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    Cor Mariae was established with the single-minded purpose of showing how one keeps the faith alive and strong when there is no priest to provide us with the Mass and Sacraments. Archbishop Lefebvre gave clear direction on how to keep the perennial Catholic faith alive and flourishing by heeding the priest who never deviates one iota from what the Church has always taught.

    Any member or visitor can browse through the material posted on Cor Mariae since its inception to see for him/herself the direction we have taken, and how we reached the conclusions now evident.

    With the proliferation of the Loose Federation of Priests (LFP) Catholics are now faced with the unprecedented choice of deciding which 'Catholic' priest to trust, for many have compromised on Doctrine reshaping the Church's perennial teachings according to his (or his group's) own particular subjective interpretations. Many have become sedevacantist.

    Where does one turn?

    The choice has become harder with the accumulation of various forums which in turn have chosen to align themselves with the LFP that is now under the umbrella of His Excellency Bishop Williamson. Chief of these forums is CathInfo with a multitude of armchair theologians who love to endlessly debate issues. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but oftentimes a particular seminary priest/staff, not aligned with the LFP, is named and shamed publicly by fellow-Catholics including priests, and which targetted persons are given no opportunity to defend themselves or have others defend them. It has become necessary to take this action because it is damaging the faith of so many Catholics who depend on the solid uncompromising doctrine taught by such priests. Not content to sit back and see the Church being mocked, we are proud to fight alongside them - to fight FOR the true faith.

    To sum up
    This forum has been established exclusively to provide an area for the defence of priests unaligned with the LFP . Often accused ourselves of being 'cultish' by plank-in-the-eye cult-followers who themselves adhere to this or that selected LFP priest/Bishop/layman, we regard not the man but the words that come from his mouth. We condemn outright the practice of character-assassination such as has created the need for this forum to come into existence.

    Speculation, personal opinions and hearsay about the guilt or innocence of this or that person is not allowed. Other forums abound that welcome those with itchy ears and gossipy tongues. What they lack, nay, what they prevent and suppress is simple justice.

    Meddle not with him that revealeth secrets, and walketh deceitfully,
    and openeth wide his lip
    (Proverbs 20:19)
    • To open up this section please view the attached files below of an article that was posted on CathInfo in January 2014 by 'The Recusant'....the link to the article is: It has been deleted and the member banned.

    In the following video Fr. Hewko makes his comment on the matter.


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    Set this record straight...

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    There is so much stuff coming from the false resistance that I almost forgot that BW also endorsed and encourages the very thing with Bishop Aquinas forbidding anyone going to Fr. Codozo's mass just for standing up against BW's errors.

    "People who disagree with or criticise Bishop Williamson should not be made welcome. Priests who disagree with or criticise Bishop Williamson should not be received and the faithful should not go to their Mass. Criticising Bishop Williamson has consequences. (23)" ((23) Letter of Dom Tomas Aquinas to Fr. Cardozo. “Criticising Bishop Williamson has consequences” is word-for-word his own expression.)

    Regarding pablo's source of this new information of Fr. Bosco, I do not know, however when he posted the poignant information regarding the same Fr. Bosco requesting BW to ordain a priest for the catholic church and BW refused because he PERSONALLY did not want to is smack against God and the good of souls. BW is negligent for a huge amount of masses NOT being said when a priest is not ordained by him.

    Greg Taylor said well in his new Recusant describing the accounts of BW at the OLMC discouraging, rather ripping out, vocations and the sacrament of the priesthood. More so, BW and the other two bishops he controls uses the sacraments as a weapon which is a grave offense against Jesus Christ and his redemption for souls. Need we say more...?

    There is so much anger and rhetoric in the false resistance even when they try to control the outcome by force, it shows weakness and desperation they cannot see their own folly right in from of them. What is this fight of the Catholic resistance and of our Lord on the cross if it isn't about orthodoxy?

    Around and around goes the dog chasing his tail. Our Lord too had to deal with this froth day in and day out for the love of his Father; we too need to follow in his footsteps.

    If catholics were to spend more time meditating on the suffering Christ, we would see how nothing we are and this crisis would go away.

    "We are nothing; we can do nothing; and we came from nothing". (St. Ignatius of Loyola)

    The light is greater than the darkness.
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    Well said, Machabees. A balanced and honest post. By their fruits you will know them.
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    "We are nothing; we can do nothing; and we came from nothing". (St. Ignatius of Loyola)..."

    In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men... All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics. Oh! If I might ask the Divine Redeemer, as the prophet Zachary did in spirit:

    "What are those wounds in the midst of Thy hands?"

    The answer would not be doubtful:

    " With these was I wounded in the house of them that loved Me. I was wounded by My friends, who did nothing to defend Me, and who, on every occasion, made themselves the accomplices of My adversaries"

    And this reproach can be leveled at the weak and timid Catholics of all countries.

    Pope St. Pius X, Discourse he pronounced on December 13, 1908 at the Beatification of Joan of Arc.

    His Excellency Bishop Williamson traveled 4, 043 miles to provide sacraments to heretics the other day but would not travel 35 miles to provide them to the Priests, Seminarians, and Faithful at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and Seminary.

    For His Excellency's consideration:

    "...accomplices of My adversaries"


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