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    Number DXIII (513)
    May 13, 2017
    God’s Weapons
    You wish for God and Church and Faith to fight?
    Then choose God’s weapons, or risk taking flight!

    On this 100th anniversary day of the beginning of the great series of apparitions of Our Lady to the three children of Fatima in Portugal in 1917, it may be well to remember that Our Lord warned mankind through Sister Lucy that the Devotion to His Mother’s Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart would be the last major Devotion given to mankind, together with the Holy Rosary, for the salvation of souls. Towards the end of the 17th century when Protestantism and Jansenism were making charity grow cold, Our Lord had given to His Church the Devotion to His own Sacred Heart to remind men of God’s burning love for them. Towards the beginning of the 20th century, just as Communism was about to overwhelm Russia, He gave us, especially through Fatima, the Heart of His Mother as our last major recourse before world’s end.

    But another half century passes from 1917, and Our Lord’s own churchmen are preparing to give the Church over to the demons of Modernism, the equivalent of Communism inside the Church. Sister Lucy of Fatima just then warned Fr. Fuentes that Catholics could no longer be relying on the clergy to save their souls. Sure enough. In 1962 Vatican II launched the pre-apocalyptic devastation of the Church, the worst in all its history. And in the 1970’s an Italian critic of Vatican II and of all its pomps and all its works, Professor Romano Amerio, wrote, as readers of EC 400 may remember, that if the Conciliar crisis was internal to the Church like no crisis before it, then we were “headed for a formless darkness ( . . . ) in the face of which there will be no alternative but to keep silence.”

    A full century after Fatima we are well on our way to that darkness. Such are the disputes, divisions, confusion and chaos in Catholic hearts and minds being caused by the churchmen’s hollowing out of their authority by their abandoning of God’s Truth, that many a clear-sighted Catholic can already be preferring to keep silent rather than attempt to argue or to teach. A mass of modern minds are so incapable any longer of thinking or reasoning that any attempt to dispel their errors can seem to risk only increasing their confusion. Now, one reader of these “Comments” disagrees strongly with Amerio: how can Catholic Truth fall silent, he asks, and how can Catholics stop fighting? But he needs to recall the Gospel, especially the Passion.

    Our Lord tells us not to throw pearls in front of swine, in other words not to teach people unfit to learn, and He tells His Apostles to shake off from their feet the dust of a town that will not listen (Mt. VII, 6; Lk. IX, 5). Our Lord gave the example of keeping silent, in front of the Sanhedrin (Mt. XXVII, 12, 14), Herod (Lk. XXIII, 9) and Pilate (Jn. XIX, 9). Many souls today are likewise unfit to hear the truth. And when it comes to fighting, Our Lord Himself in the Garden of Gethsemane told Peter to put up his sword. Such was not the will of God (Mt. XXVI, 54). Peter’s problem was that he had not done what Our Lord had told him to do, which was to “watch and pray.” As a result, when his manly will to fight was frustrated even by his beloved Master, he abandoned him and ran away (Mk. XIV, 50). Beware, fighters for Our Lord – if your fighting does not work, you risk running away from Him!

    Today what Our Lord does ask us to do is to make reparation to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of His Mother, especially by the Rosary and the Devotion of the First Saturdays. If only enough Catholics were listening to Him, then Our Lady of Fatima could soon obtain from Him the grace for the Pope to consecrate Russia to Her Heart, exactly as She asked, and then the “formless darkness” would immediately begin to grow light and regain its form. Order from the Fatima Centre in Ontario, Canada, copies of their excellent flyer on the First Saturdays. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

    Kyrie eleison.
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    Bishop Williamsons thinking seems off to me here. It goes without saying that we need to make reparation and pray unceasingly....But, He seems to be saying thats its almost useless to try to convert anyone. Might as well be silent and just pray. I think it is our Duty to always do what we can to save souls. When it does fall on deaf ears, we step beck and pray for them...In this Dark Modern World, if we who hold the True Faith dont try and work endlessly to bring it to everyone we come in contact with. , how can we be bearers of the "Light of Christ"? Bishop Williamson makes a hopeless case. without trying to remind the faithful that we will be mocked and persecuted and to remember our Lord who was persecuted before us. And that we shall with all the strength and vigor of the saints before, Carry the Cross of our Lord in all charity and humility. And that every soul is precious in the sight of God. It defies the very meaning of the Church Militant to keep silent!
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    What Our Lord did teach was his priests and bishops to do was this:
    "Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."
    Matthew 28:19

    He told them to actively bring the Word of God to all peoples. He never told them to hunker down because the sky is falling.

    Let us examine this to the extent that this reality of Bishop Williamson's would produce. If all the priests and bishops were to only preach to those that liked them, similar to now-Bishop Zendejas' infamous words, 'you do for me and I'll do for you' - what is the result? A few scattered independent priests who only care for those lay people who 'like' them and the vast majority of Catholics who are either dying, needing to be baptized, etc, are left uncared for, spiritually. Has Holy Mother Church ever treated her children this way?
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    So true.

    BW, as a bishop, had been carrying that theme for five years; do nothing; be silent. It is gross to the Cross! It is known when people give up they look for excuses to "blame" it on others. St. Ignatius speaks of this on retreat that many souls are like that, full of lame mediocrity sitting back letting others fall.

    BW uses a Professor Romano Amerio for his excuse to stay away from the Church and her order like protestants use the pope as their excuse to stay away from the Church and her order. They both suffer in defect of the bad fruit and apostation away from the source of living waters.

    BW said, "...there will be no alternative but to keep silence.” Why did he consecrate another bishop to do nothing? What a mockery to God!

    At the same time BW continues to say "keep silent", he also preaches in his recent May 12 sermon a Universal salvation for Catholics to mingle with "many parts of the church" what he wants people to believe is a corrupt society and church. How do you mix these two with a sane mind?

    More too, he said in that same sermon that God's Church is corrupt:

    (@ minute 24:32)
    "The Catholic Church has gone conciliar, it's still the church, even though it is rotten with conciliarism with Vatican II."

    [ See more unbelievable quotes in that sermon here ]​

    There is only one denominator BW preaches: do nothing, be silent, do not go to him, there are "many parts to the church", "find the least contaminated mass to go to", "you can nourish your faith in the novus ordo", "use your own judgement", and so forth...

    In all, leave him alone, find your own way of salvation, wait for the sky to fall, souls are dead, God will somehow pick up the pieces from our do nothing state.

    BW is a mind looking for excuses to fill his do nothing attitude even if it contradicts himself and the Church; such is the dark effect of sin for not getting off his duff and "bishing" while laughing at "the road of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops" comment, here,

    And here he gives his own irony of hollowing in guise of blaming, what he too does, on someone else:

    "Such are the disputes, divisions, confusion and chaos in Catholic hearts and minds being caused by the churchmen’s hollowing out of their authority by their abandoning of God’s Truth, that many a clear-sighted Catholic can already be preferring to keep silent rather than attempt to argue or to teach. A mass of modern minds are so incapable any longer of thinking or reasoning that any attempt to dispel their errors can seem to risk only increasing their confusion."

    So sic.

    In the science of the Saints, we are taught the seven sins are accompanied by the lovers of that sin. Meaning, each sin resonates with followers particular to that sin and show the particular weakness in that soul. In the apostolate, we know this and try to help and teach the other how to get out of that sin, reinforce themselves and find God in the purity of heart he asks of us.

    St. Ignatius shows us where to find your predominate sin in an examination of conscience paying attention of yourself each day, that is, where providence is speaking to you to fight such and such a weakness with his grace and your effort to do its opposite to gain its virtue and crown of God. Less the souls perish in that wanton weakness and its sin.

    BW teaches the opposite. He administrates that people remain ignorant and do nothing, it is a hopeless attitude. So what weakness and sin is he dwelling in to help him? Can he be helped? For sure, but he doesn't want too as he builds these false walls of excuses around him with a centurion of self-same lame individuals weak in the same attraction to that sin.

    The sin and intemperance of drunkenness always have company with other drunkards. This example applies with the other sins...

    So for BW not wanting to help others out of their ignorance, to the spilling of his own blood our Lord asks, is not just a coward but a soul who had given up on the faith and the Church; which is why he is forward to push his excuse of Universal salvation around him like Cain surrounded himself with the noise of cities to drawn out his conscience. For BW, universal salvation fits his particular sin.

    Thus he makes up his own religion and "justifications" like the legions of others in the world away from Christ. Sin does that.

    So both the cause and antidote is there, in his own words: "Such are the disputes, divisions, confusion and chaos in Catholic hearts and minds being caused by the churchmen’s hollowing out of their authority by their abandoning of God’s Truth."

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    Archbishop Lefebvre was no defeatist like Bishop Williamson is! (see below)

    (excerpt from Fr. Chautard’s article entitled “Subversion” in Le Chardonnet, the parish bulletin of the SSPX Church, Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet in Paris, France - June 2009)

    From Le Chardonnet:

    Mgr. Lefebvre, model against subversion

    Providentially, Archbishop Lefebvre knew how to respond to subversion within the Church thanks to personal assets:

    - a tried virtue which sheltered him from a careerist spirit,

    - a solid spirit of faith which protected him from the “songs of the mermaids” of modernism

    - a clear, simple, strong preaching which marked minds and avoided confusion or the misappropriation of his words,

    - a long experience with the Roman Curia which immunized him against the snares of Vatican diplomacy,

    - a tenacity and a Christian optimism which kept him from all defeatism or irenicism,

    - a practical sense which allowed him to effectively fight against disorder.

    These effective measures were the adequate response to subversion:

    - against the destruction of the clerical elite, the solid formation of true priests, and the foundation of schools and colleges,

    - against the fragmentation of individuals (priests and faithful), the creation of the Society, the establishment of priories and associations grouping together isolated forces.

    Let us finally add that at the height of this crisis of authority that the Church experienced, his personal sanctity as well as his competence made him – against his will - the providential leader capable of uniting Catholic resistance, and bringing to this order, a proud fortification erected against subversion.



    Irenicism in Christian theology refers to attempts to unify Christian apologetical systems by using reason as an essential attribute. (from Wikipedia)
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    Seems to smack of 'Quietism' to me.

    Quietism (Latin quies, quietus, passivity) in the broadest sense is the doctrine which declares that man's highest perfection consists in a sort of psychical self-annihilation and a consequent absorption of the soul into the Divine Essence even during the present life. In the state of "quietude" the mind is wholly inactive; it no longer thinks or wills on its own account, but remains passive while God acts within it. Quietism is thus generally speaking a sort of false or exaggerated mysticism, which under the guise of the loftiest spirituality contains erroneous notions which, if consistently followed, would prove fatal to morality. It is fostered by Pantheism and similar theories, and it involves peculiar notions concerning the Divine cooperation in human acts.

    In a narrower sense Quietism designates the mystical element in the teaching of various sects which have sprung up within the Church, only to be cast out as heretical. In some of these the Quietistic teaching has been the conspicuous error, in others it has been a mere corollary of more fundamental erroneous doctrine. Quietism finally, in the strictest acceptation of the term, is the doctrine put forth and defended in the seventeenth century by Molinos and Petrucci. Out of their teaching developed the less radical form known as Semiquietism, whose principle advocates were Fénelon and Madame Guyon. All these varieties of Quietism insist with more or less emphasis on interior passivity as the essential condition of perfection; and all have been proscribed in very explicit terms by the Church.


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    And smack of Indifferentism.

    Bishop Williamson had given up and is looking for others to join him. This cannot happen. Either he will find the grace in sync with the Bishop Williamson of the past or stand alone against the multitudes of the saints.

    What went wrong with him?
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    We can easily see here how modernism really is the synthesis of all errors.

    How many errors we are finding over and over in these modernist words of Bishop Williamson and his adherents!

    'He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear', the Book of the Apocalypse tells us...
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    Either he has given up or perhaps he actually has an agenda and is following it very closely. An agenda that is not of the Church but Her enemies. Its the only way any of his nonsense of the last four years makes any sense. He isn't even trying to hide it anymore. The now-common statements of Bishop Williamson against what the Church teaches are too frequent and too intentional to pretend he is 'off-track' a bit. They are deliberate. They are calculated. He has given us absolutely no sign that he is senile. And even if he was, what then is the excuse for the false resistance bishops and priests parroting him? There is no excuse!
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    These Eleison Comments seem to be too hard for the followers of Bishop Williamson to “swallow.”

    There were 2 comments against them (I think one comment got deleted) and none supporting them at Cathinfo, and even Sean Johnson doesn’t seem to be in agreement with them. (See second post down from the top in the link below. Sean is probably the person that the Bishop is referring to in his Eleison Comments who “disagrees strongly” with Amerio, since Sean’s comments about Amerio’s “prediction” were posted on April 20, 2017).
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    Bishop Williamson recently preaches (from first post above) "...there will be no alternative but to keep silence.”

    Yet, even SJ - in his Formless Darkness article - acknowledges: "I cannot see keeping one’s silence unless checkmated or dead."

    Perhaps Bishop Williamson is becoming too liberal and off-course for even his most die-hard fans....
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    And so what option does SJ offer when he pushes people on the slide with BW now ambiguously give appearance to jump on the proverbially see-saw with BW?

    Seems SJ only wants attention again...leading to himself. The only see-saw here is the drama of SJ starting and stopping websites, blogs, and pomp.

    Cannot the attention be on Christ and Him crucified like normal Catholics instead of BW "crucified" and errors explained away in a plethora of interpretations? Soon SJ will throw out the hook drawing anyone who he catches back into the faux-pas net? Same old.

    BTW, where is SJ's plain language to state a clear position than everyone having to read a long self-serving post from him?

    Not interested without a base of humility the Church asks all souls to have to unmask a catholic friend or foe.

    I now see why SJ is back on his blog. He sees some life on the "Internal Resistance in France" to jump back on the his other false choice platform -Internal Resistance Conservatism. We already disclosed that dead horse here.
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