Christ Is The Light (transcription)

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    Many thanks to BOPeep for this transcription

    “Christ Is The Light” - Fr Hewko

    March 6 2017

    Just a few words. The last time I saw this room it was, it was a swimming pool, empty here. And now it's turned into a beautiful chapel. So congratulations.

    And we read in the gospel about the Pool of Bethesda. For the blind man was given to see by Christ Himself. So may this Chapel be truthful to lead many who are blind to see. And the greatest blindness is not physical blindness, but it's spiritual blindness. Spiritual blindness is the worst.

    Christ is the light. There is no other light than our Lord Jesus Christ, and he is the perfect image of the Father from all eternity. And he's the clarity, he's the image of the Father. And all light is from our Lord Jesus Christ who in his divine nature with the Father and the Holy Ghost. With the Son; The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost. They are called by the Holy Ghost in scripture, in light inaccessible. So bright is God's light that our human eyes, it's not possible for human eyes to see God. So how do the saints see them? The saints who are now in Heaven and the saints hopefully among, among the faithful here on earth. When they get to Heaven, how will they see God, if we can't see him with our physical eyes, even after the resurrection of the dead.

    At the end of the world, all the the dead will rise from the cemeteries, from their tombs, and everyone will have a body about the age of thirty. Perfectly healthy, strong, youthful, beautiful, handsome. Any defects of body, if you had, if you had three arms, you'll only have two. If you were cross eyed, you'll see normal. All these defects will be purged in the body, but you'll be more or less the same person and look a lot like the same person. But only perfected for the saint.

    So how will the saints see God?

    They will see him by the intelligence, and even that won't suffice. God has to elevate man's mind to, humanly speaking, to make kind of an adapter. God is so powerful and so bright and so beautiful and so majestic, that Saint Thomas Aquinas calls it the Lumen Gloriae. It's the light that God enables our intellect to see the Blessed Trinity, face to face. So you, it's not, it's not the same as sunglasses. But it's an adapter that, that reduces the, the Mack truck engine down to the little peanut

    brains of our peanut brains, of the saints in heaven, of the human intellect. And that's how the saints will see The Blessed Trinity. But you will really see God, and we're made to see him. Everyone on earth, from Adam and Eve to the last man in the whole history of the human race, were made to see the Blessed Trinity. That's why we're here on earth. That's why we're here on this short time on earth. And even before the fall of Adam and Eve, before the fall, man was not made to stay on this earth. It was just a place of the testing ground to prove our love for God, and then you have access to Heaven. So even before the fall, this was not our real home. And now after the fall, all the more, it's not our real home. Our real home is the beautific vision. To see that the love and goodness of God.

    But with the physical eyes in Heaven, you will see our Lord and the five wounds. You will see Christ the King, in his great majesty. Jesus Christ the King. Jesus Christ the eternal high priest who will wear the stole of the priests and the cope of a bishop. And the triple crown of the pope of popes. And he is the only Saviour, and that will be proven, shown by his wounds. And his wounds will shine for all eternity before the Father.

    Saint Paul mentions this in Hebrews; forever they'll be forever in Heaven the lamb will stand before the throne of God as if slain. Now, someone who's slain is dead. They can't stand. But Christ rose from the dead, but he carries his death, the wounds, in his body forever. These are trophies. In these trophies he stands offering these to the Father because it's the price of all of our souls. And in Baptism, it's that blood that washes away original sin. When we go to Confession it's that blood that washes and breaks the chains on the soul, and frees it. Gives it the true life which is sanctifying grace in the soul. So Jesus Christ The Eternal High Priest forever offers his wounds. It's the eternal Mass. And don't forget, when you go to Mass, we step into Heaven. We step into that eternal age, because the action of the lamb offering himself to the Father is re-enacted on the Altar. The Sacrifice of the Cross is re-enacted on the altar. This is the Mass, and this is why of course the devil hates the Catholic Mass. He hates the Bride of Christ, the Catholic Church. So he has, for, ever since Adam and Eve tried to destroy the true belief in Jesus Christ to come, by idolatry, by false belief, by erroneous errors on faith. And the Prophets foretold Christ would come. And then he did come. Born of the Virgin Mary. And he commanded his apostles go preach the Catholic faith to all the nations. Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved. Whoever does not believe, will be condemned. Whoever does not believe, will be condemned.

    What is this virtue to believe?

    It's the faith. What does our Lord always ask anyone before he elicits a miracle. Before he works a miracle that cures the blind man, the leper, the woman with the haemorrhage of blood, and all the other thousands and thousands and thousands of miracles that he did that are not even recorded. And how, how did he? Why did he always ask from the people that he worked the miracle for? Do you believe I am the Son of God. You believe that I can cure you? Do you believe that I can forgive your sins?... which only God can do. And they would say, Yes I do believe.

    And remember the blind man when he saw that the Pool of Bethesda, (since we got the old pool underneath the ground here), and the man who was cured and near the Pool of Bethesda, when he saw our Lord. Because he asked him, Tell me who it is that cured me and I will, I will adore him as God. Because Christ told him only God can cure your eyes. And when he, when he saw our Lord for the first time, he went down on his knees to adore him as God. And this is an action that the Magi, before the the baby Jesus in the, in the manger. They knelt down on their knees because they knew he was God. They were led by the star and spoken to in the dream not to go back to Herod. And the Shepherd's knelt down and adore him, adore him. And throughout all the gospels, many times people adore him as God.

    And if Christ was not God, and only a prophet as the infidelity of the Muslims teach of the Koran, and the false belief of the Mormons, and the false beliefs of many false religions, who say Jesus is not God but just a prophet..... Alright, if he was a prophet and people knelt down before him as God, he would have to say in justice, I am NOT God, adore only God. But Jesus Christ received adoration as God, and he forgave sins in his name which only God can do. He worked miracles by his command, which only God can do. That's every miracle that's recorded and not recorded. And the miracles that continue today, through Our Lady of Guadalupe, through miracles of the relics of saints, through true, true, Eucharistic miracles. Not false and phoney ones.

    So of course the devil hates the Catholic Church, because it is the church Christ founded. Peter you are rock and on this rock I will build not my churches. He didn't put it in the plural. Or my denominations, or my many options to get to Heaven. He didn't talk about that. He said, My Church, My Bride, and the gates of Hell will never prevail against it. And then later, not long after Christ will tell Saint Peter, Peter, Satan wants to sift you like wheat. But when you be converted, strengthen your brethren. Now, Christ prays for Peter and all the successors, the pope's. And he prays that he'll convert. Someone who needs to convert needs to come back to the faith that he lost. And that tells us in Christ's own, own prophetic words. Peter himself will betray Christ three times, and there'll be many successors of Peter, who will betray Our Lord also.

    And we've had the last five popes, who have betrayed Our Lord in the most serious way, ever since Vatican II. The terrible Vatican Council II held in 1962 to 1965, with all of 2,300 bishops of the Catholic world. They made, Father Nicholas Gruner always used to say, and he had evidence and proof for it, that the Pope, John XXIII, made an agreement with he communists in Russia. The Ostpolitik Agreement which was; They will not condemn communism. So Archbishop Lefebvre presented 450 signatures of bishops and cardinals; Please Holy Father, condemn communism again. Because in the early 1960's there were Catholics being crucified in China, being imprisoned in Hungary, being starved to death in Ukraine and in Russia also, in the Gulags. Many, many Catholics being put to death, and they all knew it. And the hypocrisy and the cowardice.


    Because Pope John XXIII had a better idea than the Virgin Mary of Fatima. He refused to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima that Our Lady asked, he refused to do it. And so Heaven shut its gates of grace. And if the Pope wanted to lead his own counsel and not invoke the Holy Ghost, and not use his infallible authorities which would protect from error. Then God said, Okay, you look like the Jews of old. Go ahead, build your own city and the enemies will come and destroy it. That's exactly what happened.

    Vatican II is the new fabrication, it's a new church with a bastard Mass, bastard priests, bastard sacraments, bastard rites, bastard theology, bastard philosophy, bastard modernology. You can go on and on. Now they got a bastard Rosary with the luminous mysteries. Our Lady never gave those. And i say, I'm quoting Archbishop Lefebvre. I don't mean to sound like a truck driver here, here in the pulpit, but I'm just using the words of Archbishop Lefebvre who called "batard". "Batard" in the French means illegitimate. The New Mass is illegitimate. The new, the new rites are illegitimate. These priests were not even sure if they're truly ordained priests in the new rite. You're not sure, there's a certainly a doubt. That's why, that's why for example Father Voigt, he had to be conditionally re-ordained. He wanted to. And we asked Bishop Fellay. Bishop Fellay said, No, no, no, your, I, I don't have any doubt about your ordination. But it was, it was done in the new rite. There is objectively speaking a doubt. So Bishop Fellay has been refusing these ordinations for quite a few years, because it's part of the steps towards the agreement with modernist Rome. And so, finally Bishop Williamson did it in 2012. So these, these new ceremonies, these new sacraments, these new teachings, new doctrines, are Vatican II holding ideas and teachings that were condemned by Christ. Condemned by all the pope's of history, before Vatican II.

    So where does that put Vatican II?

    In the garbage bin, to be burnt. And it's taking many souls to Hell. Look at the fruits of it. Christ told us, judge by the fruits.

    What are the fruits of the New Mass? What are the fruits of Vatican II?
    Empty seminaries, empty convents. Priests and nuns throwing off their habits, breaking their vows. And now priests who have no clue what they're doing, what they're about. They think they're social workers, and the sacredness of the priesthood, the sacredness of their vows - out the window. And the list can go on and on and on.

    Bishop whoever of Los Angeles. this past year. Pardon me for the terrible example, but it just shows how low and perverse this fabricated Conciliar Church has fallen. He allowed a sodomite couple, with a little boy on their shoulder to do offer the gifts of the New Mass. In the middle of the Mass. The bishop asked them to do it. And the bishop is saying to the whole parish, and to the whole world, yes sodomite-ism is okay. Hey what does God say about sodomite-ism? Ooff...You want to know what he says about sodomite-ism? Fly to Sodom and Gomorrah, in the southern side of the Dead Sea today. Not even rats go there. No weeds grow there. And still, everything that was structured there is burnt to a crisp. There's still golf size, golf ball sized brimstone hanging around there everywhere. That's what God thinks of the sin of sodomy, and the perversity. And that they're pushing this now on the children, it's pushed everywhere now in the movies. Walt Disney, Disney has just come out with the first pervert scene in one of their movies, I am, I am informed.

    So this fabricated church of Vatican II. Archbishop Lefebvre opposed it. He said, We cannot accept this New Church. We must oppose this and categorically refuse any compromise with it.
    And the modernists in Rome, including the Pope himself said, Look, just say the New Mass once. All right you're not going to say the New Mass, Then just say that it's legitimate.
    And Archbishop Lefebvre said, No.
    And just, just accept Vatican II in the light of tradition.
    Archbishop Lefebvre said, No you cannot, because tradition condemns Vatican II.

    All the popes, Pius VI, Pius VII, Pius VIII, Pius IX, all the way down to Pius X, all the way to Pius XII, they condemned the heresies and errors of Vatican II and the New Mass. And the Council of Trent condemns it too. The Council of Trent explicitly said that, Anyone who says the Mass can be said in English; Let it be anathema. Condemned. It is forbidden by the laws of the church of tradition and by the laws of Our Lord. You don't put this mess in the vernacular. I won't go into the reasons why, but it suffices.

    For example, watch the movie (Mel Gibson's) "The Passion". Is there a word of English in there? Not one word of English. You understand what's going on? Yes you do. Even the little, even a little boy back there, if he sees it. He'll have no doubt of what's going on;... The passion and death of God in the flesh. So that's what happens in the Mass. And if that's all you know, and you don't know Latin, but you know this is the mystery of Christ's sacrifice, that's all you need to know. And Saint John Vianney said, Even the priest doesn't understand the greatness, the solemnity, the majesty of what takes place in the Mass. If we did, we would die. Not out of fear, but out of love.

    So what does that bring us?
    It brings us back to the pool chapel here, it brings us back. Why do we have a handful of priests left throughout, in South America, in the United States, in Asia, in Europe called, called, just because of the situation, called the resistance priests. Why? And we priests, we stay with the Society of Saint Pius X. We are not a new congregation. We are not some new group. We stay with what we laid our oaths as priests. We stay the Society Saint Pius X, and we refuse to go along with the New SSPX. And sadly the Superior General, Bishop Fellay, has indeed in 2012, you can read it, it's in black and white. He accepts Vatican II in the, in the so called light of tradition. He accepts a New Code of Canon Law which Archbishop Lefebvre said is full of heresies. He accepts the new profession of faith when Archbishop Lefebvre said it accepts Vatican II. You can't accept that profession of faith. Bishop Fellay accepts the religious liberty of the counsel, which is a heresy condemned more than ten times by the pope's of tradition. He accepts the New Mass and the new sacraments as legitimate. And I'm not making this up. I wish it wasn't true. But it's there. It's in black and white and everybody's saying, Well nothing's changed, every thing's the same, we still have our Latin Mass. But once you change on the doctrine, you've changed the religion. You've changed the faith. Because our religion is to profess, what? The Catholic faith. Profess the faith that Christ is God, and all that, all that is revealed in scripture and tradition. And none of us have the right to play with that.

    So why is Bishop Fellay now playing with it? Why did he abandon the Archbishop's position and accept this new, even if it's halfway or even a bite of the new religion of Vatican II. Why? I don't know. But this is where we are. This is where we are. And we cannot compromise the Holy Catholic faith. And if we do? .... Let's get back to what the faith is.

    If you who does not believe Christ said, will be condemned. Why? Because the faith is what is revealed by God, and it's an obedience to all that God has revealed. And all that God has revealed is laid out by the Council of Trent, by the Creed of the Nicene Creed, by the Apostles Creed, by our catechism, by the scripture, by tradition. The main summary of it is the twelve propositions of the Apostles Creed. And also the Nicene Creed which clarifies. So these Creeds and the anti-modernist oath of St Pius X, and the syllabus of errors of Pius IX, all these great professions to clarify and teach the Catholic faith, we have to believe them all, to save our soul. And it's all, it's all summarised in one word. Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    And when you get down to it, what's wrong with Vatican II? It attacks Jesus Christ is God. It attacks Jesus Christ as the only Saviour with ecumenism. It attacks Jesus Christ as the only Eternal High Priest, with the New Mass and the new rite of ordinations. It attacks Jesus Christ as King, because it uncrowns him by the religious liberty. Which again, the Superior General of the Society Saint Pius X has accepted. And now he's ready. The agreement's done, it's just not announced publicly yet. As Bishop Fellay himself said, Every thing's done. All that's needed is the seal of approval.

    With approval with who?

    With popes of Vatican II, bishops who are destroying the Catholic faith, who are attacking Jesus Christ and playing with our faith like it was a toy, and a political negotiating tool. And they have no right to do this. And when we got bad popes, and we got bad bishops, and we got bad, misleading, even traditional bishops, what do we do? Go along with them and compromise the faith?.... to keep our good name?... to go along and not make waves? Well, that won't be an excuse before Our Lord.

    So what do we do?

    We do what Archbishop Lefebvre did. Profess the Holy Catholic Faith of all time. And, and resist and oppose what ever attacks our Lord Jesus Christ. That's where we have to stand. And it's very clear, our catechism is clear. The writings of the pope's condemning Vatican II and all its errors are clear. There's no cloudy or confusion.

    So dear faithful, this is why again this chapel exists. Why the handful of priests throughout the world are opposing this destruction of our Catholic faith. Call it "The Resistance", call it what you want. But we just remain Catholic. That's it. And we must ask our Lady the Virgin Mary - remember on Good Friday...where was the Pope. Where was he? He's supposed to be Christ's Vicar, where was he on Good Friday. He was, he was off in the night pulling his hair out. And when he heard the rooster crow, he was crying like a little baby. He betrayed Our Lord three times. And Saint Peter wept the rest of his life, every time he heard a rooster crow. That's why tradition says he had deep furrows in his cheeks, from weeping so much. So at least he repented. Where were the bishops of the Catholic Church that were just consecrated the night before? One of them hanged himself and betrayed our Lord - sold him for pieces of silver. And the other bishops were off like little mice hiding in their holes. They were too scared. And bishops are supposed to profess the faith.

    And show me one today that's doing it. Can anybody name one bishop in the whole world who's actually professing the Catholic faith, without playing games with it with Vatican II and the New Mass? There's not one any more. You might say Bishop Williamson. And Bishop Williamson, well, he accepts now that the New Mass gives grace. Archbishop Lefebvre never said that. He accepts now that the New Mass miracles are true. When you, and when you scratch the surface, they're not true. They're phonies.

    So, where do we stand? Where's the bishops to defend the faith any more? We're living the Good Friday of the Catholic Church. We are. And where was the one loved apostle, Saint John? Well Saint John, he was there on Good Friday. He was the only bishop there, but he lost the faith. He no longer believed that Christ was God.

    So who in the whole world had the Catholic faith on Good Friday at three o'clock?

    The Blessed Virgin Mary. The Blessed Virgin Mary. She had the faith. And that's where we have to stand. That's where we have to be. Close to the Virgin Mary. So you have here on the tabernacle, the vision of Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Mariana. This took place in the 1630's. The statue of Mother Mariana actually should be holding a golden cord, and, like a measuring tape. Because she measured the Blessed Virgin Mary's height. Because Our Lady asked her to make a statue, through which she would pour out many graces. So Our Lady's height actually was pretty tall for a Jewish girl. She was 5'9", and Our Lord was six foot. So, she, she measured Our Lady. And that statue which stands in Quito Ecuador, the Virgin Mary stepped into the statue. So her presence really is there. And the face was touched up i think. Francis of Assisi, and the angels also finished the perfecting of her face. So that statue this, is this Chapel called Our Lady of Good Success? It is. Oh, there's about ten of them now. Alright so, but Our Lady of Good Success 1530's foretold Archbishop Lefebvre; That there would be one bishop to carry on the Mass in the priesthood, at the end of the nineteenth century.

    Archbishop Lefebvre never played games with Vatican II and the New Mass and the new sacraments. The four bishops he consecrated, now are playing games with the New Mass, new sacraments, and they've abandoned their post. They've abandoned the reason why he consecrated them. This is why they really need, they need, we all need prayers. But really pray for them. Bishop Fellay can turn around tomorrow, but his he is dead set on this horrible agreement with modernist Rome. And now the priest's, the priest's are becoming "marshmellowised". They're becoming soggy. And if you don't believe me, go ask Father Stanich. Go ask Father Purdy. Go ask Father Gardner. These are good priests, I know them very well and I admire them all through their own virtues. But, just ask one of them to go in the pulpit at BVM and condemn the doctrinal declaration which accepts Vatican II, the New Mass, the new code and all that, signed by Bishop Fellay. Go ahead ask them. And if any of them have the courage to actually get up there and do it, you'll see them yanked out so fast. And they'll be silenced, they'll be condemned, they'll be executed. That's what's happened to all the good priests who have stood up since 2012.

    But we refuse to lay down our weapons. We have a duty as priests and you as the faithful, to defend the true Catholic faith. To profess the Holy Catholic faith. And not water it down, and not play games. The faith, like Christ, is pure light. It's refreshing, it elevates and raises us. So fight on, dear little flock here in Syracuse. Syracuse New York. You've all been, you've been fighting for many years. You know after Vatican II was the first wave of people, and some of them are in these pews. The grey hairs who stood up. And Mrs Amato too, and Doctor Amato. They all stood up against the destruction of the Mass of the faith. And they did the right thing. And the other priest, he had an independent priest, what was his name....Father Otala. Okay, so he preached the faith from this pulpit, God Bless him and pray for his soul. But he was kicked out by his bishop, most likely, most of them were, and spit on and put to the streets. Why? Because he just kept the Mass he was ordained to say. Professed to faith that he was baptised to believe. And he refused Vatican II and the New Mass.

    So, the first wave after Vatican II was the first generation to fight and defend the faith. Some of them went back to the New Mass because they said, Well we got to obey. Some of them talked to their priest and the priest said, Well nothing's changed. Don't make a big deal, nothing's changed. The Mass is the same, it's just a few accidental changes, but essentially it's the same. So they went back to the Novus Ordo. And many of them, where are they today? They lost their faith. And their children have no more children, they're all contracepting or aborting and on their fifth wife or husband.

    So, second generation, third generation. We're now at the second and third generation. We have young, young kids who grew up in traditional Catholic schools of the Society of Pius X like here in BVM. You know how it started in that basement of the church on Wilkinson Street, and then expanded to Warner's under Father Tim Pfeiffer. And then the second generation, they lost, most of them have lost why they're even Traditional Catholic. If you ask them, Why do you go to the Latin Mass? - Well, more reverence; I like the incense better. They don't know. They don't know. And this is where we're at. The second and third generation, they're not standing up to defend the faith any more.

    In France, most of them are going with the new direction. And when this agreement is finally announced, and Bishop Fellay is received up the aisle by Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Basilica, with all the society priests and brothers and nuns..... They're walking right in to the lions den. And don't be fooled. Pope Francis in his pontificate has smashed every single conservative Novus Ordo group. You think he's going to let the SSPX prosper and grow? Idiocy, blindness. Blindness. And they're being set up to be smashed. They already are. They've given in.

    So dear faithful, just fight on. Don't play games with the Catholic faith. Profess the faith of your childhood, you older people. And you younger folks, rediscover the true Catholic teaching. Our catechism, the great encyclicals of the pope that conduct the great popes before John XXIII, Pius XII and before, who condemned modern liberalism, modernism, zionism, socialism, communism, the New Mass and Vatican II's errors. All of it's condemned. And that's the faith we must profess. These popes were guided by the Holy Ghost. John XXIII and Paul VI refused the Holy Ghost at the council. They refused to use their infallible authority.

    So that's where we have to stand. Where? At the foot of the cross with the Blessed Virgin Mary. And what's a sign that you're consecrated to her? You wear her scapular.

    And let me just close with one little story that just happened a month ago. Father Pfeiffer just said Mass there on Saturday. Mr Star, down in Georgia. He lives in Macon, Georgia. He wears a scapular he wears it devoutly. He's a traditional Catholic and he's been with the resistance and he works. He's a hard-working man, even though he, what is he? 55. He was riding his Harley-Davidson. We have a lot of those in our chapels and sometimes the priests use them for the missions. But, he was riding down and the car next to him, the axle broke off. It's shot in front of the motorcycle, he went tumbling. He hit the ground head first, he had his helmet on, but the impact knocked him out. And through this, his body sliding at sixty seven miles an hour on the pavement, a truck next to him comes riding right over his body. Then he gets tossed and turned, and another vehicle ran over his body.

    He was at Mass last Saturday, walking. talking and thanking Our Lady. You know why? He had the brown scapular. He told Father Pfeiffer, Father, it's the brown scapular, it's Our Blessed Mother. She saved me, she saved me. So he's going to use the rest of his life to proclaim the holy faith, to honour The Blessed Mother, and not compromise with the new direction that Bishop Fellay is leading the Society to.

    So pray for the four bishops. Pray for all the priests. Pray for Father Stanich and all these good priests here. That they wake up, and do what they were ordained to do. To defend the Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church of all time. Not the Conciliar Church. To profess the faith of all time. To offer the Mass of all time, with no compromise. No compromise.

    You don't go to the Mass of indults. You just don't. The faith that is professed by the priest, is the faith you professed if you go to that Mass. If the Latin Mass is said by a priest who accepts New Mass and Vatican II, you also accept New Mass and Vatican II. That's why you don't go to those Masses, because it's a public action. The Mass is a public action.

    So, enough talking. Let's get on with the action now. Very soon, the Blood and Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, his Soul and Divinity and his Sacrifice on Calvary will be re enacted on the altar. Let's kneel down with the Virgin Mary and adore him, and ask her to shield us and help us die in the state of grace, and get to Heaven.

    Oh Mary conceived without sin
    Oh Mary conceived without sin
    Oh Mary conceived without sin

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