Bp. Williamson Having a Subjective Faith

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    What happens when two realities collide? Do they blur or still remain distinct?

    This is a question Bishop Williamson broke down in the relation of faith in his recent Eleison Comments #534, Faith Crucial – I. He distinguished two qualities of faith: one subjective in the person how they believe and one objective coming from God how we must believe.

    "Let us immediately distinguish two realities, different but connected: the subjective quality of faith in the soul, by which someone supernaturally believes, and the objective body of supernatural realities, objects of the Catholic Faith, in which a Catholic believes. To distinguish them, we might spell the first with a small “f” and the second with a capital “F.” That they are distinct is obvious: a man can lose his (subjective) faith without the least change taking place in the (objective) Faith.

    "Two things then become clear. Firstly, the faith which saves a soul is that subjective quality of the person which Our Lord so praises and rewards in the Gospels. He is not praising or rewarding an objective body of truths. On the other hand, secondly, the subjective quality of faith is determined or specified by the objective Faith. I am not saved, I do not deserve to be praised or rewarded, by my believing in any silly nonsense. The Canaanite woman did not believe in any silliness, she certainly believed in the goodness and some divine power of Our Lord. What she believed in was both supernatural, or above the merely natural powers of her mind to grasp, and true. And most likely, as soon as the Apostles began to establish soon after Our Lord’s ascension to Heaven the basic truths that a follower of Our Lord must believe in, she was happy to have her subjective faith focused and specified or determined by the then emerging objective Faith.

    "In other words the objective Faith focuses that subjective faith without which no soul is saved. Therefore churchmen who tamper with the objective Faith are placing in peril the eternal salvation of souls. If then subjective faith is priceless, so is the objective Faith. It must come first."​

    The bolded is the core of the fight we are witnessing in the Church crisis today. Ironic enough, this is precisely the fight we have with Bishop Fellay and separately with Bishop Williamson promoting their own SUBJECTIVE reasonings of the faith they think should be to our support to the monstrous novus ordo.

    But they are only men Bishop Williamson laid out above, so why is there not any humility from these bishops to reflect they could be wrong in the grave responsibility they have as apostles. BW did say in his first crusade of Eleison Comments (Nov. 3, 2012) once separated from the sspx promoting his "independent loose network" of priests…”I could be wrong”. Surely other apostles greater than them were wrong too. Isn't there an enough proof of "fraternal correction" helping them to see the "wrongs" of their preaching? For sure there is...and a continuous flow. They are well aware of the banishment they caused to their priests and the many divisions ensued from their foreign teachings. Where is the examinations between the two qualities of faith BW emphasized?

    We all wonder of their sincerity.

    Could it be these two bishops have taken a different path based on themselves and what they seek in terms of some subjective gain we all are temped with? St. John the Baptist warned us of these temptations and how they lure. Where's the reflection? It is noticed these two bishops no longer see eye to eye in the recent years. Is it because of some objective faith? No, unfortunately it would have been hoped. Their opposites are quite visible with Bishop Fellay seeking a higher office and podium closer to rome with "rights" and honor for recognition among the modernists - Personal prelature. And Bishop Williamson can care less of any structure, order, or prestige in that way. He would rather hide in a closet waiting for the sky to fall - "bad jews".

    Is there any true fora to what they say leading hundreds if not thousands of souls towards the perennial teachings of the Church? No, clearly, they created a crisis and revolutions of their own. The faith, repeating BW's own words, is an objective order which "focuses that subjective faith without which no soul is saved. Therefore churchmen who tamper with the objective Faith are placing in peril the eternal salvation of souls. If then subjective faith is priceless, so is the objective Faith. It must come first."

    What happened with all of these post Vatican II popes, cardinals, thousands of bishops and priests? La Salette warned...God is not mocked. Holy Scripture says the proud will be left to their own and confounded.

    The problem with the subjective is man wishes the two to be blurred to comfort a quilt conscience while peacocking a high styled authorize stance others must follow. Martin Luther did this too. History is repeating itself.

    When the subjective belief goes off into its own land, it is always based on pride and a weak will to correct. Temperance and fortitude are among the many virtues twisted to indulge and turn their guns on others who try to help. The hole gets deeper; even naturalism forms in the human conscience as a "light" and order to follow. Bishop Williamson shows this trait again in this Eleison Comment, saying, "The soul is not by itself supernatural". This is a sad statement coming from a bishop of the Catholic Church. God said in Genesis He "created man (soul) in the image and likeness of Himself". St. Thomas Aquinas with the Church teaches us the "image" is the spirit and the "likeness" is sanctifying grace in the soul. So the rational soul IS supernatural inside of man. Like of the supernatural can only be of like. Why did Christ die on the cross to redeem if not for its supernatural destiny? And calling us to be one with the Father if not having the SAME image and likeness.

    Naturalism is the denominator of man when God is brushed aside. So is happening in Rome and in these false 'tradition" factions masquerading as the stock of Christ. We are not fooled. Christ said "the wolf is a hireling and the sheep know my voice and follow Me." We continue even if there are no visible bishops to lead...Christ promise victory even if man proposes something else.

    The faith is objective; truth is outside of us we must make an effort to attain.
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    When Bishop Williamson starts talking “objective/subjective,” one goes away feeling that the bar has been lowered.
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