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  1. We learned through Bishop Williamson's Eleison Comments (Fourth Bishop) he assigned Bishop Zendejas to "North America" to exercise his bishopric, yet we are told he is "independent" to do so and allowed to foster from his pulpit to tell people to go to the "Least contaminated masses of their choice, and, Do whatever you need to nourish your faith".

    We are receiving word BZ is behind the scenes working secretly to 'gain his territory". The main problem is, he is not setting up any missions of his own; rather, he is invading the missions of the sspx-mc priests of OLMC. Not a surprise really, that is what he did in his first move showing up in the "resistance" -taking over!

    Many of the false resistance priests are being imported and sent into the usa invasion style throughout different regions: Fr. Trincado, Fr. Ballini, Fr. MacDonald, and Fr. Girourd is setting in the west.

    The aspect of the false resistance trying to take over the usa is no doubt to bishop zendejas' efforts to "claim" his territory.

    I would think in the next few months there will be a heightened conflict of "turf wars" thanks to the alienation of the false resistance towards the Catholic apostolate, like the new-sspx, serving their own interests than our Lord's in the harvest.

    But isn't that the point, they are more concerned for the sediment of the faith, its sacraments and mass conveniences than the dept of the faith and sacrifice the martyrs died for.

    We also learned through the SAJM website deleting Fr. Matthew Salenave (France) name from its SAJM Membership list within the "updated" march 12, 2017 roster. That is big news. Fr. Salenave was the one who actually ran Bishop Faure's seminary. What will they do? Well, it has been announced today that Fr. Trincado will be moving to France to help look after a renovated "second part" of the seminary.

    They can have the buildings, says St. Athanasius, we will keep the faith.

    In the mean time, Bishop Zendejas is setting up his "seat" to CRUSH the OLMC priests. Strange a catholic bishop would say such a thing; is that Catholic? Even Fr. Ortiz said there are no doctrinal problems with OLMC. So why the subversion and defiance of the Lord God to grow the faith in souls for all generations and providing priests for the future; unless there is a subversive quality to claiming "territory".
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    We also learned through the SAJM website deleting Fr. Matthew Salenave (France) name from its SAJM Membership list within the "updated" march 12, 2017 roster.

    What has happened to this priest?
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    So is BZ going to try and invade the missions that have already made their choice for SSPX-MC priests or is he going to try and take over missions who have not as yet been threatened?
  5. Both. He has been doing this since 2015, starting in Connecticut (shown above).

    It's a sad day when a catholic bishop subverts the faith, it is sadder, when a catholic bishop tries to steel bonafide missions away from other Catholic priests. Even the simple justice of natural law within society and its implications is abhorring.
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  6. We are looking into this.
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    What are we to expect? BZ just waltzing in and taking over or is he going to send in subversive minions to sway mission members?
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    These actions of BW are really amazing - the bishop, literally, has no right to assign anyone jurisdiction, anywhere. The very first premise is erroneous...
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    You are kind calling BW's actions 'amazing' Rose. Bishops and priests know that ordinary Catholics are conditioned to obey - just like the Modernist Cardinals knew that unsuspecting Catholics throughout the world would obey their heresies. As DV said elswhere - they know what they are doing.
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    Well, this is interesting........There is the Seminary in VA, SSPX, OLMC, and lets not forget the $1,375,000 property in NY that will be used for could be the False Resistance Seminary for US......Just think Bishop Z could could have his cronies try to steal from the other Seminaries to build up one in NY............Now, of course, an unsuspecting person might say, what is wrong with building up a seminary for the resistance that has a bishop?..........They need to look no further than 2014 When Fr Z came on the scene and how he came on the scene and the lies and deception that surrounded his time progresses, it should become very clear to anyone with a still functioning brain, that this has all been a Master plan from before Fr Z even left the SSPX....or did he actually leave?........that in itself is still up for debate.......All this was in the planning before Fr Z left Texas, while, of course, Frs Pfeiffer and Fr Hewko had already been laboriously and tirelessly built up missions around the country and world......And Fr Z comes and takes over one of their biggest groups from Danbury, CT.....and then continues to hit on the other a real politician, making promises he isnt going to keep.... all along the way, dropping ideas to confuse the faithful that he has more to offer them..... .
    Fr Z has been very successful since he left TX........buying properties up, thru BRN Associates.......funded by Williamson......lets ponder the thought......Where is Bishop W getting all this funding from?...nobody knows they just follow blindly........There is nothing doctrinally unsound with the Holy Priests from OLMC, , these priests who have been abandoned, and neglected by fellow priests, faithful and big money funding them from anywhere........and yet they are being avoided like the plague.......None of the so called Bishops associated with Williamson will give those priests associated with OLMC the time of day. There is no Charity in the False Resistance Bishops...........they have an agender to keep and the OLMC Priests are not part of it...They dont fit in............The OLMC priests arent good enough for the False Resistance because they are just stubborn and wont compromise on ANY Truths of the Faith......They Will NOT Defend the New Mass or Vat2 in any they just get denied access to the Club and the benefits that come along with membership.......oh, yes, and dont forget, silence is golden when it comes to membership in the False Resistance CLUB........If you can keep your mouth shut, go along to get along, and cow tow to the head henchman, you will rise to the top fast...and will get promised anything you might need......The only other requirement for this club is that you all have to work together to CRUSH the Real Opposition, you know, the Ones who Hold The True Faith in its entirety and Purity......All For The Glory Of God!!!! We cant have that! You will get what you need thru this Secret Club, as long as your wish is for personal gain and not necessarily the truth.......Dont question Williamson, even if you know he is dead wrong.......and brainwash the sheeple, so they believe they can trust you, the Bishops and priests,. so they will have what they will need....Mass possibly more often...and a bishop handy..........
    SO, as we see the Main difference between the True Resistance and the False Resistance is somewhat like the anology of the New and Old Mass....The old and True Mass, like the True Resistance is God-Centered, , while the False Resistance, lie the New Mass is Man-Centered.........There is ONLY ONE THAT IS RIGHT BEFORE GOD...........AND like Our Lord said, they will persecute you, like they persecuted ME before you......God Bless The Great Priests, the True Warriors of our Time, even if right now they are the minority..........They are the more Powerful because they are truly led by the Grace of God, and protected within the Mantel of Our Dear Mother..........Deo Gratias!....
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    I recall that Bishop Williamson specifically set up his system to receive priests who wanted to leave the SSPX.
    What you say Immaculata fits into that scenario. Fr. Zendajas left soon after.

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    This assignment of Bishop Zendejas to the territory of North America by an auxiliary bishop (in this case, Bishop Williamson) is not allowed.

    Here is what Fr. Hesse (canon lawyer) said about this very same scenario in discussing the episcopal consecrations of Archbishop Lefebvre (emphasis mine):

    "Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated - not appointed - bishops so that they would be able to ordain priests. This is called the Bishop Who Ordains (Auxiliary Bishop). To appoint Bishop Williamson as Bishop of North America would be a schismatic act.

    The Archbishop consecrated four bishops in order to do Confirmations and Ordinations. That’s all the Archbishop wanted, and even if he had wanted more, he would not have been allowed to do it. He would have never done it. He operated under the Law of Self Defence.

    The Law of Self Defence is very strict in Catholic Moral Theology. You are not allowed to go beyond the necessary means to get rid of the actual situation against which you have to defend yourself. If a bum in the street threatens me with words, I am not allowed to shoot him. If he draws a knife, then I’ll shoot him, but not before." Source
    Things that make you go, hmmmm.
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