A Warning to the Faithful : Fr. Raphael

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    A Warning to the Faithful

    (Rough) Transcription
    Today is the Mass of St. Benedict. We want to speak about a very important topic. We want to help souls in the fight for the faith and to keep the defence of the interests of Our Lord and win the graces for that of Christ towards us. I want to speak to day about the issue of the so-called Bishop Ambrose.It is very important to speak about this -not to condemn, nor out of lack of charity or a bad spirit.....Better still for the interests of Our Lord, for his glory and in order to avoid the deceits of the devil. We know e have to discern the bad spirits01:28 sometimes in order to battle for his kingdom for his glory - not prevent it. Not to accept the lies - for strength in the fight for Our Lord's kingdom......I will speak first about a few principles which nobody can deny. We are obliged to follow these principles. First, outside the Catholic church there is no salvation. The Catholic church is the only church of Christ.02:18 Also we know that grace is given by the Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier only to the Catholic Church....was only promised to the Catholic Church. Only the Catholic Church is the mystical body of Christ. Having said that we know that grace is not given to other religions. This is a very important foundation ....

    Also, the second principle is when someone wants to become Catholic he was first answering the call of the Catholic church to be baptised - and where you are asked ...the answer is 'the Faith'. So the faith is the entrance to the Mystical Body of Christ and to the intimacy of Our Lord. We are able to receive his blessings and graces. Sanctifying grace and the rest.03:41 ...What we are turned into by faith into the children of God of the Catholic Church we are able to receive the rest - hope, charity - the gifts of the Holy Ghost and the rest....

    The following section is a paraphrase of Father's words which begin round min.08:

    We have to assume that Ambrose is a layman until he proves, even that he is a Catholic. It is pointed out that we have waited for three years for Fr. Pfeiffer to prove that Ambrose is Catholic and that since his claim to have received the Sacrament of Holy Orders has not been proved Ambrose must be treated as a layman. Until proved we cannot collaborate with him. If we do collaborate with him, it is a serious sin which is called Communicatio in Sacris which means that "to have communion with others in secular things has the penalty of being suspect of heresy."

    08:48 "Up til now (Ambrose/Fr. Pfeiffer) has not shown that. He has attempted to do so but he has failed to prove it. So every Catholic is obliged to treat this so-called Bishop as a layman or as a heretic.".......continues

    11:05 We have to treat these priests - in this case, Fr. Pfeiffer, Fr. Hewko, Fr. Poisson, Fr. Roberts, active with Bishop Ambrose, have to treat them as heretics - why? because after three years they cannot prove it that he is Catholic and (celebrating) Sacraments with him and they have allowed him to perform Sacraments, Catholic Sacraments - without proving he is a bishop, Catholic bishop, Catholic priest 11:49 Because they have just recently allowed that again after three years of warnings - they have allowed Fr. Poisson to be re-ordained on the condition - by this so-called Bishop Ambrose - therefore we see the relapse - this collaboration with this so-called Bishop Ambrose - and the penalty of the Church for doing this - after six months of provings and warnings to treat them as heretics and we cannot go to their Masses. It's a shame. It is not my fault nor the fault of the faithful - it is the (work) of the devil12:31 who is trying to deceive; to convince Fr. Pfeiffer that he, most of them as priest, he, most (keeper) at the seminary...trying to justify the means - to force divine Providence in violence to the Church- so that attitude is totally reprovable. The rules of the church we are obliged to follow...what should have been done in this case is - we cannot collaborate with Fr. Pfeiffer until by acts, by words to secede(?) from this so-called 'bishop Ambrose'13:47 We cannot go to Fr. Pfeiffer's masses - from anyone from Kentucky until they do something about this scandal which is a great scandal - it is a great shame because they were considered, a few years ago, as great fighters against all enemies with a great strength - very valiant in their fight. NOW14:28 instead of following the providence of Christ the King.....they want to twist Divine Providence by trying to fit, somehow, this so-called bishop into their work so that they may become priests - they have more missionaries ....You have a beautiful end in life that does not allow you to use any means to have that end you want to wish. It's obvious. It's obvious. So anyone who wants to know more information while there is plenty, plenty of evidence - if anyone wants it, we can give it to them. Plenty of years and plenty of investigation that this so-called bishop Ambrose - he has no proof at all of his Catholic Baptism, his Catholic ordination, neither his so-called (being) Bishop - episcopal consecration. The only thing we have that is reliable is the witnesses of the orthodox schismatics themselves for they say he is orthodox from birth and he keeps being orthodox even in 2007 he was performing orthodox ceremonies. 2008. He was performing orthodox schismatic ceremonies We know that for sure. 16:27 So it is a very delicate question. Unfortunately, many people have been deceived but I invite the faithful to resist this scandal - to ask them Fr. Pfeiffer, Fr. Hewko ....to remove this scandal and in the meanwhile not to collaborate with Fr. Pfeiffer at all until he removes this great scandal. So we ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and St. Benedict to help them to give them life and strength and humility overall to remove this scandal and the faithful to be obedient and humble also to acknowledge this great problem17:22 and to act accordingly ...for the glory of Our Lord, to obey Our Lord - His laws and his commandments and to do His Will. We are not here to do our own will but will of God to save our souls .....to follow Archbishop Lefebvre....and to fight for anything that is not going to help the fight for the Faith.

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    In this sermon, Fr. Rafael speaks out against Ambrose Moran and states that we should not be attending the Masses of Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko because of their ministerial association with Ambrose Moran.
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    God bless Fr. Raphael.
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    Yes, this is true. Fr. Raphael makes this point very clearly near the end of the sermon which is about correcting fellow priests especially when they make mistakes - much more when they are serving their own interests.
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