Damage Control: new-sspx Double Standards

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    When change happens too quick, the curious ask questions. In the new conciliar sspx changes, it is all too apparent.

    Fr. Christian Bouchacourt, sspx France District Superior, had taking that to thought under his new strife. His conservative priests are getting a little uncomfortable with the fast change they want and too curious what is ahead in the superiors progressive direction.

    Fr. Bouchacourt tried to come out in another article with an answer to "calm" the curious and put on the sheep's clothing speaking like a lamb. Remember the words "Rome must take us as we are " we hear all to often to copy ABL? Fr. Bouchacourt is trying to see if he can get some more mileage out of it. Of course he failed.

    Playing ABL as a mascot who had used that phrase in the 1980's set in the position of the OLD-sspx is clear with what ABL stood for to his death. Contrarily, like Bishop Fellay, Fr. Bouchacourt charades the morph of the NEW-sspx as the course of ABL. (sic)

    The narration is, if you repeat it enough times, they think it will stick. Perhaps if it was an al dente noodle on a wall. However, the faith has no morph; if only the conciliar sspx would look more closely at the Blessed Sacrament to see their former reason to be in all this.

    Trying to steel the faith from the House of God to put it in an idol temple will only produce chaos (1 King 5).
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    Turn the bully over and ... see the coward!