Australia : Christianity under severe threat

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    Christianity under severe threat

    Following the passage of ‘homosexual marriage’ laws, religious freedom for Christians in Australia is under severe threat.

    The government promised during the postal survey that it would protect religious freedom. Now, after the event and after parliament rejected protections for priest, parents, charities and even speech, it is holding its ‘Religious Freedom Review’.

    This inquiry is a sham with no other design to give the pretence that Christians will be protected. Its panel even includes a member who has called for the recognition of Sharia law.

    Despite this farce, it is vitally important that we send a message:
    • protect religious freedom for Christians in Australia, and
    • do not abuse religious freedom by granting the false religion of Islam freedom.
    Sign the comprehensive submission today and share it far and wide. We only have until 14 February 2018 to act.


    Posted By Bernard Gaynor on Monday, February 5, 2018 11:59 am | 0 comments

    The Queensland Law Reform Commission has been ‘tasked’ by the Queensland government to provide recommendations on the legalisation of abortion.

    Abortion is the deliberate killing of a human person. It is an evil action that is contrary to all right reason and even the Queensland constitution which limits the power of the Queensland Legislative Assembly to make laws only for the ‘peace, welfare and good government’ of the state.

    We only have until 13 February 2018 to provide submissions to the Queensland Law Reform Commission, which is also looking at whether it should be made illegal to provide assistance to women outside abortion centres, or for doctors to refuse to participate in abortions.

    You can lodge a submission at the Queensland Law Reform Commission website here, or you can email a submission to:

    Or you can sign my comprehensive submission by completing the form

    A Valiant Catholic