Cardinal Burke slams SSPX

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    Quote from the article
    "MODERATOR: Is it ever licit to attend and receive Communion at a Pius X liturgy? If there are there no other reverent Masses within reasonable distance. Can this fulfill the Sunday obligation?

    [Archbishop Sample, who was also on the panel, defers to Cardinal Burke.]

    CARDINAL BURKE: The, despite the various arguments surrounding the question, the fact of the matter is that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is in schism since the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ordained four bishops without the mandate of the Roman Pontiff.

    And so it is not legitimate to attend Mass or to receive the sacraments in a church that’s under the direction of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X."

    Audio clip:

    Pray that these bishops come back to tradition.
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    This is important in so many regards. The present (new) sspx is truly in an anomaly. Some say the sspx sits in-between real Tradition and within the conciliar paradigm. But the reality is the sspx truly lives in ecclesiastical practice within the conciliar structure having a Diocesan mandate (here, here, and here), licit and valid sacraments, a Hybrid sacrament making them well assimilated within its organs, yet lacking its canonical mandate within Bishop Fellay acknowledges saying “only the seal is missing”.

    Since Menzingen officially acceptance the [false] 2009 “Lifting of the excommunications”, the quantum check mate from the conciliarists, the new sspx has been in a cage struggling with its new found brand; so they now call it. Bishop Fellay said as much…they could be ‘excommunicated’ again if they do not cooperate with rome”:

    "There are still more joys and more tears, recent ones too. You know that a short time ago we met Pope Francis. Well, he explained to us that Benedict XVI, at the end of his pontificate, had set a deadline, and that if the Society did not accept the Roman proposal by that date, he had decided that the Society would be excommunicated." (Bishop Fellay, DICI, April 16, 2016)

    To any observer in the novus ordo, the sspx acceptance of the lifting of the excommunications, and every other handout from the pope giving the sspx a standing within the conciliar church, constituted obedience and submission to the pope. This is what Cardinal Burke is saying. Not having a “canonical mandate” with these gifts is what is irregular while the sspx lives in contumacy. Hence the new and duly expressed note of schism being applied having this time a true foundational cause legitimate within the conciliar structure the sspx entered into. Whereas prior, the aforementioned “schism” was an illegal modernist fraud ABL knew and ignored which only frustrated the modernist pawns in rome.

    Mind you, no one fears a piece of paper, the fear is assimilation within the demonic novus ordo. Under everyone’s nose however, the Menzingen administration had already accepted assimilation without a paper…while saying to their benefactors the “legal” paper is what is more important. (sic)

    There is no difference in the revolution of Bishop Fellay and the conciliarists, they all communicate within the same terms and acceptance of Vatican II vying for others to join their particular brand.

    God is forgotten.
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    What a shambles!
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    Its about time he showed his true colors. Hopefully those who treat him as the darling of opposition to modernism can move on after removing the dust from their feet.
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    The back and forth from Bishop Fellay is so confusing - it gives the appearance of being calculated.
    To constantly blur the lines, so the 'poor' people in the SSPX pews don't know which end is up. They are forced to just continue to 'trust' their SSPX pastors. It's too difficult to untangle unless you've been following the issues for YEARS.
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    No need to untangle, there is an infallible sign to recognize modernism at its finest, always and at any time: The back and forth ;-)
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    Now this is the difference between Archbp. Lefebvre's SSPX and Bp. Fellay's sspx:
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