Deceit from The Recusant

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    Fr. Bitzer was assigned to the SSPX chapel in El Paso, Texas years back and the laity at that chapel know Fr. Bitzer very well.
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    I beg to differ:

    The Recusant, April 2017

    " You can attend Mass at a Feeneyite chapel." -- + Williamson (27)

    Recusant comment:
    "27 - de facto - Bishop Williamson himself has offered Mass and given confirmations at ‘Our Lady of the Pilar,’ the Feeneyite chapel of Fr. Gavin Bitzer, in Louisville, Kentucky, at least twice. The most recent occasion was on 25th May, 2016. See: or see Recusant 34 for a summary of his sermon."


    The Recusant may/June 2016, page 43

    "Not only is ‘Our Lady of the Pilar’ a Feeneyite chapel, it is the chapel of Fr. Gavin Bitzer, a
    priest who left the SSPX a long time ago although originally ordained by Archbishop
    Lefebvre in 1985, according to his website ( It is also right on the doorstep of
    Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko, in Kentucky. Bishop Williamson has told these two priests that he
    will not be visiting Our Lady of Mount Carmel for confirmations, ever, whether or not the
    dreaded “pablo the Mexican” is still there, whether or not Fr. Pfeiffer is still in charge. Why
    might that be, I wonder? If only Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko had been Feeneyites or sede-
    vacantists, or sympathetic to the New Mass, perhaps then their faithful could be confirmed..?
    And what about the faithful who did not get an invite to one of these invitation only events?"

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    OLMC Gladium 2017

    " You can attend Mass at a Feeneyite chapel." (Complaining of +Williamson's actions and statements.)

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    "If you're not with us, you're against us."
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    Seems to be nothing new.
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    This is incorrect. Fr. Pfeiffer now has "Bishop" Ambrose Moran.
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    Fr. Chazal called him "non bishop Moran". He also said if someone accepts sacraments from "Fr" Poisson, they accept this non-bishop as legitimate. Interestingly, the you tube sermons of Poisson and fr. Roberts are nearly nonexistent. More attempted deceit?