedictine priest Fr. Raphael just so happen to arrive from being thrown out of Columbia showed up "just in time"...the sisters asked him to take care of them. And then 15 Franciscan sisters in Columbia were being thrown out and heard of Fr. Raphael, at the same time a letter of Fr. Pfeiffer sent to Bishop Thomas Aquinas asking him why he is doing these things and also influencing faithful NOT to go to the masses of Fr. Cardozo. That letter got on the internet and someone translated it to spanish to were the Colombian faithful started to understand what is really going on in which Fr. Raphael was able to also go back to the monastery and those Franciscan sisters asked too for him to take care of them. The twelve Benedictine sisters are in process to go to Columbia too.

    What providence. When someone closes a door, God opens others to bear fruit when one is faithful to Him.

    Deo gratias...

    Here the rest of the details in Fr. Pfeiffer's sermon.

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    Fr. Raphael:
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    Thank you Fr Rafael for such a common sense, beautifully written explanation defining the crisis we are in. You hit on every point we are so often faced with.


    This seems to be the crux of the problem for many of the faithful and priests. Yes, we can say things are unstable. we dont have the Sacraments as often as WE FEEL are necessary. It is not what We FEEL that is necessary, but rather having absolute TRUST in Divine Providence. This is a dry martydom, which our Lord promises the graces needed to endure. We need only turn our hearts and unite our wills to the Most Sacred Heart and Divine Will of our Lord. And we remember the words of our Lord to the disciples afraid in the storm, when our Lord said "Why do you worry, ye of such little Faith" These are stormy times for us, and Our Lord wants to know that we Trust in Him in All things We keep our eyes and hearts fixed upon the Cross on Calvary and the sorrowful Heart of Our Mother. The Most Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Our Most Precious Lord and His Mother suffered ALL for the love of us, how can we, so full of sin, expect any less!

    We are in this mess because many didnt think clear and resist from the beginning. We can only hope and pray for the return of these souls. for the Glory of God. This gift of the Faith is a priceless treasure to be guarded and protected with our lives. And we thank God for the wonderful holy Priests who give their all for the Defence of Christ the King.

    Deo Gratias!
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    August 11, 2017


    Polotitlán, México.

    Dear friends and benefactors:
    Your Monastery San Jose comes back to you to report, dear friends of Saint

    Benedict, our latest news. The persecution we have been receiving, due to our doctrinal positions, has led us to change to another trench in this fight for the defense of the eternal reign of Christ the King. Necessary defense as we gaze with perplexity on all sides by the widespread apostasy among the so-called "Catholics" of today. We have joined a trench of tireless Cristeros fighters; on the land a hundred times blessed, that of our Mother of Heaven, Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico. This is our new place of residence and resistance to which Divine Providence brought us to continue the good battle. Battle that reminds us of the one who fought the Holy Family when they had to flee to Egypt and then to Nazareth. We have also had to flee from persecution, to endure hatred, to endure incessant slander, on the part of the very same men who were former combatants, former soldiers who now preferred to remain in their comfortable trench but infected already with serious liberalism . Following the example of our Father and Patron Saint Joseph, we prefer to flee together with him to save the life of the Child Jesus, his word of Life, of Truth, that is, the Sacred faith. To defend it against those who want to destroy it, negotiate it, sell it, or simply to defend it against those who love its life more than the Life of the Child. We prefer the exile and the spoil that they have imposed on us, of our house in Colombia, in order to follow the Way of the Holy Family. Coincidentally, we too, like them, have had to change places of residence for 3 times.

    The crisis is prolonging itself while modernism advances like a tsunami destroying everything it finds in its path. This crisis of satanic proportions that has affected many Catholics, can only be fought on the level of faith, as our father and teacher, the illustrious Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, taught us: "It is a strict duty for every priest (and for the faithful) who wants to remain Catholic to separate from this conciliar church, as long as it has not found again the Tradition of the Magisterium of the Church and the Catholic Faith. Our battle is on the faith, but in a faith which must be pure, without profanation, without mixing it up with the errors of the conciliar church that is no longer Catholic. Our strength is in this faith; our victory is in it. The light to follow in this darkness is holy faith, our charity will live and survive only through this sacrosanct faith without which "no one can please God" (Heb. 11,6). From this faith depends our perseverance on this battle. Those who have taken a different flag rather than faith have fallen or have lost divine help. The Holy Ghost had already warned us: “The antichrist will seduce you ... for lack of LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that could save you. And therefore God sends them powers of deception, that they may believe the lie“ (2 Thes. 2: 10-11). This love of truth compels us in this struggle to reject whatever wishes to be put to the same level than the truth or reject whoever wants to falsify or adulterate it. The struggle is at the level of faith, at the level of the divine, at the level of the sacred, at the level of truth. That is why in this struggle we cannot accept to fight for other interests, for people, for human interests, when it happens that they themselves are an obstacle to the struggle for faith in all its strength and integrity. For this reason, we cannot consider that those who accept in one way or another the new apostate religion of the Second Vatican Council fight for the faith. We must necessarily have RED LIGHT against all those who approve this religion (Dioceses); Against all those who submit to it (Ecclesia Dei communities); Against all those who make or receive concessions from this new religion (FSSPX); And even also against those who put only YELLOW LIGHT to those who approve, mingle, or have concessions with the new religion (fake resistance of Bishop Williamson).

    Let us keep fighting the good battle even if we found ourselves alone: Jesus Christ demands it from us, the Solitude of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the foot of the Cross demands our company and reparation. I encourage the last resistant soldiers of Christ! I encourage the remnant soldiers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Let us never forget what this same holy faith teaches us: even if we lose everything, as long as we have Jesus, Joseph and Mary, we have everything! We lack nothing!


    With our blessing and daily prayers for each of you. Father Rafael OSB (Prior) and the monks of the monastery.

    P.S. For more information about us please see our website at benedictinos.wordpress.com
    We also inform you that we have already a piece of land of 3.7 hectares to start building the Monastery. We count with your help.


    benedictinos.wordpress.com benedictinosdesanjose@gmail.com

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    Newsletter of San José Monastery May 2017
    6 agosto 2017 / monasteriosanjose / Deja un comentario

    “The religion that comes from heaven is charity, and consequently, full of tolerance towards people.” Card Pie

    Dear friends and benefactors:

    On this anniversary of the centenary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, it is convenient to remember again what is what makes one to be called in spirit and in truth children of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The charity of Christ. This is a hot topic especially in “traditional” circles where charity has grown cold significantly.

    Let us once again listen to Cardinal Pie:
    “It is proper to the Catholic Church, my brothers, to be firm and unshakable about principles and to be sweet and indulgent in their application. What is amazing about it? Is she not the bride of Jesus Christ and, like Him, not possessing both the fearless courage of the lion and the peaceful meekness of the lamb? And does not she represent on earth the supreme Wisdom, which tends to its end while applies everything smoothly? Ah! It is also by this sign, it is above all by this sign, that the religion descended from heaven must be recognized: by the indulgences of charity, by the inspirations of its love. ”

    Again Cardinal Pie gives us the guideline by which reminds Catholics what is the mark or spirit by which Catholics have to be distinguished
    The quiet majesty with which the Catholic Church affirms what is certain, and on the other the moderation and discretion with which she leaves to the free opinions everything that is not defined.

    “No, this is not how men teach the doctrines of which they are the inventors. That is not how they express the thoughts which are the fruits of their genious”. Those who are not true Catholics, or are false “Resistants” or fighters against the enemies of Jesus Christ, are not expressed. Here it is recognized whether anyone is fighting for Christ or in favor of their ideas or systems.
    When a man has created a system, he maintains it with absolute tenacity, it does not yield on any point. When he has taken hold of a doctrine born of his brain, he seeks to make it prevail authoritatively: do not object to one of his ideas. This is how those who have the false Catholic spirit, to defend “their” ideas, focus on themselves, their treasure is their ideology and end up defending it against wind and tide. In this category are those who have defended Monsignor Fellay and Monsignor Williamson despite their mistakes. The violence of this defense, and the absence of charity towards those who contradict it, is the sign that they do not defend Christ but themselves. For in order for one to receive help from them one must be silent about the “defects” of their leader and be part of their group.

    Cardinal Pie continues:
    With which she leaves to the free opinions everything that is not defined.
    “No, this is not how men teach the doctrines of which they are the inventors, that is not how they express the thoughts which are the fruits of their ingenuity.” Those who are not true Catholics, or the false “Resistants” or fighters against the enemies of Jesus Christ, are not expressed. Here it is recognized whether anyone is fighting for Christ or in favor of their ideas or systems.
    When a man has created a system, he maintains it with absolute tenacity, it does not yield on any point. When he has taken hold of a doctrine born of his brain, he seeks to make it prevail authoritatively: do not object to one of his ideas. This is how those who have the false Catholic spirit, to defend “their” ideas, focus on themselves, their treasure is their ideology and end up defending it against wind and tide. In this category are those who have defended Monsignor Fellay and Monsignor Williamson despite their mistakes. The violence of this defense, and the absence of charity towards those who contradict it, is the sign that they do not defend Christ but themselves. For in order for one to receive help from them one must be silent about the “defects” of their leader and be part of their group.

    Cardinal Pie continues:
    “When I contemplate on the forehead of the Church that serene conviction and benign indulgence, I throw myself into her arms and say: You are my mother. This is how a mother teaches, without passion, without exaggeration, with a calm authority and a wise moderation. And that character of the teaching of the Church will find it among her most eminent doctors, whose writings she adopts and authorizes little more or less than without restrictions. ”

    One does not identify his Mother, the Catholic Church, in the “Shepherds” lacking in charity.

    St. Augustine said:
    “Send me, Lord, send to my heart the sweetness, the moderation of your spirit, so that, led by love of truth, I may not lose the truth of love.”
    And he who does not have the truth of love, does not have the love of truth!
    San Francisco de Sales teaches:
    “The truth that is not charitable ceases to be truth, for in God, who is the supreme source of truth, charity is inseparable from truth.”

    Charity is what will keep us in the doctrine. Legion are people who lost charity also lost the truth.
    Our zeal must never resemble hatred, treating the adversary as an enemy. And this happens to us when our impetuous words do not have the fervor of charity or the accent of love.
    The true children of God never endure evil doctrines, but they are tolerant without measure towards people; Never confuse error with those who teach it, nor sin with those who commit it.
    The Cardinal continues: “The Church condemns error, but continues to love man; To sin he denigrates him, but the sinner pursues him with his tenderness, striving to make him better, to reconcile him with God, to bring peace and virtue into his heart. ”
    We only have to reject false principles. Do not be like the enemies of Christ; They reject people.
    “The same mouths that reproach us for intolerance reproach us for our excessively credulous and excessively simple goodness, and our inexhaustible patience for people is almost as much a struggle as our inflexibility to doctrines.” Cardinal Pie
    However, let us never lose sight of the fundamental principle that DOGMA UNITY, and not UNITY OF PEOPLE, is the only link of peace on earth.

    With deep gratitude for your prayers and persevering help.
    Father Rafael OSB