False Resistance Consecration of Russia Prayer

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    May 12, 2017​

    Most Holy Mother of God, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Seat of Mercy, Seat of Goodness, Seat of Pardon, sure door by which souls are to enter Heaven, see on their knees before you four sons of Archbishop Lefebvre, four bishops striving to do what they can to help you to obtain from the Pope and bishops of your Divine Son's one true Church that Consecration of Russia to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart which can alone obtain peace for mankind, now in the shadow of a frightful third World War.

    In Fatima, Portugal, one hundred years ago,you first warned mankind of the Second World War to come, of famine and persecutions, if people would not cease offending God. To prevent these disasters, you promised to return to as for the Consecration of Russia to your Immaculate Heart, for the Communion of Reparation of First Saturdays. If your requests were heeded, Russia would be converted, and there would be peace. If not, disasters would follow and Russia would spread its errors throughout the word. Twelve years later you returned as you had promised, and you made the double request.

    However, trusting in human means to solve the Church's grave problems, the Catholic churchmen did not immediately do what you had requested. Two years later your Divine Son Himself warned mankind through Sister Lucy of Fatima, that since His ministers were delaying to carry out His command, they would suffer grave consequences: Russia would spread its errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church, and the Pope would suffer greatly. Still the Pope preferred his human means of dealing with Russia.

    In 1936 Our Lord explained to Sister Lucy that Russia's conversion depended upon its consecration to your Immaculate Heart because He wanted the whole Church to recognize that that conversion was a triumph of your Heart, so that devotion to your Heart would rank alongside devotion to His own Sacred Heart.

    Still the churchmen hesitated, so that in 1939 the terrible Second World War broke out, and an over the world Communism extended its power. Immediately after the war your pilgrim statues of Fatima had great success, but the churchmen would not do exactly as you had requested, so in 1957 before Sister Lucy was silenced by the churchmen, she expressed your own sadness that neither good people nor bad people had paid attention to the message of Fatima. You said that the good people gave it no importance, while the bad people care nothing about it. But you warned us once more that a terrible punishment was imminent.

    Just three years later that punishment began with the churchmen's refusal to make public the third part of your Secret message of Fatima, which you had asked them to publish at the latest in 1960. By an almost unpardonable lie they pretended that you had told them, that from 1960 onwards they might publish it, and this effort of theirs to stifle your message of Fatima has continued ever since, culminating in the year 2000. But you have never given up your attempts to save us, while the churchmen were even more severely punished by the blindness which overwhelmed them at the Second Vatican Council. In the third part of the Secret it is most likely that you had warned against exactly the errors which prevailed at the Council. And now the entire Church is in darkness, and the world is on the brink of the third and most terrible World War.

    Immaculate Heart of Mary, most Holy Mother of God, we cry to you in our distress. Help of Christians, Refuge of Sinners, Comfort of the Afflicted we trust in you. Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, Mother of the Church, we implore your most loving, maternal and Immaculate Heart to have mercy upon us poor sinners, your children; hear and answer our plea. We beg of you to obtain from your Divine Son, the graces necessary for the Holy Father and the bishops to fulfill without further delay the long standing commando f Heaven, by consecrating with the bishops of the entire world, Holy Russia to your Immaculate Heart, as was requested and in the manner requested by you, on behalf of the Most Holy Trinity so long ago, and which has yet to be accomplished.

    Immaculate Heart of Mary, you know how much suffering mankind would have avoided over the last 90 years if only one of the Popes during at that time has heeded your request for the Consecration of Russia. Mother of God, you and your Divine Son alone know what a frightful chastisement is now hanging over the heads of mankind if the Popes, for whatever inadequate human reasons, still refuse your request. IF it depends upon them, they are liable to prevaricate, although you told us one hundred years ago how much that would make them suffer. Mother of God, your Divine Son can refuse you nothing hat you ask of Him. He wishes the Consecration to depend o n you because He wishes your Immaculate Heart to be honored as the source of the Consecrations triumph. Holy Mother of God, most humbly upon our knees we beg of you to obtain those graces needed by the Pope to perform the Consecration.

    Meanwhile before you here today, we command, we entrust, and we do whatever lies within our power, to consecrated Russia to your Immaculate Heart, not because we can remotely take the place of the Pope and the bishops of the whole world, but because we wish to honor your requests as far as we can. If only Holy Russia became Catholic once more, the Easter Church might resurrect the Western Church, presently devastated by materialism and atheism. Mother of God, we commend our own selves also to your protection and to your all-powerful intercession with Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, but who is at the same time a Son who infinitely loves His Mother, and will do anything she asks. Beloved and Blessed Mother, we have not a shadow of a doubt that in the end your Immaculate Heart will triumph.

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    Indeed the consecration of Russia needs to happen, God said so, but on His terms. This act of Consecration is the same request as God asking Adam and Eve to do something for the human race: the failure not to do it will hurt them and their obedience to do so will bless them. The only difference between the two, outside of the obvious medium, is that one is in the negative, Do not..., and the other is in the positive, Do this...

    What are God's terms anyway? Holy Scripture gives those terms, God's saints gave those terms, our Lady gave those terms in all of her Heaven sent apparitions, to convert from sin to positively live in that grace of her Son. It is a consecration first and foremost for God's glory and the glory of His Church in profession that God's Vicar, His visible pontiff in agent will do something the world will see and an effect will happen like a visible lever moved and a visible effect to happen. It is a consecration based on Christ and His Cross in the world for His Kingdom and Kingship over all souls.

    Is it universal many want to fill the narrative to be? Only to the universality of the will of man. Anything outside of that is utopia and a false man-made peace. Is it a final battle or final claim in the struggle for humans? No, there is more to Holy Scripture and Her Revelation beyond the consecration of Fatima, she said so, for the drama of human history to have its fullness in her Son's Cross and His Glory; but we must make an effort to participate. So this consecration of Russia is a temporary peace to axis the road of baptism; not to replace it. Thus in this consecration only a peace will be provided to those who conform to God's Divine Order.

    The demon still howls "...looking for souls to devour" (St. Peter). But he too has a short time on the opposite end.

    So the terms are based on God and what He ordains for His creation. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

    This above consecration of the four 'resistance' bishops does have a good intention, but does it have a good end? It depends on what is said to provide for its end.

    Let’s go through it.

    It was confirmed that Bishop Williamson wrote this consecration "prayer”. We know when a person expresses something, they express their thoughts and what is on their mind. This “prayer” is no different. Within the many words BW gave of piety and a yearn for something, what was that something?
    1. Right in the beginning, Bishop Williamson declared they are “four sons of Archbishop Lefebvre”. That is true like Bishop Fellay is, but it means nothing by episcopal genealogy, it has meaning in the genealogy of the Faith. So what kind of declaration is this when BW stated a clear departure both in structure and in doctrine with his first steps after leaving the new-sspx in Oct. 2012? How does this set the tone in a "prayer" to Heaven with this false representation? God knows all things.
    2. BW's declared "end" for this prayer was established in his first paragraph, to “obtain peace for mankind”. This would be wrong to our Lady’s intention and ambiguous if there wasn't any other qualifications to draw that end more soundly to its real end – God’s glory and the glory of His Church. Souls only participate in that glory with good will and peace, peace is not the direct aim or end, peace is only an effect to that end. Every baptized catholic knows this as does every priest and bishop who has the faith.
    3. In looking for some qualification of BW to bring this to its true end of Fatima, the end is God, there is discovered a concern and a pattern in BW’s speech throughout his “prayer”. There are nine paragraphs total, and he places seven paragraphs speaking in concern and reference to the ailment of mankind coming to another world war if not for this consecration to happen by the pope. There are only two paragraphs denoting the faith is in crisis by Vatican II directly in consequence of not establishing the consecration earlier as our Lady wanted. In coming up empty with some correlation to make a sound end beyond a “peace for mankind”, I had to read it again looking for the prosperity of the faith, glory of God, or any positive hope and revival for the Bride of Christ, there were ZERO paragraphs. Not one intention was given to the real end of Fatima – God’s glory. Note, this is not to be confused with many adjectives of BW to describe in piety our Lord and the blessed mother, there was ZERO reference to the nature, health, or glory for the Church; only and invocation of “peace for mankind”. (sic)
    So this “prayer” of the false resistance was based on a false representation to Archbishop Lefebvre and the Church of Tradition Bishop Williamson claimed is separate and a “part” of the Church, and based on a false premise to Fatima. Though it is not a surprise, because Bishop Williamson has been very forthright in his intention to erase the faith of Tradition in men’s minds, like the revolution of Vatican II, to separate the oneness of Tradition with the perpetual continuity of the Catholic Church. Even to say the Catholic Church is corrupt.

    Bishop Williamson declared in the sermon right before his consecration to Russia:

    (@ minute 24:32)
    "The Catholic Church has gone conciliar, it's still the church, even though it is rotten with conciliarism with Vatican II."

    (@ minute 34:31)
    "May God bless Bishop Zendejas. May God bless all Catholics in whatever part of the church who are keeping the faith despite everything. Not only inside Tradition. Let us not believe that tradition has a monopoly on Catholicism. Catholicism is much much more than the dear movement of tradition of today. May our Lady look after all Catholics in whatever part of the church they are found." (Bishop Williamson, sermon before the consecration to Russia, May 12, 2017)


    "In today’s crisis of the Church, of an unprecedented gravity in all Church history, it is most important that Catholics should give due importance both to the Traditional movement and to the Catholic Church outside the Traditional movement." (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, #495)​

    These intentions of the false resistance prepared for a false end and has no part with the Kingship of Christ to honor His Father and His Church.

    Bishop Williamson’s narration of today’s crisis within his many erroneous Eleison Comments and sermons are inclusive to his intention and belief of Fatima to obtain his end. To separate his views to the intention of his “prayer” is both unjust to him and God who knows everything.

    Bishop Williamson and the other three bishops in the false resistance are openly rising another human and banal kingdom.

    This is another sad document and statement of humans still stiff-necked to the will of God.

    God help us and grant real bishops to lead with the true faith and fight for the Kingship of Christ.
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    What a contrast and departure from the Archbishop:

    -"This Council represents, in our view and in the view of the Roman authorities, a new Church which they
    call the Conciliar Church." (Le Figaro, August 4, 1976)

    -“To be publicly associated with this sanction [of excommunication] which is inflicted upon the six Catholic
    Bishops, Defenders of the Faith in its integrity and wholeness, would be for us a mark of honor and a sign of
    orthodoxy before the faithful. They have indeed a strict right to know that the priests who serve them are
    not in communion with a counterfeit church, promoting evolution, pentecostalism and syncretism.”
    (Open Letter to Cardinal Gantin, July 6, 1988)

    -“We have never wished to belong to this system which calls itself the Conciliar Church, and defines itself
    with the Novus Ordo Missæ, an ecumenism which leads to indifferentism and the laicization of all society. Yes,
    we have no part, nullam partem habemus, with the pantheon of the religions of Assisi; our own
    excommunication by a decree of Your Eminence or of another Roman Congregation would only be the
    irrefutable proof of this. We ask for nothing better than to be declared out of communion with this
    adulterous spirit which has been blowing in the Church for the last 25 years; we ask for nothing better
    than to be declared outside of this impious communion of the ungodly.” (Open Letter to Cardinal Gantin, July 6, 1988)

    -"It is not we who are in schism but the Conciliar Church." (Homily preached at Lille, August 29, 1976)

    -“It is impossible for Rome to remain indefinitely outside Tradition. It’s impossible… For the moment they are
    in rupture with their predecessors. This is impossible. They are no longer in the Catholic Church.” (Retreat
    Conference, September 4, 1987, Ecône)

    -“John Paul II “now continually diffuses the principles of a false religion, which has for its result a general
    apostasy.”(Preface to Giulio Tam’s Osservatore Romano 1990, contributed by the Archbishop just three weeks
    before his death)

    -“What could be clearer? We must henceforth obey and be faithful to the Conciliar Church, no longer to the
    Catholic Church. Right there is our whole problem: we are suspended a divinis by the Conciliar Church,
    the Conciliar Church, to which we have no wish to belong! That Conciliar Church is a schismatic church
    because it breaks with the Catholic Church that has always been. It has its new dogmas, its new priesthood,
    its new institutions, its new worship… The Church that affirms such errors is at once schismatic and
    heretical. This Conciliar Church is, therefore, not Catholic. To whatever extent Pope, Bishops, priests, or
    the faithful adhere to this new church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church.” (Archbishop
    Lefebvre, Reflections on his suspension a divinis, July 29, 1976)

    - “I should be very happy to be excommunicated from this Conciliar Church… It is a Church that I do not
    recognize. I belong to the Catholic Church.” (Interview July 30 1976, published in Minute, no. 747)

    -“Such things are easy to say. To stay inside the Church, or to put oneself inside the Church - what does that
    mean? Firstly, what Church are we talking about? If you mean the Conciliar Church, then we who have
    struggled against the Council for twenty years because we want the Catholic Church, we would have to
    re-enter this Conciliar Church in order, supposedly, to make it Catholic. That is a complete illusion. It is
    not the subjects that make the superiors, but the superiors who make the subjects. Amongst the whole Roman
    Curia, amongst all the world's bishops who are progressives, I would have been completely swamped. I
    would have been able to do nothing...” (One Year After the Consecrations, July-August, 1989)

    -“This talk about the "visible Church" on the part of Dom Gerard and Mr. Madiran is childish. It is incredible
    that anyone can talk of the "visible Church", meaning the Conciliar Church as opposed to the Catholic
    Church which we are trying to represent and continue. I am not saying that we are the Catholic Church. I have
    never said so. No one can reproach me with ever having wished to set myself up as pope. But, we truly
    represent the Catholic Church such as it was before, because we are continuing what it always did. It is we
    who have the notes of the visible Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. That is what makes the
    visible Church.” (One Year After the Consecrations, July-August, 1989)

    -“That is no longer the Catholic Church: that is the Conciliar Church with all its unpleasant
    consequences.” (One Year After the Consecrations, July-August 1989)