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    These transcriptions are a great gift, thank you!!!
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    Transcription Class 4

    We will continue with Pascendi of St. Pius X (which) covers everything and remember that modernism is the synthesis of all heresies, and it is one heresy. So we can say that a few years ago we used an example of our beloved modern culture that it takes every heresy and bring it to its perfection you will find it is not exactly the same but perfective. Like for instance: modernism, synthesis of all heresies - it is subjectivism reloaded - subjectivism re-adjusted. The same is true of every other heresy. So you take protestantism - all adjusted. You take every heresy and then twist it a little and you will get the modernist. Subjectivism is the easiest one to see - subjectivism, (like I mentioned earlier but forgot to complete the mentioning of it).

    Subjectivism is the teaching that whatever each one of us believes is right.
    What is right for you is right for you, what is right for me is right for me. It is subjective. Whatever I feel is right - that is right. Modernists are against subjectivism. They are enemies of subjectivism. Modernists recognise that there is only one truth - only one truth. Just like Catholics recognise only one truth. BUT what does it mean? It is subjectivism reloaded. So, whatever I, the expert subjectively believe in my good estimation - that is objective truth. Whatever you believe, if it's different, it's wrong! Therefore MY subjectivism is right - your subjectivism is crap. So it's subjectivism but only the expert has the right to come up with an opinion. The right to come up with an idea. It is killing us right now in the resistance and in Catholic tradition in general. This idea! Because, we believe for instance - let's go back to the case of the Pope. Remember in 1820 the Alta Vendita. Replying here the application of the subjectivism problem. In the Alta Vendita the Masons said, we will destroy the Catholic Church through authority and obedience. Authority and obedience are very important to the modernist. We will destroy the Catholic Church through authority and obedience. We will raise obedience to the highest of all virtues and then through obedience we will beat the Catholics into subjection and bring them away from their faith. Which is what they have done in the last 200 years. There is a problem. How do they do that? They say, Catholics believe whatever Christ has taught and handed down by the Apostles, Sacred Scripture and Catholic Tradition What did they do? They emphasise the fact that the principle protecter of Catholic Tradition is called the Holy Father, the Pope. From being the principle protecter he became the only way to know tradition. The only way to know truth. The only way to know Christ. So instead of the Pope being the Vicar of Christ he takes on the role of Christ Himself. He is no longer just the Vicar.

    The Vicar of the Diocese

    As an example - the Vicar of the Diocese - whenever a Bishop would travel to Rome for his ad lumina visit - in his visit to Rome he'll be gone for months or years, because remember it wasn't easy to go to Rome in the days past and each Bishop is supposed to try to make a visit from time to time. It usually takes a few years. Or at least a year. During that time the Vicar would run the diocese. When the Bishop comes back to the Diocese he better find that it is in the same place as when he left - that whatever rules and regulations he made they better be implemented, and there better not be any NEW rules and regulations. The Vicar is supposed to keep things steady without making any changes until the Master returns. That's the Vicar. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ. What the modernists did was they elevated the Vicar of Christ into becoming identical to Christ himself. Whatever proceeds from the mouth of Christ is true because Christ is the Truth. Modernists take this divine characteristic unto themselves. They started by getting Catholics to accept it by saying, you're not divinely inspired but the Pope is. Therefore the only way you can know what Christ teaches is whatever the Pope says. If the Pope changes his mind Christ changed his mind. In this way they got Catholics to abandon the Catholic faith when the Pope went bonkers in Paul VI in the 1960's. That is an example of subjectivism APPLIED.

    The Expert
    The Pope is the expert on matters of religion. Only the expert on any subject has the right to make statement about that subject. Everyone else must agree with the expert because he is the expert. This is not reason, nor is it the teaching of the Catholic Church. The expert is supposed to tell us the way things really are and the expert is called an expert because he understands how things really are better than we do. (An example) He is only an expert if he knows well how cars work. He is not an expert because he went to mechanic school and got a PhD in auto mechanics. He is the expert because he actually knows how real cars work and how to fix them. THEN he is called an expert. That is the Catholic and correct view. But the modernist's view is not that. So subjectivism - what matters - whatever the Pope says - THAT'S Christ teaching. Now, get a modernist Pope. Get a Pope who follows the modern garbage and the people will follow him. Next level down. We follow Bishop Fellay. Bishop Fellay is OUR expert in OUR world. That expert decides we don't need Archbishop Lefebvre any more. We don't need to follow the teachings of our ancestors any more. He's the expert! Therefore we follow HIM. And if he says we're going to go with modernist Rome it's not the same as 1988; it's not the same as 1974 - times have changed which is called 'evolution'. We have a new situation. Who is going to guide us through it? - only the expert. This is modernism applied. With regard to one heresy alone - subjectivism. Not subjectivism simplere but subjectivism reloaded - subjectivism perfected to the modernist sense. And the same is done with every single heresy under the sun. Everyone! So subjectivism is the easiest one to demonstrate.

    Then, what is the next danger? Well, whatever Bishop Williamson says. Then whatever Fr. Pfeiffer says. Whatever the experts on CathInfo say. Or whatever this expert says or whatever that expert says and all of it is wrong. We don't follow what Fr. Pfeiffer says, or what Bishop Williamson says, or what B. Fellay says or even what the Pope says. We follow what Christ says, and these other representatives of Christ are supposed to repeat to us the same thing. The point here (to go through every single detail in Pascendi is impossible) but it takes us five minutes to go through it in class and most of it has been on the first section. The principle thing here is understanding the SYSTEM. If you understand that it's easy to apply.

    Philosopher, Believer, Theologian, Historian, Critic, Apologist, Reformer. (See diagram in Conference 1).
    - there are two guys that are downright unimportant, temporary and will die. They are the Believer and the Theologian. So the Believer and the Theologian, these guys have a short life. First of all, you see the Philosopher, the Historian and the Critic the Apologist and Reformer - they are relating.
    THESE guys die - Believer and Theologian. But they are necessary as steps . Steps to do what? Prepare for the coming of the Antichrist. That's what they're really doing. Steps to prepare for the complete corruption of human society. To make a new Christendom which is the exact opposite of the real Christendom. Remember, our Lord said: Thou art Peter and upon this ROCK I will build my church. The Rock of Peter, the Rock of Christ, the Rock of the Faith. These three are one. The Blessed Trinity is everywhere inside of our faith. The Rock of Peter, the Rock of Christ, the Rock of Faith. That's the Rock that we're built on. Satanism is built on change. Quicksand. Everything is change. Everything is becoming. Everything is fluid. Nothing is stable except one thing. There must always be something stable. That is the unquestioning authority of Satan. The unquestioning of the one in charge. Everything else is fluid and flexible. Our religion is the true religion built on a rock. Satanism, modernism is built on sand. We must understand the true modernist, the leaders of the modernists - they are not modernists. They don't believe this crap. They just teach it. You are supposed to believe it (pointing to hearers). The real modernist is Atonist.

    He understands how God made the real world. He understands how the real world works. He knows that God created it. He knows that God created it in six days. He knows the Catholic Church is the true church. He knows that outside the church there is no salvation. He knows that his master is Satan. He knows that his battle is going to be lost. He knows he will be damned for all eternity. He doesn't doubt these things. This knowledge is important for the leaders of modernism because they must understand reality before they can twist it. I mentioned an example earlier to a couple of you - that if you know for instance that if I take a Bic lighter and I want you to burn this house down, and I put it on this wooden table in this spot over here it won't burn. But I know if it goes on this spot here it will burn - so what do I do? This lighter is not going to burn the house down. Look I put it over here see (first place) no problem so why don't you take it over there (second place) I have got to leave. So you take it and put it over there (second place) the house burns down. How did that happen? It happened because he knows exactly where the fire lights; he knows exactly where the fire doesn't light. Where he puts the lighter he puts it where it doesn't light but he tells you to put the lighter where it DOES light. In order for him to be able to DO that he must understand reality.

    The average modernist is a dupe who believes this system, who falls for it and therefore is easily led. The leaders of the modernists are satanists, they are the leaders of the world, they are genuinely evil men and they understand the truth. They know what they are doing. Who are these individuals? Very difficult for us to say precisely which one is which but they are real and they are there. How do we get modernist thinking and what are the principles of that kind of thinking when it produces ANY heresy - it's a heresy producing system. We begin with agnosticism.

    The first thing we know about everything is that we don't know anything about anything. And we're absolutely certain about that! So the first thing we know is no man can know. What does that do? It gets rid of all the other authorities. The priest says, I know that if you're bad you're going to hell. If you do good and follow the teachings of Christ you can go to heaven. The priest knows what's true and what's false. How do we solve a problem? Just say look, no man can know these things. This gets rid of any authority of anyone who has genuine authority and takes away their fire. That's phase one. Then what. Vital Eminence! We're going to then produce a new reality. We begin by saying, we don't know there is a god. No-one can know there is a god. We discover through vital eminence after a while we have produced god - and god is real. We don't know there is a god. There most certainly is a god. And he's real. Later on, we will discover that THAT God is actually a creation and not a creator, therefore not God and there is no God and we're atheists. No-one can know there is a god. We're certain there is a god. We're certain that God is not God. We are certain there is no God. Those are the satanists. Absolute certainty that we don't know and no-one can know. Certainty that god is real and god exists - this is the conservative stage. The guy's converting he used to be an agnostic right? But now he's moving forward - now he's sure there IS a god. He's got to be converted. Later on we discover that the God that is the real God is not the God that we thought was God. And then we're going to discover sure enough he is not god at all. Atheism. And then guess what? Guess who is God at the end - the man in charge becomes God. There's going to be a God at the end. That God will be the antichrist.

    How do we go about studying anything in history? First step, Pope St. Pius X explains this. The first thing we notice - Transfiguration. The second thing that happens is DISfiguration. Always important to use big words. Because it impresses people. Doesn't matter that it doesn't mean anything - that's irrelevant. So the first thing that happens is Transfiguration. The second is Disfiguration. It's not the feast of the Transfiguration. It's not August 6th. Let's take a man in history - let's say - well, we'll start with our Lord Jesus Christ. The first thing I know is that I don't know anything about him and neither does anyone else. So, a priest tells me that Jesus Christ was this man who was born near a town called Bethlehem. He was raised in obscurity which was very interesting. Then when he was thirty years old he re-appeared on the scene. Possibly when he was twelve he appeared on the scene also in the temple. He then made miracles, he died on the cross, he rose from the dead, he founded a church. I can tell you with absolute certainty that no man can know that really happened - agnosticism! The true expert had to say that no man can know. The first sign that someone is an idiot, and the first sign that someone is a bigot, and the first time that someone needs to be put into an insane asylum is if he tells you that he knows. So I tell you, I know that Jesus Christ is God and he is. I know that he's the creator of the universe. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God and all things were made through him and without him was been made nothing that has been made. That is a nut! Why is he in there? Because he says he knows when we know that no man can know. So the priest is dead in the water. The historian, the true historian, the true priest, the true philosopher, the true critic and the true apologist are dead. He wiped them out on Day 1. Now what are we going to do. We're going to discover the transfiguration is what happened. We know that this man Jesus Christ, miracle-worker, rose people from the dead, rose from the dead himself - we know that this man can't be that. Well, you know, certainly shouldn't be that.

    We have two principles whereby we know this cannot be. Two very important principles, and St. Pius X says these principles have no explanation. You just have to believe them. These principles are in every - I have noticed myself in the last fifteen - twenty years every modern movie and modern stories follows these two principles.

    • The first principle.No man ever does the extraordinary. There are no heroes.
    • The second principle which is concomitant and goes with it - every man works only for self interest.

    These are principles and indisputable dogma for the modernist. St. Pius X points this out in his encyclical. No man ever does the extraordinary. So if you find something extraordinary for instance, raising someone from the dead, actually multiplying loaves - it didn't happen - why? because no man does anything extraordinary. Miracles are ruled out. There can be no miracles because there can be no miracles. He said it was a miracle, it is not a miracle because there can be no miracles. That's it! No proof needed. No man EVER does the extraordinary. And if he does something that appears extraordinary then it is going to be for his own self-interest. So the only reason priests act spiritual and holy is so they can get money from indulgences. And so that they can get Mass stipends. And so they can live in the nice rectory next to a beautiful church. That's why priests do that. They want personal glory; they want personal groupies and they want everything for themselves. When any man does anything there must always be self-interest.

    Q. What is this principle called in evolution?
    A. The survival of the fittest.

    There is another point that is important to understand. Self-interest betters society. It is a very, very important demonic principle. Self- interest benefits society. This is the face of the modern economy; of the capitalism. The capitalist which is condemned by the Catholic Church - capitalism. Catalism teaches every man is interested only in himself. I sell you a car for $500 in the used car market. I sell you a car for $500 because if I sell it to you for $2,000 when it's only worth $500 you are not going to buy another car from me.
    Therefore, I am honest to you in business not because honesty is right, not because honesty is good, but because it is better for my long-term business plan. Every good thing must be done for self-interest and that's just a dogma. So therefore, what happens? The Believer - let's go back to our believer. When man begins to evolve he wants an explanation for the things that are happening around him. He BELIEVES - he needs necessities, he needs food. He has needs and these needs are fulfilled by some spiritual thing - by God. His needs are going to be fulfilled and when believers get together they have common need. Go back to that man Jesus Christ according to the teaching of the modernists. The community of Mark. They claim it is a community in which we know that Mark's gospel is the first Gospel. Why? Because it's the shortest. It is obvious that the longer you go on you were told more lies. Mark's gospel is shorter therefore it had to be the first gospel. It's obvious! Shortest gospel must be the first gospel. And Mark lived in a community of the Jews suffering. A Jewish community of suffering people and so he wanted a hero who suffered. Mark took this man Jesus Christ - he was one of many men that were crucified under Pontius Pilate. He crucified many men who called themselves the Messiah - one of these men was Jesus Christ. They took this man and they transfigured him - they made him into something he was not. The believer took the real historical character of Jesus Christ and he transfigured him. Remember there is not just one believer, there are groups of believers. And as a group, psychologically have taken a historical character and made him into something he was not. Thinking he's a suffering Jesus. Later on, we discover that there was another community under John - this is a more positive and loving community. They would never have had the negative experiences of Mark's community so they made the Jesus character rise from the dead.

    What happened was John's community and Mark's community and other communities of Jews were dispersed in the early centuries and they began to come together. They mixed the stories of Jesus which began to be melded together. So that he became a crucified man but he became a resurrected man. He became a great miracle worker but then he was also a preacher. He was a King, he was a teacher he was sold like a slave and they have all these confusing stories about this man. They were all created until one day it was defined by an election of bishops - he became GOD! This is the story from Jesus to Christ. Now many experts have different opinions about it. When did Jesus believe he was God. Did he ever think of the idea of being God himself in his own lifetime? - what is it? - tell me! With absolute certainty we can tell you that - we don't know. But of course it's certain. Here's an example: there is a document, you can see the document from Jesus Christ. Before reading Pascendi I showed a document to the seminarians made in the late nineties early two thousand - it is called From Jesus Christ. First watch that. Written about the year 2,000 then you read Pascendi. You find there is nothing new in that crappy modernist demonic production. It's all here in 1907 explained by St. Pius X (Father indicates the Pascendi document).

    We know for certain that we don't know. But we can surmise that there was a document - they called it the
    'Q' which has never been found. We know this document existed because it MUST have existed. It's like a missing link. We know it existed because it must have existed, so if it must have existed therefore it certainly existed. This document called the 'Q' we will surmise that this document comes from the the various common elements between the four gospels. We're talking about a kind of new science condemned by St. Pius X, by Pius IX - a new science and this new science can be applied to ANYTHING. It is called 'textual criticism' - called a historical critical method by which - I am not going to be held down by this document produced in 1907 - you're telling me it was the Pope who wrote this. I am going to look at it and on this page he says, Love your neighbour. On the next page he says, whack the bad guys. Certainly this is two different guys - obviously it is two different guys. Love your neighbour whack the bad buys how can one guy do that?You can clearly tell that there must have been two authors. The love the neighbour author and the whack the bad buys author. Be good author couldn't have been the same guy that says don't be bad. But why would someone who says be good tell you not to be bad? Doesn't make any sense. So therefore the guy who says be good ; the guy who says don't be bad - clearly they are different guys. So we look at a text and we use our own judgement because we are experts. Why am I an expert? Because I am - an expert. So, as an expert - as I got a PhD from the Institute of Technology - I got this great PhD and therefore you have to follow whatever I say because I got a PHd. You DON'T!

    Transfiguration we know happened. There was a man named Jesus Christ. He was transfigured into a suffering character by the community of Mark. He was transfigured into a happy joyful loving character by the community of John, and Matthew was some part of Jewdom - more Jewish than the other ones and Luke was a doctor who put in medical stuff. And remember, by the way, Mark didn't exist, Luke didn't exist and John didn't exist but Mark did this and Luke did that and John did the other thing only it didn't exist because we know with absolutely certainty that we don't know. But it is certain that what we don't know is true. Like Donald Rumsfeld : because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know.

    So transfiguration happens first and then what happens is called DISfiguration. Disfiguration means the real character - in this case the real Christ is disfigured. That's how we need him. What is the duty of the philosopher, the historian, the critic? These are the most important guys. They look at the disfigured Christ and pull off all the garbage. Get down to the real Jesus. I have noticed myself at the airports in the last couple of years more of the series - what is the latest finding from a few years ago. The real Jesus did all kinds of stuff. Right now, I have noticed on some hippy channel Finding Jesus is one of them. I see that in the airport. The Bible is another one. They 're redoing the Bible thing. And they are all this (points on board to 'Disfiguration'). Believers came together and they produced what they thought they needed. A Jesus character saved them. In the case of Christ how do we know this happened? Well, in the year 70AD, according to the modernists, there was a destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. And before that time - let's say the time of Solomon - the Jewish people were very much a people of the Temple. The Romans came in and destroyed the Temple. So now all of a sudden you've got wandering Jews. There are two aspects of the Jewish character. One is the Temple. The people of the Temple. These are the original regionalistic Jews. Then there are the people of the Book. Remember it was believed by the Jews that a man named Moses wrote these five books which of course he didn't write. But we know with absolute certainty about Moses that no man can know. In any case this man Moses, who of course we don't know he ever existed but we're certain that it happened. He wrote these five books. The people of the Book they became the Talmudic Judaism. The Talmud and the Kabbalah. So they didn't mean any of those Jews. Other Jews really look back to the Temple. They looked for something to have ritual, but the ritual could no longer be in the Temple. So they became ritualistic Jews who looked at this Jewish character that was crucified by the Romans some thirty years before the Temple event. whose name was Jesus. They created a Jewish break-off from Judaism which today is called Christianity. What proofs do they have of this? They do not need proofs because they are experts. Remember also, it is not as simple as that, because they will take proofs in much the same way as Galileo uses telescopes. Galileo is one of the great creators of our modern world. He was an evil man. But he recognised something that has been used by the scientists from his day until our present day. I have a telescope. You don't. I look through my telescope and it tells me that what you see every day is not right. You must trust me because I have a telescope. What if you buy a telescope? What will happen? Nothing! Why? Because you don't know how to read a telescope. So if I were to give you my telescope I will be wasting a beautiful piece of equipment because you don't understand telescopes. You don't know how to use telescopes. You don't even know what you're looking at. This is the key to the victory of modern science. It is called the Copernican revolution down for the last 500 years. The realisation you don't have to prove anything. Even Galileo said it before the communists said it. You tell a lie. You tell it boldly and you tell it again, and you tell it again and tell it again and one day they will say it's true. Don't prove it. Say it with conviction and mock anyone who disagrees. Galileo was the first one to do that. He didn't invent anything, but he knew how to mock, he knew how to sell. He knew the power of the telescope and he knew that if he lied who's going to catch him? A couple of intelligent guys maybe but who's going to listen to them because I'm going to make the lie more boldly than they say the truth. This is the power. It is the foundation of modernism. Modernism begins with the Protestant revolution it begins with Galileo's ...but nevertheless, we can't go into that.

    Believers, theologians, philosophers
    We have here the believer (points to board). What is a theologian? The theologian is the guy who explains to the believer what he believes. Like a psychiatrist. He explains to you what you already believe. The theologian has a certain value because the actual premise of the theologian is to be a bridge between the believer and the philosopher. The philosopher is a cold hearted facts guy. He's like Mr. Spock. This is the way it is - if you don't like it this is thinking bad. This hurts believers. The theologian - his job is to make believers and philosophers get along. How does he make believers and philosophers get along? He explains to believers what they believe. He gets the confidence of the believer and then he understands the teaching of the philosopher and he slowly prepares the believer to accept what the philosopher teaches. He is like the middle-man. He is a facilitator. He is a social worker. That's his job. It's a temporary job. Once the philosopher has full power the theologian gets executed. Once the philosopher has full power the believer is in prison. These guys are temporary (theologian and philosopher).

    The historian.

    What is the historian? The historian is not a guy who tells you things that happened in history. Once we watched the movie, 'The Cardinal '. One of the modernist options up there. It is a 100 percent modernist movie. Catholics like it because it's got Latin in it, because it's got incense, it's got the old Mass before the new Mass, the guy wears a cassock - it's just wonderful. It is just straight heresy from beginning to end. In fact it was made by the Jews in Hollywood so it is a give away at the Superama. But the fact is, what is interesting is he was an American guy before he becomes a Cardinal and the movie is made in 1962. There is water that is leaking from a pipe (from the roof) and it falls on a statue in an Italian parish where he is a newly ordained priest. So - there's the weeping Madonna. People start saying the Madonna's weeping Madonna's weeping and all say their Hail Mary's and go home. He even finds out it is a leaking pipe. His Jewish friend comes in and says,

    What happened? The Pipe's leaking on the Madonna. Are you going to tell the people? No, I'm not going to tell the people. So they're going to believe a lie? They're not going to believe a lie - the Madonna wept. Are you trying to tell me it was a miracle? No, the fact is that water leaked from the pipe and hit the statue and that made it look like it is weeping but it's not weeping.
    He said to his Jewish friend. Those are just facts . That's not what really happened - they are just facts. The fact is that God made the pipe right? If God made it able to rot, God made it leak at that point, He made it fall on the statue - the people think it's a miracle. What's the problem? So the people have benefitted, the pipe needs to be fixed. We fix the pipe. The statue needs to be cleaned an extra time what's the problem? These are just facts. What matters is the interpretation of the facts.
    An historian is an interpreter of facts. He's not about facts. He's an interpreter of facts. It is not his job to tell you what happened - who did what. His job is to tell you what is in the conscience; what was in the heart.

    What was in the mind of Napoleon when he decided to put his hand inside his chest? When he decided to fight his war? He is a describer of consciences, and how they interact with one another and you should not be disturbed with little things like facts. His job is to INTERPRET the facts. Now when we interpret some facts we're going to match the philosophy that he has. Notice the seven heads - the same kind coming up. What's the first thing we know about history? The first thing we know about history is that we can't know anything about history. But as we study history we're going to discover that there are stories passed down to us. Napoleon was an Emperor. Muhammad Ali - a boxer. He was the greatest of all boxers who came from the holy land of Kentucky. Now, what do we know about that? This is A transfiguration of the REAL Muhammad Ali - he turned out to be a Cassius Clay guy. It's a transfiguration of the real man into something that people needed. Remember, this was the sixties - people were in rebellion and they were afraid of real fighting. One comedian said see what you have to understand about Muhommad Ali because he told the American Government - he said I'm not gonna kill him. I am a man of peace. Well if you're not going to kill him, we're not gonna let you beat him up. So he likes to beat people up but doesn't want to kill them. They want him to kill him but they don't want him to beat him up. So he has a Thrilla of Manila and a rumble in the Jungle because he was running away from the draft.

    The people needed someone who was going to be violent who was going to beat people up but not kill them. And so they took this guy from Kentucky [..] and they created this need Did the real Muhammad Ali live? We know that we can't really know (history) but we know there was a real Muhammad Ali - so guess what - you switch the channel and you get the story of the REAL Muhammad Ali. And what's that story going to be? Whatever the moron that made the story wants it to be. It doesn't matter ANYTHING what Cassius Clay really did. We're going to take that story and make it whatever we want it to be. Because we know that we don't know . We know the guy whom we believe to be Muhammad Ali is a transfigured character that's not the real Muhammad Ali. He's disfigured and the duty of the historian, of the journalist, of the philosopher, of the critic is to get rid of all these disfigurations. We also know that every man in history never ever does anything that's extraordinary, and we also know they can never do anything without self interest.

    We apply these principles to every single case.

    Father Alban Butler - he made Butler's Lives of the Saints. Pull out your 1860 edition of Butler's Lives of the Saints and look up St. Christopher. This is pre-Vatican II - about 100 years before Vatican II. The modernist says, we know that we don't know Christopher really existed. We know that the Christopher that is is the one we think that carried Christ across the water and is a patron of travellers and who did miracles. We know that that is not the real Christopher that is a disfigured Christopher who was transfigured by the belief of Christians down the last 1,000 years. But we're pretty sure there was a real Christopher because after all the Church has a feast of St. Christopher. Now why is it that Christopher is really a big guy? Butler tells us because there was a big statue. There were little people going into a big church - there was a big statue of St. Christopher. So they got the idea he was a big man. Now these people (and you give the short explanation) wanted someone big and strong to protect them and they wanted someone to carry them across the rivers of life. So they made this character who was probably a real saint, a real holy guy, but we don't know much about him. We know that the real Christopher is transfigured by public tradition - disfigured, and the historian is going to pull apart this disfiguration and bring us back to the real Christopher.

    There is another life - of St. Francis Xavier - Fr. Chazal read it. It's a big long life. A Jesuit wrote it. In the documentation of the canonization of St. Francis Xavier I think there are 40 confirmed miracles. Raising people from the dead, driving devils away and the church is really strict in its confirmation of miracles. In the Jesuits Life of St. Francis Xavier he admits only one miracle. That is, that there was a storm - he threw a crucifix in the water the storm stopped and the crab brought him the crucifix in India. The other miracles - raising from the dead, speaking in tongues - we're not sure they ever happened. And the reason why St. Francis is a saint is because he was a downright spiritual guy. He did fasting, he prayed. He was downright holy. But miracles? We know he performed miracles but did he perform all the miracles they say? I don't think so. It's popular imagination. There was a saint from the nineteenth century that, in the breviary it mentions sometimes in the sermons he is a liar like the second nocturne. It's the same - a Catholic priest in the nineteenth/twentieth century, he's a liar like the second nocturne. You know that when we say Matins - first nocturne we have three readings where you read Sacred Scripture. Second Nocturne we have three readings, and we read the life of the Saint of the day. One example of such readings is the life of St. Clement of Rome. It tells us that Clement the Pope was murdered in the Black Sea. They tied him to an anchor they brought him on the black about ten miles and they dumped him in the water and they drowned him. The people wanted to get St. Clement's body. The Black Sea receded ten miles and the people walked into the sea and there was a small church in the bottom of the sea. St. Clement's body lay in it holding the anchor. They took him and the anchor out of the sea and that is what it says in the Breviary that we read. Many other miracles. This is an example of one and what do they say, this is something which is extraordinary. Therefore we know for certain it didn't happen. But we still accept that there was a real St. Clement. The one that WE think of as St. Clement is a disfigured Clement who was transfigured by the popular love of the simple of the past who are not as smart as people today.

    Why were people of the past not as smart as people today? Because of evolution. The later you are in development the smarter you are. The older you are the dumber you are. The further back you are you were stupid and believed simple things. Now people don't believe simple things. Historian, agnosticism vital eminence of the community produces a transfigured Clement. This kind of figure is disfigured from the real Clement. The historian - get rid of the illusions.

    Now we come to America because sometimes Americans do it the right way. All Americans know that we have a St. George who was the founder of our country. 'St'. George - he was under that cherry tree. He found the Lord, he got saved, the guy was a walking saint. He was baptized on his death bed. Went straight to heaven with the Angels. He's a saint! It's obvious! OK he was a Mason. Nobody's perfect! (laughter). He was head of the Alexandria March '22 which were guys trying to destroy Christ and the Catholic Church.What do you do nowadays? George Washington needed to be a saint a hundred years ago - Why? Because he had to destroy Christianity inside of the American people. Therefore you make a Mason hero. Now he becomes like a saint! Now we don't need saints any more. We don't want patriotism any more. So the same guys that made George Washington into a saint guess what they're making him into now. He's a demon. Go to the History Memorial Chapel

    He had 317 slaves. The guy was a slave-owner - OK (sarcasm). Why did George Washington fight in the revolution? Because he married Martha. I forget what her last name was but Martha had 17 million dollars in cash in 1730, or whatever it was. In today's money, we're talking billions of dollars. That was a happy marriage let me tell you. Now, George married this very rich girl named Martha, he had 317 slaves. About evolution? George only cared about what? His own personal self-interest. He didn't do anything extraordinary. He's just another pig that got to be on the dollar bill. That's it! He wasn't even on the five - Lincoln was. So Lincoln was a hero, now Lincoln is a pig. Did this different guy make him a good pig emanating from a hero? No! The same modernist made him into a pig that made him into a hero. This is the point of St. Pius X. He says the modernist is not just against the Catholic religion. He's not just the enemy of the Catholic religion. He is the enemy of all religion. Which is why you will find that pagans who have a brain; Protestants have a brain; true liberals have a brain - they all hate modernists because they understand the modernists are going to destroy liberals. Liberals believe everyone can do what they want. Modernists don't! They are going to make everyone into a slave. And it comes to the problem where liberals say, hey wait a minute what's going on here - it's too late. What do they go back to? They say that the critic tells me that you're wrong. Guess what - the critic is the same guy as the historian. The historian doesn't agree with the philosopher - the problem is he's the same guy.

    (Refer to diagram in first session where the seven-headed monster is the same guy popping up in seven different openings)

    We have the same exact process, the same exact system applied to everything. Once you understand this you can become an expert on any subject no matter what it is. If you're an expert you know how it happened that the resistance came into being. Well we can say with certainty, after all I've studied that the first thing I can tell you is that it's absolutely certain that we don't know. But then again, we know there's something TO this resistance thing. We really do! When I say we don't know, what do they do that can successfully happen to anybody that knows anything. We want those guys out of the room! Now getting back to my story. It could be whatever I want it to be. Those guys in the resistance - remember nobody does anything extraordinary. With regard to the resistance we now have these priests who were seriously disgruntled with their superiors. and their fellow-priests. What were they disgruntled about? Absolutely certain? No, we don't know. But we're absolutely certain that they were really disgruntled and there's no doubt about it. It COULD have been that they were disgruntled because they were stationed with these guys who were too strict or too lax - didn't meet what they felt that they needed based on their situation. Like one of these priests in the resistance we learned that he was transferred to somewhere in Asia. Clearly that is not a happy place. And he wanted to get back. So there must have been some kind of a tension and this must be the problem. Then we discovered that the real reason why he said he went out - that's the transfigured reason. We know for certain that whatever he said is clearly wrong. Why? Because he's biased. If you want to find out what somebody did in their lives never ask that person because their biased. Ask somebody who is an unbiased observer. Somebody says, what did you do last night when you were alone in your room? I can't answer you - you're biased. So I am going to ask somebody who is an unbiased observer. How about Ralph who lives in China? What did he do in his room in Colorado? I think he was watching on the internet You Tube videos of Chin Wong Fine Choui. OK that must be what he did. This guy said he was sleeping but that's impossible.

    So - you are going to create an expert First you don't know. Then you are going to produce a reality Then you are going to do whatever you are told - you know its transfigured - you're going to disfigure it and get down to the real truth. That's journalism. A good journalist is a guy who shows to you that whoever he is reporting on is a liar. A good journalist is one who shows to you - the lie. If he doesn't do that he is a bad journalist. So philosopher, believer, theologian, historian, critic - all the same thing. That's how the modernist system works. Remember, because it's always undergoing flux and each person is going to be ripping apart the other person. Eventually people become crazy. This is OUR point. OUR state right now. Everyone's an expert. Everyone is going through this process of modernist thinking. Whatever anybody tells me it can't be true. Everybody is a liar. I have got to find whatever he said to what the real truth is and whatever anybody does is for self-interest. I can't trust anybody and after a while there is a breakdown. Once a complete breakdown takes place - what do we want? Somebody to come in and fix our lives. This is the protocols of the elders of Sion. We will create an international crisis. Then we're going to come in and fix it. Because we created the crisis we could easily fix it.

    So we have a case here where people living in this kind of world say that everything is divided. And by the way remember what's happening as time progresses the believer and the theologian are getting shrunk, and shrunk and shrunk. They're almost down to zero now. The historian, the philosopher, the psychiatrist, the psychologist , critic - these guys are taking over. People then are living in an impossible situation. They want a way out and the only way out is authority. Authority. So they are going to accept the police state without any problem. We're already there. If we accept the police state we accept authority. We're going to accept whatever the authorities give to us.

    Remember that it's a system and I just want to say, it is sufficient for now. If anybody has any questions we can continue tomorrow with some of the solutions because obviously there are many things in the encyclical - we want to understand how the system works and the answer to the system is the simple faith of a child and the recognition that there is only one and beautiful truth given to us by Christ - given to us by God. We have to accept it clearly and boldly and the entire Catholic vision. You will notice at this stage - the tearing apart stage - the avili is only a phase of modernism. At the end we're going to pull everything back together again only this time it will be pulled together under Satan, pulled together under the cold philosopher, pulled together under the cold historian, under the cold psychiatrist and notice that the historian describes psychologies, and not what happens, we can always change history. They go back in history for instance now and make everybody into homosexuals. We have a homosexual culture. They go back in history and make every single girl into a feminist. They're going to turn everybody into whatever we are. Keep changing the history. We can easily do that because all that matters is we know the truth changes and we know that we're evolving and the only way we can know the truth is to go to the expert and that is the great practical conclusion of it all. We're going to have to follow that expert. So we're going to be a people who follow.

    This is the problem because we do need human leaders that's true. God loves us to have human leaders. He made us that way. But we don't follow the human leader because he is the human leader. We follow the leader so far as he's bringing souls to Christ and the conclusion, like Archbishop Lefebvre said - As long as I am teaching the divine truth as long as I am teaching Christ's gospel as long as I am leading you to Christ the Truth follow me. If I am not abandon me! Father Hewko and I say the same thing so should every priest - as long as we follow the divine truth follow us. If we step away from the divine truth abandon us! The truth is bigger than us. According to the modernists the person is bigger than the truth. Now this is kind of a simple explanation of the phases. Remember there are many nuances to this heresy. It is very dark and very wicked. It has many angles. Remember when you meet a modernist who will ask you do you believe Jesus is God? Yes, I do!

    I remember I met one in Phoenix Arizona at a funeral - he was a Nigerian priest - very intelligent and I spoke with him for three hours. This man is the most Catholic priest I have ever met. After three hours of discussion he said, wait a minute. I said what? You're talking about the Jesus of history. The real Jesus. He was talking about the transfigured Jesus. You mean you believe the real Jesus rose from the dead? I said, yes he did. You're nuts! And he went ape on me. He had a PhD by the way. He went nuts!

    The minute he knew we were excommunicated he was very good because he knew the SSPX was excommunicated. I don't care about excommunication - I don't believe in excommunication. He didn't care about that. You believe this crap is real! That's what I have a problem with. And for the next three hours -battling - six hours! The first three hours was the most Catholic guy I had met in my whole life. He agreed on everything - Latin, tradition, Latin Mass, but he was agreeing about the transfigured Jesus. that he believed under his spiritual sign, but he knows that the real Jesus is nothing like that. St. Pius X points out the modernist has different tongues. When he preaches from the pulpit he preaches like a wonderful spiritual Catholic priest. When he meets with his own in private he speaks evil. When he speaks to a middle group he speaks in the middle. How is he able to do this? Because he understands his audience and he understands his purpose. He knows what he is about. He knows how to fight in the smoke. We fight in the open. He knows how to dance and weave. He has no problem with contradiction. That's how he operates.

    (A lady asked a question that could not be heard. Father replied)

    We're kind of already in it right now. For instance, I go to India sometimes and you don't even notice until you go to a place like India or the Philippines - they have something there we don't have. It's called freedom. I can walk across the street without getting executed - so can a cow. You can do things, that now when you do anything you're in a state of fear. A policeman is going to pull you over. What do you think when you're driving your car without a seat belt? You're terrified right? We used to ride in the back of a pick-up truck (Cracks a joke) So you see - seat-belts, car seats - if you don't have your car seat you're in terror. Homosexuality is a grave offence against God. It's terrifying isn't it? In a police state they say you can't say that. We're already in the legal state of a police state now. The people are just not fully ready to be one hundred percent enslaved yet. Remember going back to the beginning about crowd. - what St. Basil says about the crowd? Once the people are fully ready which they are pretty close to being ready, the antichrist comes. The only problem is this - Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary - they make the schedule. The people are ready for the antichrist now. The world is prepared for him now. He's not going to come now. We know that because of the prophecies of Our Lady. Because of a supernatural revelation. But the world is ready. Christ is going to stop it. Why? to prove that he's in charge. Christ comes at the exact moment he chooses. No-one stops his schedule. The devil makes HIS schedule and our lord (looks at his watch) and says, Nah, today's not it. And that means the devil is not going to do it on his schedule.

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    Transcription Class 6 (continues from above thread)

    Remember we were saying yesterday regarding Pascendi - it's THE document of the heresy error of our times which in one word is 'evolution'. It is the exact opposite of the catholic world view - every detail. The modernists now - . 200 years into the error and heresy of modernism - infiltrated every level of society. Most people think in a modernist way today and as I mentioned at the end of the talk yesterday. The leaders, the ones who are the makers of modernism - these men, as I mentioned last night, they are not modernists. They're realists. They know that the world is real, created by God, the Catholic church is the true church, outside of the catholic Church there is no salvation. They know what the make-up of society is - the make up of things and knowing this they use it to be able to use knowledge and truth in order to manipulate souls through wicked lies. As St Pius X said Modernism is the collection, the synthesis of all heresies. A synthesis of all heresies is going to come towards the end of the world. The devil is pulling souls together from all the camps - all the various enemies of God. All the various pagan religions; all the various levels of liberalism; all the various levels of subjectivism; all the various heresies - the devil has pulled them together into one in this great heresy of modernism. So, a quick summary - briefly from yesterday - remember that the modernist is one man but he shows seven heads. In fact he has many more heads. St. Pius X lists seven of them. So you will see there are seven different guys sticking their heads out of a foxhole. We're trying to kill these seven guys - kill these seven enemies. You shoot the guy in hole no. 7 and you find a guy in No. 5 - you shoot him - then there's a guy in No. 1 and you shoot him. Another guy appears in No. 7 - you shoot him. You think there are many guys, in fact there is one man who's in a hole drops down, walks over and pops into another one. Drops down, walks over and pops into another one. St. Pius in the encyclical Pascendi notes in the very beginning, Modernists act confused, seem confused, seem disjointed and disorganised and in disarray - they are NOT! They seem contradictory- they do NOT contradict. They DO not contradict. What we see in the seeming contradictions of Bishop Fellay, Bishop Williamson more recently; Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, Pope Paul VI -if you look carefully at what they all say you will discover that they never contradict themselves. This is the point of St. Pius X. There are many that are liars, and many heresies which are filled with contradictions because ultimately there's going to be some contradictions in every heresy including modernism, BUT one of modernism's hallmarks that makes it different from other heresies is that it does not self-contradict.That way you're always able to tell the same story - jump back and forth - change sides and never actually shoot themselves in the foot. The focus of our class which with the seminarians is about 5 to six weeks or more to go through Pascendi, but in our class, our primary focus is Modernism is a
    system. It is not just a bunch of bad doctrines.

    We look at a Protestant for instance as an example, or say orthodox who do not accept the Papal infallibility and some orthodox don't accept the way Catholics explain the Immaculate Conception, and there may be a few other things. If we get them to accept papal infallibility, if we get them to accept the authority of the Pope, if we get them to accept the Church's teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary as we teach it - then Boom! they're Catholic. Fix accepting the Pope, fix the Immaculate Conception - they're Catholic. Protestants also - fix that the Pope is head of the church, fix the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God and they easily become Catholic. Modernism is not like that. In modernism you can fix every one of those things: I accept Mary as Mother of God, I accept the Blessed Trinity, I accept that the Pope is head of the Church, I accept every article in the Creed and they are still one hundred percent modernist! And you have not made even the slightest conversion. This is the most wicked, the most insidious and underneath of all heresies. We believe that the Holy Ghost inspired St. Pius X when he wrote Pascendi06:23 and and also the short document
    Praestantia Scripturae to show there's where the problem is - underneath (Father underlines the tunnel connecting underneath the seven trenches).


    Here's where the roots are - underneath, and it is only one root, only one problem - we must kill that problem. They try to disguise it as sticking up false heads, (seven ) we attack all the false heads we don't get to the root. St. Pius X gets to the root in Pascendi. He even takes practical steps to hold back - he knows he cannot eliminate this heresy but he held it back and some great modernist, I forget his name, said he has held us back 50 years. He has delayed us 50 years - 17,27,37,47,57 Vatican II 1962. He delayed us 50 years but we will come back. So in 55 years he died in 1914 so you go from then 24,34,44,54,64 - 50 years. He held them for 50 years. They hated him and they knew that this man attacked their roots. We now have to attack the roots of modern heresy. Going to yesterday again - the steps of modernism is a system of heresy producing factory or we could just say, a lie producing factory.

    Remember, we call the devil - the father of lies. There is a process by which he tells lies.

    First step : Agnosticism which is the certainty that no man can know. We know with absolute certainty that nobody can know God. We know with absolute certainty that nothing in the universe - (Father diverted to draw a small diagram of the four elements of the modernist universe.)​


    Tradition tells us that there is the subconscious, then in the middle we have the real world which is conscious (the inside of man) and visible phenomena (only insofar as it is visible). The real world consists only of the things inside the darker rings. The beyond the real world. The real world is in these areas: conscious and the phenomena. Beyond the real cannot be known by anyone. So, in the beginning of evolution man's conscious is very small and the visible world is very small. He doesn't see very many things, he doesn't know very many things. The visible world continues to increase which means the phenomenal world decreases and the subconscious world will decrease. The conclusion of it all is that in the end there will be only two elements which is the element of the conscious and the visible. Religion exists in beyond the phenomena and the subconscious. The priest rules beyond the phenomena and the subconscious - the spiritual is in beyond the phenomena and the subconscious. These two universes never cross - according to the modernists - they never cross. So if you believe like I told you about a Nigerian Priest in Arizona - really intelligent - why I remembered him. For the first three hours he told me he firmly believed in all the teachings of the Catholic church - the traditional teachings. After three hours he stopped! And I thought he was the most traditional priest in the world. Then he said wait a minute You actually believe this stuff? Do you really believe that Jesus in history rose from the dead? I said yes Jesus in history rose from the dead. You've got to be kidding me! He went ape! He firmly believed in his beyond the phenomena world. He did his PhD in theology. He firmly believed that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. That the Catholic Church is the true church in THAT world (Fr. points to beyond the phenomena and the sub conscious circles). But in the REAL world we don't know anything about Jesus only that he was some obscure man that was crucified in the year 30AD. We know that the Jesus of religion doesn't exist. He was angry with me he wanted to kill me. Because I don't believe - I KNOW that the Jesus of History rose from the dead. And then we had another three-hour training session after that. So for the first three hours we were in total agreement. Next three hours we were in total war on exactly the same subject. That is the difference of modernism. It is a heresy that gets underneath so you can accept all the truths on the top but somehow it keeps from getting to the heart; it keeps them from getting into the soul which is the most evil of all heresies.

    In the realm of sin there are many sins but not all sins are equal. Some are infinitely worse than others. This is the worst of all heresies. Look at all these seven heads. What does a modernist do? First it begins with agnosticism - in the end we came up with the subconscious and the conscious and the first thing you know is we do not know God - no-one can know God -there is no certainty. Later there is the process of vital eminence. Remember modernism is just evolution. And in the great wisdom of St. Pius X he described and understood the mechanism of evolution. Most evolutionists don't understand it, they just think it happens. But St. Pius X DESCRIBES how evolution works. There are two foundations of modernism: evolution and vital eminence - that vital eminence is just part of evolution. But nonetheless vital eminence - that I inside of me feels this need and the most important man is the philosopher then comes believer, theologian, historian, critic, reformer
    These are the stages - these are the seven heads. At first we believe at the beginning there are seven different men but in fact it is the same man working with a purpose, and the Reformer prepares the world for the antichrist. That is what he's doing. But you are not supposed to know that. So we're going through a stage where the first is the phllosopher. Every man is a philosopher. The one science that makes our life, the science of all things. So this philosopher (Fr. points to first trench) he recognises how things work. He understands the one science that makes everything work. First of all agnosticism . Everybody knows we cannot know. What is important about this? Oftentimes if you were to walk into a math class for instance on day one you might meet a guy with a table like this (points to table) - he will be called the teacher. And you might walk into a class where a guy is called a teacher and he's going to tell you, say we're going to learn that 1 + 1 = 2 and next year we're going to go into calculus.
    You say: I know calculus. Now how do you get rid of the authority of the teacher? First thing you say is I know you don't know what calculus is. Why? Because I never heard of calculus. If calculus existed I would have heard about it. I never heard about it. You see this paper - it is MATH class. It doesn't say CALCULUS class. MATH class you moron! If I don't know about calculus NOBODY knows about calculus. Calculus doesn't exist. And if it doesn't exist maybe it does. But I don't know about it. And you don't know about it either. Because it can't be known.

    What do you do with the agnosticism phase? Any authority, anyone that already knows is thrown aside. Now you are the only authority. That is important. Now with regard to vital eminence. The modernist says: We PRODUCE God. What he says is that man sees the world outside him, and he feels this inner need to understand why. He doesn't know why. Why the grass grows; why the sun sets; why dogs eat ducks and not cats - (that's what they do here.) So WHY does this happen? He doesn't know why so what does he do? He invents the universal answer to the problem of why? And that is 'GOD'. 'God' is the answer to why when you don't know what the answer is.
    God! Well believers gathered together and invented MANY gods. What happened over time is that certain believers were more in tune with this God thing. And certain believers understand that they understood better what the other believers believed and they could express well what believers believed and they became theologians. And the theologians job is to explain to the believer what he already believes. When you were in Catechism class our duty is to tell you that there are three persons in one God. When St. Patrick went to Ireland they didn't know that. Now the modernist St. Patrick would go to Ireland and he would say the same thing: Do you know that there are three persons in one God? I didn't know that. Well actually you do know that - it's in your heart. You FEEL the three Persons. It's been there the whole time. Your mummy, daddy family right? You see it's there. There is a half truth in that, like in every lie. What is he going to do He is either going to say there are three persons in one God but it is because you needed there to be three persons in one God because you hate being alone. You might have this one God, but he seemed to be a little lonely so you made him three because you know two is company and three is a crowd. But then again, you know, three is better than two because they always fight when they're married so three is a better idea. So we get this idea of their being three persons which means that God is alone which means he is in charge; but he's also in a happy family - he is in a family so it is just one idea really. So you can make any lie with this system.
    Agnosticism - get rid of anybody that knows anything; get rid of all truth

    Next stage transfiguration then disfiguration.
    What is going to happen? Believers are going to have a need. They are going to produce this idea of God which fulfils their need and he is going to be a transfigured reality. Such as the example we had yesterday - that most modernists give. You can use any example about Our Lord, Jesus Christ. So this man Jesus was an obscure man; he lived in Palestine; he was crucified by Pilate but the Jewish community was in great disarray because the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in the year 70 AD and there are two branches of Jews that broke away. There were Jews of the Temple - that liked ritual and there were Jews of the Book who liked that Moses - whoever he was, and the five books he wrote, the Torah etc. The Jews of the Book they formed the Talmud and they became Talmudiac modern Judaism. The other Jews of the Temple they felt the need for ritual. They became what is now called 'Christianity'. And what they did was they felt this need for the ritual because the temple was destroyed and they also felt the need for healing. There was the community of John and in the community of Mark they felt suffering so they made Jesus die on the Cross. The community of John they had more hope, They were further away from persecution. So they wanted this Jesus character to rise. So they made him rise from the dead. And all these different characters of Jesus they all came together and they formed this one Messiah figure who is the transfigured figure of the real Jesus and he is called Christ. He was even called God in the year 325 in the Council of Nicea by a Pope and some Bishops that had gathered there that year. They gathered together and they created this transfigured figure who is called Jesus Christ.

    Now the historian
    What is he going to do? He is going to come and see this figure of Jesus Christ - Creator of heaven and earth; the Word made flesh; performed many miracles; rose from the dead . What is the first thing we know about Jesus? What is it? Absolute certainty without any doubt - the first thing we know about him - we don't know. So the first thing we know about Christ is that we don't know. What about other people? They don't know either. So - agnosticism. First thing we know. We know that the man that is called Jesus is transfigured - he's changed. He is a disfiguration of the real Jesus. What are we supposed to do as historians? Get rid of the fake, false transfigured Jesus. He was a disfiguration of the real Jesus. And we are going to get back to it. What are our principles? Principle No. 1, principle No. 2.

    Principle No. 1 - we know that no man ever does anything extraordinary. That's just a fact. No man does anything extraordinary. St. Pius X points out the no man does anything extraordinary he points out that this is just a principle of the modernists. It is just a principle that cannot be denied and they don't prove anything. It is a fact.
    Secondly, every man works for self interest. So what do I do with the man Jesus Christ? One day he rose Lazarus from the dead - that equals extraordinary. Obviously it didn't happen. Rule out - throw it out from the book. He died on the cross to do what? Save men's souls. That's ridiculous. Why? Because it's not for his own self-interest. So clearly that didn't happen. Obviously things went wrong at the end of his attempt to be a Messiah figure like many others. And of course the people who followed him needed him to succeed so they turned his failure into success. Notice that in order to be a good modernist is the same principle required to be a good Hindu priest. Except they told me in India all you need to be a good Hindu priest is he's a good story-teller. If you can make up stories you're priest material. Because that is all they do. They make up stories. That's what a modernist does. But what a modernist does is he puts big words behind it - Vital Eminence; Transfiguration; Disfiguration. And he has a system of producing lies. So he can be far more effective since he knows this system. Transfiguration - disfiguration. There was another great saint in history - St. George - St. George Washington. So we need St. George to be a saint. What do they do? They said there was a cherry tree, and the guy became a Catholic - he had visions of angels and he was baptised before he died and he was a great saint. He was the greatest man in American history - he only cared about the poor, justice, truth, love, happiness. But now in order to prepare for the antichrist we need to get rid of nationalism. Guess what historians have done to Georgie. What does it say about George? He was a pig - right? He had 317 slaves; he married a girl named Martha because she was worth l7 million dollars back in 1700, and that's worth billions and billions of dollars today. That's a pretty rich girl. That's a happy marriage. So Georgie married into a happy family; Georgie only cared about Georgie. They made him head of the army because he married a girl who had 17 million dollars and that makes a great General. The guy was a rich, selfish pig that had slaves and only cared about his own personal self-interest. He did nothing extraordinary and they called him a hero of the country. I mean - come on! What if they made him a hero again? You will discover that Georgie who was a pig - he is a transfigured Georgie. The real Georgie was a hero. Then what do you do years later? The Georgie that was a hero - the guy was a pig. You can go back and forth and back and forth forever. Why would you do this? Because you know the system. Agnosticism, transfiguration, disfiguration, - take whatever you want. This is how evolution works. You appeal to man's pride and you develop things THAT way. Remember it is a system you can find anywhere: Mahumad Ali, modern governments. You will see this kind of communication being done over and over again. What's the real story of this movie actor? What is the REAL life of this politician? What REALLY happened in Moscow? What REALLY happened in the French revolution? What REALLY happened?

    First, we don't know - history books full of crap. What proofs do we have? Nothing. What is the system of the proof? Go textual criticism. Textual criticism can be applied not only to books. It can be applied to movies - it can apply to anything. So textual criticism which was condemned by Popes in the nineteenth century - by St. Pope Pius X in Pascendi. You can look at any text and you judge it based on your own personal private, powerful judgement because you're an expert. (Example) you notice the first paragraph - the man's happy, the second paragraph the man's mad. Well a guy can't be happy and mad at the same time so clearly it is a different author. So it is a different author. How do you determine that? Because of your own personal judgement. You give various proofs to prove how good you are. Then the next person comes in he makes HIS proof and you create a whole body of experts. This was done throughout the nineteenth century. Where did the modernists practically enter the Catholic Church and where did they begin their destruction? The place is in Sacred Scripture. We have encyclicals Providentissimus Deus and St. Pius X . Praestantia Scripturae which are about scripture and many of the errors of the Syllabus are all related to the errors taught concerning Sacred Scripture.

    The Biblical commission was created to protect and defend the Sacredness of Sacred scripture. Scripture was the entering point. What was the practical reason for that? There are several practical reasons. One is actually contained in St. St. Peter - they arrest St. Paul you know. St. Paul was hard to understand said St. Peter. He is often twisted by (enemies). They twisted Scripture to their own destruction. St. Peter said that there are many difficult passages in Sacred Scripture - hard to understand. And who interprets Scripture? The Church. What is a very practical wise way to enter a lie into the Church? Go>experts>Sacred Scripture. Modernists did this more than 200 years ago. They entered the realm of Sacred Scripture. They created Scripture scholars. They created a new science which was created early in the nineteenth century called, 'historical critical method' - or textual criticism. They said it was a new science. Why did they create a new science? Because Catholics follow authority. Who are the principle authorities for all Catholics? Scripture and Tradition. Sacred Scripture is infallible, it is the inspired Word of God in which there is no error of any kind. And Sacred Tradition which is the teaching of the Fathers of the Church handed down to us from the teaching of the Apostles. Then they have the great theologians of the last 2,000 years who explained via the church Magisterium which taught about Scripture and Tradition. How are you going to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church? It is going to take some time. First you need to get your modernists into the places of authority where they are going to influence the mind - get them into the seminaries; get them into positions of power so that they can make sure that their professors fill the seminaries. Get them into the literature; writing the books and write the truth that is all right on the top. Give the right conclusion of the philosopher believer theologian historian apologist and reformer. Give the right conclusion so you don't get condemned. They have the wrong reasons so that people get used to your way of thinking. After you have done this for a time introduce wrong conclusions - slowly. People will accept them because they have accepted your wrong way of thinking. Then eventually you will slowly corrupt the entire Catholic Church.29:56 One of the ways of doing this is the admission of the alta vendita
    - obedience. Make obedience the highest of all the virtues.These are the early modernists who are doing this. Lift it up
    because we're going to use obedience as our main weapon. Also, why is obedience the highest of all virtues? It is the highest of virtues for modernists. Why is that? Because, remember, the world is evolving. Since the world is evolving truth is continually changing - whatever I learn today will be false tomorrow. How can I know the truth - only by listening to the latest expert. Expert? No - Augustine was an expert. He's useless. He lived back in the year 400. Aquinas was an expert. We know he didn't eat right because he had a weight problem - that makes him iffy right there. And the guy lived hundreds years ago! He couldn't be as smart as the average kid in kindergarten today 'cos he lived hundreds of years ago. So you don't listen to him. Experts - latest! Those two things. The latest expert. In practical terms what does that mean? The guy who's got the gun NOW. The guy who had the gun yesterday - you don't have to listen to, but the guy that's got the gun today is very wise to listen to. That's what it really means. So you are going to listen to the authority TODAY. The authority today is my only way to know the truth. So we tell Catholics you must believe that Jesus Christ is true God; you must believe everything he taught because the Pope said that yesterday. Well, you must believe all those things. Is it because the Pope said it yesterday? No. Because 2,000 years ago we had this very wise man inspired by the Holy Ghost - Saul of Tarsus who became St. Paul. St. Paul said, if we ourselves - that is, St. Paul - or an angel of heaven - which can mean literally angels or also bishops who are considered angels in the Church. If we ourselves or an angel from heaven teach you something other, something different, than what we have already taught you let him be anathema. What does that mean?That means I can know what I was taught when I was seven years old about how many Sacraments there are - I know there are seven of them. I can know what I was taught when I was younger than that that there were three persons in one God and if somebody tells me there is four I don't care who he is he's wrong. If an angel tells me there are four persons in the Blessed Trinity. I'm telling him, go to hell. If a Pope tells me that, I'm telling him, go to hell and see a doctor. But I am absolutely not going to believe it. We had to change that. Through the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century there was a great emphasis amongst Catholic theologians of let's believe the real truth because, ONLY because the present authority says so. That's modernism. So my only way to know the truth connection. How are we going to get there? So, we're in the nineteenth century - we enter into Sacred Scripture - one thing they do. In 1820 Gregory XVI becomes Pope - they remove from the Index all the books about Galileo. Change the Jesuits and all the individuals in Sacred Scripture who were fighting particularly against the errors of modern science and the heresies of modern science. Remove all of them. Put new guys inside of the congregation for Sacred Scripture. This is very important because in 1859 there was going to be a book by Charles Darwin which would clearly be against the faith. This book would not be condemned by the Church. They would make sure that in the movement of evolution they would not condemn it by the church - why? Because the old crazy Catholics of the 1600's - they said that there was only one truth for the entire world and we cannot divide Sacred Scripture and science and history from faith. Throughout the nineteenth century Catholic theologians began to rip apart in the
    Abilene Paradox - tear apart Sacred Scripture and all the sciences. They ripped apart the scientists. Philosopher is one kind of guy, theologian is another kind of guy, historian's another kind of guy, critic is another kind of guy, apologist and reformer are other kinds of guys and all the way down the line. Stay only speaking in your field. So if you're a doctor and you know about medicine don't tell me that your house is burning down. You are not a fireman. You see a house burning down, call an expert fireman, have him come over, see if your house is on fire - if it is, he will make a report and take care of it. You're a doctor. You don't know anything about houses burning down. So whatever your science is you will stay only in that science you will profess complete ignorance about other sciences - you will not cross between the sciences. This was done throughout the nineteenth century. When the evolutionists came into power in the late nineteenth century the Catholic was not already equipped to fight them. And they said, we don't make decisions about rocks and if rocks say the world is 165 millions years old - now it's much older than that, it's its about l4 billion years old - times change. But if it says this we just have to accept it.

    So when they entered Sacred Scripture they began to slowly changing the teaching of Sacred Scripture because it is a place that not everyone can understand the words of Sacred Scripture . The Church interprets the Scriptures and then they began to give different interpretations and define teachings of Sacred Scripture. Rampolla was in that world. Bea was in that world. Bea translated the psalter - Cardinal Bea. The psalter that he translated was used in the church of 1945 - 1962 . There are no heresies in it as far as I know. There is no bad translation in it - it is just different to St. Jerome. To give an example: we have been singing psalms for the last 2,000 years - we've been singing the psalms in Latin and we've been singing in Latin. According to St. Jerome for the last 1,600 years the Gregorian chant was written for it. So what Cardinal Bea did when he was Father Bea. He retraced Pope Pius XII who was also trained by some of these bad guys and so on when he was a young man. He was a grandson of Rampolla - Pius XII - trained at the same school. And Pius XII hired Bea to fix the Psalter. There was nothing wrong with the psalter, but he told him to fix it. So Bea fixed it. When he did it, it was still before Vatican II so he couldn't say a direct heresy. All he did was change the words. To give an example: Suppose in the old psalter it said Moses walked up the hill Bea would translate it Moses ambulated forwardly up the fell. So imagine you have a psalm, a poem and Moses walked up the hill now you are going to say Moses moved forwardly up the fell. It's not going to work. It kills Gregorian chant. Kills the music of the Church. Priests have been saying the Breviary every day of their lives. Now they don't know the words any more. He even changed part of the Psalter which is called the Benedictus - if you look in the Bible it's not in the Psalter. AND the Magnificat which is also in the Bible it's also not in the Psalter. These are in the New Testament - he even changed the Magnificat and the Benedictus because it's part of the Breviary. What was his purpose? Destroy the prayer of the Church. Modernists are in every single facet of our religion. This is an example in that not a single heresy is expressed; not a single error is directly communicated but it changed everything so that it would kill our prayer. And it worked. It killed the prayer of the Church Praestantia Scripturae.

    Once Pascendi was promulgated immediately modernists said you don't follow it. It is not infallible teaching. One of the points St. Pius X makes in Pascendi - to summarise it - he says, modernists take the condemnations of moderism and use them for the opposite effect. For instance, Vat. Council I - again fighting against the modernists says, well we don't know if the Pope is infallible, how can we say the Pope is infallible. The Church has known that the Pope is infallible since St Peter. So they defined papal infallibility; defined extraordinary magisterium so the modernists therefore said - well, in order to be infallible, and I hear people say this all the time - we know that to be infallible there have to be four conditions. What's the first definition of infallibility - first you've got to be a Pope so if there's no a pope you can't be infallible. Secondly, the Pope has to speak from the Chair with the fullness of his authority binding all Catholics to believe in something as a matter of faith and morals and if those conditions are not there it's not infallible. 'Not infallible' means believe in whatever we want. That's modernism. St. Pope Pius X explains in the Syllabus of Pius IX- for a Catholic to believe he only has to believe whatever is extraordinarily defined by the church is condemned. If that was the case you wouldn't have to believe that Jesus was God before 325 [...]Do you think that Peter believed that Christ was God? I argued with a priest of SSPX (I won't say the same, there were two of them - two different priests at two different times) Both of them said the same thing St. Peter did not believe in transubstantiation like we do. St. Peter did not believe in transubstantiation - he didn't know that word!

    Every single day St. Peter celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He brought down the Body, the Blood and the Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ on to the altar. He held him between his thumb and his forefinger just like I did this morning and he knew, even much better than St. Pius X - he knows better than the Pope - better than all of us - what's in between his thumb and forefinger. He knew that this was the One whom he denied three times - the one that created him - the creator of the universe and all of Him was there. And he knew that all the bread was gone. He knew that only the accidents appeared to be there. He knows transubstantiation better than any of us but he did not use the word.
    This is modernism. He does not know what transubstantiation means - we have a better understanding than our ancestors. Absolutely not! The apostles, much closer to Christ than all the saints that came afterwards and at the end of the world those twelve apostles shall be judging all of us alongside of Christ. So they have got to be pretty high up there. And they had to be relatively knowledgeable and they were given personal infallibility and personal impeccability which St. Pius X and St. Pius V and St. Leo I and St. Gregory VII and all the other sainted Popes did NOT receive. Impeccability, personal infallibility - so to say that he did not know that word - correct. He knew the reality. Before modernism we focus on reality - after modernism we focus on words. Because of this evil, evil tool - contextual criticism. These are the key tools. The modernists infiltrate the church and so already they said 'well only if you believe' As an example again - the pope said these are the four conditions of infallibility of the pope and his extraordinary infallibility. The modernists said shrink-wrap what St. Pius X says and say that's the only infallibility. And if the Pope says you're excommunicated - you're not Catholic if you say that Jesus Christ is not true God and true man. But then someone says, I didn't say that. I said Jesus Christ is not TRULY God and TRULY man. That's heresy? - no! Because the heresy says true God, true Man...I said truly. What do you mean by truly? Doesn't truly and true not mean the same thing? True can sometimes mean this is the way it really is - truly can mean that verifies the fact. So why say he is not truly God, not truly Man that's not heresy. I am not denying what the Pope said. Then modernists then take the condemnation of their heresy and they say, if I didn't say those exact words the way the Pope wrote it I am not a heretic. So St. Pius X has to deal with that. Experts escaping like legalists - the Jews are great on law - legalistic ways to escape everything. They are very hard to nail down. So in this
    Praestantia Scripturae St. Pius X says:

    In his encyclical letter “Providentissimus Deus,” given on November 18, 1893, our predecessor, Leo XIII, of immortal memory, after describing the dignity of Sacred Scripture and commending the study of it, set forth the laws which govern the proper study of the Holy Bible; and having proclaimed the divinity of these books against the errors and calumnies of the rationalists, he at the same time defended them against the false teachings of what is known as the higher criticism (which is another name for contextual criticism>higher criticism>textual criticism>historical critical method) which, as the Pontiff most wisely wrote, are clearly nothing but the commentaries of rationalism derived from a misuse of philology and kindred studies. Our predecessor, too, seeing that the danger was constantly on the increase and wishing to prevent the propagation of rash and erroneous views, by his apostolic letters “Vigilantes studiique memores,” given on October 30, 1902, established a Pontifical Council or Commission on Biblical matters, [...]After mature examination and the most diligent deliberations the Pontifical Biblical Commission has happily given certain decisions of a very useful kind for the proper promotion and direction on safe lines of Biblical studies. But we observe that some persons, unduly prone to opinions and methods tainted by pernicious novelties and excessively devoted to the principle of false liberty, which is really immoderate license and in sacred studies proves itself to be a most insidious and a fruitful source of the worst evils against the purity of the faith, have not received and do not receive these decisions with the proper obedience.

    Wherefore we find it necessary to declare and to expressly prescribe, and by this our act we do declare and decree that all are bound in conscience to submit to the decisions of the Biblical Commission relating to doctrine, which have been given in the past and which shall be given in the future, in the same way as to the decrees of the Roman congregations approved by the Pontiff; nor can all those escape the note of disobedience or temerity, and consequently of grave sin, who in speech or writing contradict such decisions, and this besides the scandal they give and the other reasons for which they may be responsible before God for other temerities and errors which generally go with such contradictions.​

    So he mentions again they're obliged in conscience to accept to accept the decree. He mentioned Pascendi.

    Moreover, in order to check the daily increasing audacity of many modernists who are endeavoring by all kinds of sophistry and devices to detract from the force and efficacy not only of the decree “Lamentabili sane exitu” (the so-called Syllabus), issued by our order by the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition on July 3 of the present year, but also of our encyclical letters “Pascendi dominici gregis” given on September 8 of this same year, we do by our apostolic authority repeat and confirm both that decree of the Supreme Sacred Congregation and those encyclical letters of ours, adding the penalty of excommunication against their contradictors, and this we declare and decree that should anybody, which may God forbid, be so rash as to defend any one of the propositions, opinions or teachings condemned in these documents he falls, ipso facto, under the censure contained under the chapter “Docentes” of the constitution “Apostolicae Sedis,” which is the first among the excommunications latae sententiae, simply reserved to the Roman Pontiff. This excommunication is to be understood as salvis poenis, which may be incurred by those who have violated in any way the said documents, as propagators.​

    One thing he says is 'violated in any way' This is not a normal communication. Normally you are excommunicated for precise offence. Here with St. Pius X you get the impression he's in a bad mood this time. St. Pius X says if you in any way defend - he has to say this because modernists would say, why I didn't defend that he was...I didn't say he was not truly God - true God and true man. I said truly. If you think of the meaning - 'truly' has a lot of depth to it and to say I was denying the divinity of Christ is absurd. So they find a way around every single condemnation. Hence to solve the problem St. Pius X says
    if in any way the said documents as propagators and defenders of heresies - again - notice that St. Pius X like the fathers of the church don't make too many fine distinctions. Several priests of the SSPX told me, for instance,'modernism is not a heresy it's a SYNTHESIS of all heresies. So it is not a heresy it's a SYNTHESIS. If it's s synthesis of all heresies it's one thing that pulls together all the lies in one lie. Guess what - it's a lie! Does it become true when you tell ten lies they don't become one truth. So they say it's only a synthesis of heresies. And we don't know this is an infallible document. St. Pius X says - they are defenders and propagators of heresies and

    as propagators and defenders of heresies, when their propositions, opinions and teachings are heretical, as has happened more than once in the case of the adversaries of both these documents, especially when they advocate the errors of the modernists that is, the synthesis of all heresies.​

    He repeats it, he says the same central statement in Pascendi. SO if you don't believe what the Church teaches about textual criticism - if you don't believe what the church teaches about sacred scripture you are in mortal sin you are going to hell. You are violating what is necessary for the salvation of your soul. Now what somehow happened in modern times is that doctrine became a point of interest. And not necessarily for salvation. Murder - that's damnation; stealing that's damnation; believe that Jesus Christ is God - well not recommended. But the fact IS if you do not believe that Jesus Christ is God, and if you don't believe in all the teachings of our Holy Church - damnation. Not only that these heresies continue when you die. These evils continue when you die. A murderer stops murdering when he cannot murder any more and it ceases. But lies and heresy continue even after our death. Hence it is most grave for the church to condemn them and to lay out clearly that these things cannot be followed at all.

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  4. Pete d

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    Regarding a race between an angel and a saint. If it was a saint in heaven would not that saint have a glorified body and thus not be subject to the effects of a corrupted material nature and thus slow it down? Perhaps the saint could beat the angel in a race as men shall judge the angels some day?
  5. Pete d

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    I am jumping ahead here since i have only finished conference one. Is there a conference that contains the diagram of the true faith as there is one in conference #1 of the imposter faith and modernist teachings?
  6. Scarlet Pimpernel

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    Welcome Pete.
    To comment on the race example, just look at it simply as that, an example, not literal. It was used to explain how different God made men to travel compared to how angels travel.
    As for judging, the angels have all had their test and either they are in heaven or they are in hell.
  7. Pete d

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    I took is as literal. Saints are in heaven. I can see what he meant to say. Angels can be on earth too.
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    Transcription Class 7

    One last actual example of the modernist system- how powerful it is in our heads today.
    We're going back to those two principles:

    • no man ever does anything extraordinary
    • every man does everything for his own personl - self-interest
    and the third principle that correlates behind that which is:
    • self-interest betters society. This is the principle of 'survival of the fittest'.
    Remember that survival of the fittest means whatever I do is best for me. I kill the weak; I overpower them - that's not selfishness. That's bettering society because then the strong will survive; the weak will cease; the smart will survive; the stupid will go away; the good will persevere and the bad will be wiped out. So when I am selfish I am bettering all of mankind. This is the principle that is deep in our culture today and it's modernism. Very deep in our culture. We call it the theology of selfishness. The theology of selfishness is one of the teachings of modernists. Remember - modernism equals evolution. If I take care of me the world becomes a better place. This is deep in our blood. This is one reason why it is so difficult for us to build a true resistance against modernism, and why it is so difficult to build Christendom again because the soldiers we are building with are only interested in themselves. That is the essence of modernism. The problem is this - selfishness is the form of temptation that we all have. We're not supposed to be selfish - we're supposed to share and share alike, but there's only one beer around and I don't know where it is - when you're not around I might be drinking it. But the fact is I know that is not right. But the theology of selfishness is infinitely more vicious than that. In the theology of selfishness I must save that beer for me in order for you to progress in the world. I HAVE to do this! I've had several emergency volunteers tell me these things. The famous case in France. (From min.02.43 - min.4.00 Fr. relates a personal story when on pilgrimage to Lourdes that demonstrates implacable selfishness of a few people, then he continues with conference..) The problem we have today is that people really think that. That's the theology of of selfishness which is the teaching of modernism and the teaching of evolution. It is very deep. We have a problem today that though people believe the truth they believe the truth - the external doctrine but the REASON for the truth is wrong and the engine behind it is wrong. And hence they lose power. The last example before going to the solution which is, unfortunately in the resistance of Bishop Williamson. It is a more easy example of how this modernism works.

    What's the principle?
    No man can do the extraordinary. In this very place, at priests' meeting a couple of years ago - 2012 I guess it was - 5 years ago now. There were about thirteen priests. We had a big discussion down the house there and in this discussion Bishop Williamson said, '

    Primum Vivere, Deinde Philosophari - First to live THEN to philosophise - so if you don't have life you don't have a philosopher. Fact is if you first philosophise then you live proof of suicide. Those people, they can no longer philosophise - a good reason to live is that they DO - they commit suicide. This principle of the Romans is a lie. The principle of the Romans is false. Bishop Williamson in their argument he discussed - he said primum vivere deinde theologisrae which is a modification of the principle. First live THEN theologise. No man can do the extraordinary. We had in our argument - he said multiple times. No man is obliged to do the impossible. If you can't live as a priest in the Society and you don't have a place to go and you have no priory, no family, no faithful then you are just going to stay within the Society and wait for better times. This is what our argument was about in 2012. You can theologise all you want - Bishop Fellay is wrong, modernism is bad, heresy - is bad - but first you have to LIVE. Just to make this very clear. This is a bunch of balony. It's crap. It's not true at all. The fact is that we must first theologise we must first philosophise and life will then happen. Theology is first, philosophy is first. A man who has no reason to live commits suicide. We FIRST philosophise, we FIRST reason, we FIRST theologise. Modernists know that very well. They promote this principle primum vivere, deinde pilosophari in order to kill your brains; in order to kill your hearts; to kill your drive; to make you into sheep who will follow a wicked shepherd. That's why they do it. No man ever does the extraordinary. Our teacher, our master, our Creator, our Lord said you must love one another as I have loved you. St. Thomas points out and the Fathers of the Church - this is a requirement of the New Testament. It is an obligation for all of us. Now what did Christ do? He loved the unlovable. He loved those that hated him. Remember, he said, do good to those who hate you. Love the unloveable. This is called impossible by modern man. Not just modern man but any kind of carnal man or man of sin. We are taught by OUR Father we are taught by OUR ancestors we must love our enemies; we must DO the extraordinary in order to go to heaven.

    This is necessary. One of the powers of modernism since it is a system - when the system gets INSIDE of you your engine can no longer become a saint. Your engine can no longer drive towards heaven. It's killed the engine. Killed how your whole body and your whole soul works. We have to destroy and rip it out. My great teacher with lived on this property - he used to teach from the desk upstairs, used the same desk to teach the seminarians was Paula Hay. It happened to me right here in the school building downstairs where the pupils were staying; where my new Mexicans were staying and the old Mexicans and the OTHER Mexicans - we're surrounded by Mexicans. In that very place when I was about thirteen or fourteen years old when one of the many times in which the electricity went out for three or four days - so we were studying - she was a great lover of St. Thomas and had a great knowledge of the faith, and a doctor of literature and also St. Thomas Aquinas Summae - I first met her when I was nine years old and we were walking down the road here and she said,
    St. Thomas says
    Who is St. Thomas?
    (Father asked of her and he demonstrated that she nearly had a fit because he didn't know St. Thomas).
    I was eight years old and I didn't know St. Thomas and the Summae. She nearly killed me - how come you don't know St. Thomas? - you're already eight! I'm sorry She just about had a heart attack because I didn't know St. Thomas Summae at the age of eight. So a few years later, we were in the school and we were studying something, I think it was actually literature and I remember I had a true actual experience - the electric lights were out and we had those little filament oil lamps and we were studying something round 4.30 in the morning and I could actually FEEL a physical change. That the love of truth entered into my being. It just entered. I could feel the actual physical entrance into my heart for the love of truth. Miss Hay died just last year. And I owe my very much love of truth to her. Also, understand the great Catholic vision which is the ANSWER to modernism. It is the answer to the whole error of the modern world. Remember that the modernists and the enemies of God have a complete vision. They have a total world view. They know what everything is about, and they know what their purpose IS. The problem with the Catholic is he doesn't know what the world is about; he doesn't have a Catholic vision; he doesn't see the beauty of the universe that God made. He doesn't see the structure of it. ; he doesn't see the wonder of it - therefore he CANNOT answer the modernists. Partial answers will not work. There must be COMPLETE answer. To try to summarise that -

    All things are connected in only one hierarchy. They are the state but they not completely separate.
    We're also noticing a change in modern man. The devil wants them to get this principle because now they are going to have to realise there is only one answer to science; there's only one answer to religion: there's only one answer to economics; there's only one answer to politics and everything else and that's going to be the antichrist Satan and the new world order. Now we are on the demonic side of this principle. But the truth is:

    All things are connected in only one hierarchy. They are distinct but they not completely separate - this is Christendom.​

    The devil spent the last seven hundred years ripping it apart and separating the various truths and the various things. Separating church and state; separating Christ the King, Christ the Prophet, Christ the Priest - separating scripture and tradition; separating families; separating kingdoms; separating fathers and mothers; separating children; now separating the very union between man and woman with homosexuality and making a new replacement - ripping apart EVERY SINGLE THING. This is the devil. Innocent III in his encyclical on the devil - he says:

    'What is witchcraft?
    he says, is not gazing into a crystal ball; it;s not a palm-reader. These are false witchcrafts which make you think that of a woman on a broom; somebody casting spells; that it is a stupid, idiotic foolish thing. That's part of the deceptions if the sense if the word. That's not witchcraft. Witchcraft, he defines is the ordered destruction of all order.

    What is witchcraft? We're at the end of witchcraft right now. It is the order, destruction of all order - not SOME order, not RELIGIOUS order, - ALL order. We know that the devil right now would rip apart our fingers, our toes, our hair and eyes - destroy everything God created. The devil's desire is to destroy EVERYTHING! He cannot do it - showing how limited the power of Satan is. He wants to destroy the trees; he wants to destroy every ant; every planet, every star, every molecule of the universe. Physically in his angelic power he has the power to do it. He is held back by the power of God. The dominations or powers of the angels will hold back - hold back the devil. He cannot do these things. It is an ordered destruction of all order. One of the points of the Popes is that every time there was a heresy? What's the order behind this disorder? If you have disordered destruction then destruction is not complete. An example of ordered destruction? Bombs placed into a world trade centre in such a way that it falls down in ten seconds. THAT requires order. If only part of it would fall down - many people would survive etc.

    ORDERED destruction - controlled demolition. We must understand the world we are in in 2017 is a controlled demolition world with bombs planted all over this entire world ready for the devil to push the little button and the whole thing to collapse. ORDERED disorder.

    What is going to be the answer? We must recognise that all things are connected in one true hierarchy distinct and entirely separate. Everything is centred in one hierarchy. There is a hierarchy in the beauty of being. At the very top is God. At the very bottom is something we call prime matter. And we could say underneath that - nothing.

    God,then the
    non-living things. First of all, the non-living things are divided into two parts
    Non-living of the heavens (stars, planets) and non-living of the earth (rocks, minerals etc.)
    Prime Matter
    Pure potency

    How many hierarchies are there? One!
    Everyone that fits into this hierarchy. The middle creature has the whole hierarchy in him as man. He is called by the ancients the one who is in the middle - earth. Why is he in the middle? Because he is the one that is likened to the angels. Remember there are billions and billions of angels. He is likened to the angels because he is spirit; he is likened to the animals because he has feelings and sensation. He is likened to the plants because he grows. He is likened to the stars and he is likened unto the earth in his non-living parts. For instance, we notice modern scientists have proven man's likeness to the stars. We human beings are affected by the movement of the stars. The sign of the Zodiac. If you're born in the wrong month you are just weird. That's January, February, March, April, May June and September, October, November - your weird. The fact is that if you are born in the wrong month you are just plain weird. We're affected by the stars.

    Modern scientists have learned, that for instance, our bodies - we thought that our bodies were moved by the sun which is called the solar day. They don't. Our bodies note the movement of the stars and we consider day and night according to the movement of the stars. So we're affected by the stars. We're affected by the rocks. We are connected by the stars, next are the rocks and underneath all this is prime matter. These beings (pointing to the whole list from top to bottom) well notice there is a degree of being. Plato recognised the degree of being. Everybody IS, but they are not the same size. Everyone has being. Mt. Everest has being; and ant has being - but do they have the same degree of being? Being is IS. How much IS do we have? There is the one that is pure IS. God equals pure IS or pure ACT. Everything else is a participation in IS. Metaphysics is the study of the word IS - most important of the sciences. [..22:49 ..] (Underneath prime matter) is pure potency. Pure potency is something that is real, we know how to deal with it every day. Prime matter is something that is understood perfectly by God. We know it exists. We deal with it every day. But we can't comprehend it. It is a pure movement. Pure potency - and yet it cannot be by itself - it can only be IN things - in material things. But it is close to nothing. Angels are close to God. Understanding this - the principle of understanding the universe - what is more immaterial - God equals MOST immaterial - the correct word is spiritual but we don't want to use that word because we think of 'spirituality' - saying prayers; being holy. That is not what spiritual means. Spiritual simply means 'not physical'. We use the word immaterial to make it clear. So God is MOST immaterial and Mt. Everest equals 'most material'. So, here is one of our principles of reality. The more material something is the closer it is to nothing. The more immaterial a thing is the closer it is to God. A thing that is more immaterial is more real than a thing that is material.

    Hence the greatest activity of man is the immaterial act of knowing. That is the greatest activity of man. It is the most important thing that he does. He KNOWS. St. Thomas points out - this is rest. The purpose of all action is rest. So we understand, against the modernists, There is one complete and united universe (circling the whole list). And guess what. God created angels out of nothing (points to angels at top of list to bottom/nothing). Animals, plants, stars and earth - out of nothing. (Sound cuts out)..............like the Protestants were the first ones to point out. Without Protestantism none of the modern world could be. But now the Protestants are so much better than the people today that we call them good. It's like calling Lucifer good because Beelzebub has got a bad attitude.

    But the fact is that Protestantism is the mother, father progenerator of every modern evil. Paganism has been around forever. It did not create the wickedness of the modern world. It took Protestantism to do that. Without Protestantism there's no modernism. Without protestantism there's no liberlism; there is none of this. There is a form of it amongst all pagans - yes there is. but not to the degree of wickedness; to the degree of evil that is found in our world because it took a Catholic corrupting his faith in order to take these evils of Satan and destroy the whole world. (Circling the whole list again) There is one complete harmonious universe and it matters what's in it. Hence it matters about Charles Darwin and evolution. It matters about Galileo and the sun and the earth being the centre of the universe and the sun. It is interesting that Nietzsche - Nietzsche talks about it. The enemies always know well. Listen to your enemies. Nietzsche talked about it - the man that went mad - brought a lantern into the streets at noonday. He says, What happened to God? We have killed him - you and I. What happened to God? What happened to our earth since we unchained it from the sun? What happened to it?28:07 The earth started spinning through the universe and we all started spinning - we got unchained. We unchained the earth and it's all spinning through the universe. And since that time we've gone mad. Now we have killed God. Then he says, we have killed God, you and I - must we not make ourselves Gods to be worthy of the crime? He recognised that when Galileo came he changed history. Amounts to the same thing. Galileo changed history, but what did he do? He destroyed our view of the heavens. He separated us from the earth. The earth and the heavens and the materiality became the world of the scientist. And religion was left to the other things. Then we were cut off from the plants; cut off from the animals; cut off from non-religious men and then modernism continues. Eventually all religion is wiped out. Angels cease to exist because they are beyond the phenomena. It took time to reach all these points. The destruction of each level of society. The fact is that the earth is changing now - especially a few years ago if you believe the earth is the centre of the universe you are completely nuts. The science is proven. It hasn't proven anything but we believe that the science is proven. Think about that -
    Why do you believe that?

    The reason is that you read it in a science book which says that Therese has two mummies and Ralph has two daddies and doesn't believe in God and lies about everything else. But there, it's true. We believe in the authority of the science book over the authority of Christ and the Popes and the Church. We have accepted their way of thinking. Robert Sungenis is now a modern Catholic fighting against the problem of Galileo but he's a modernist. He's not threat. He has a big beautiful three volume book. It's really good. It's got all the facts in it. Good to put together facts about how Galileo was wrong and the Church was right. But what does he say? You realise that Pope John Paul II never really exonerated Galileo's teaching - that's true, he didn't. He made a documentary that it was infallible - well if it was really infallible - it looked like it was infallible back in l616 but we don't really know because whatever the church says TODAY is what matters. In order to prove that Galileo was wrong we're going to focus ONLY on the scientific arguments of scientific authorities such as Einstein, Halvill and these other guys. So they quote Einstein and Halvill and here's a good example. He's holding the true correct conclusion in this particular point and it is a complete waste of time. He's told the true conclusion - Galileo IS wrong. Galileo IS a heretic. The Dominican theologian that reported in 1615 when he came to the Biblical Commission and to the Inquisition he said, this man - these people say that things are not what they seem to be. We see the sun rise and set; we see its movements - our eyes are infallible. They say things are not what they seem to be and they mock Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. If this continues it will be the end of Christianity.

    The end of Christendom. He was right, but he also spoke on the theology and philosophy of the problem. Good Protestants condemn the evolutionists - why? Because science proves evolution wrong. Use this scientist against that scientist. Robert Sungenis condemns Galileo which is good. Why? Because new scientific discoveries have shown that Galileo was wrong. Does that fit transfiguration - disfiguration? We used to know that Galileo was right but it turns out that we now know Galileo was wrong. Because science has proved Galileo wrong because they've got the new WBAP satellite which shows very clearly that the earth is the absolute centre of the universe and that the earth tilts 23 degrees and half north and south upon the earth. We didn't know that before. Notice you know that Galileo was right? What's wrong with that? Galileo was wrong and the Pope was right. Correct conclusion - completely evil and wrong why? Because we don't believe because of a simple faith; we don't believe because it was because the Fathers of the Church; we don't believe because the church teaches it; because Sacred Scripture teaches it; because the Fathers teach it and because God cannot lie - we don't believe because of that because it turns out that we checked on God - he was telling the truth again. Isn't that encouraging? You checked on God - God was telling the truth again. Who's God going to whack first? The Satanist or the good guy that's defended him and with Satan as his authority? This is a deception.

    Robert Sungenis is a good man, he means well but unfortunately he's playing into the hands of the modernists. He's into the new Mass and all the modern things. We have to follow whatever the authority says. The authority says the new Mass is not bad so I have got to accept that. And if you look at the authority, and many Catholics and traditionalists make this mistake - my brother used to come back at it all the time - Father Tim. They say your Vatican II was not infallible - it never said the infallible words. Who cares? Vatican II says something DIFFERENT than what was taught before, therefore it's wrong. We don 't need to go into the technicalities while it is also true that the technicalities are there.Paul VI didn't use his full authority - that's true. The new Mass is not properly, legally promulgated - that's true. I am not against the new Mass because it was not properly, legally promulgated. That is not why I'm against it. We're against it because it is DIFFERENT to what our Fathers have done; we're against it because it's promoting error and heresy and it leads souls to hell. That is why we're against it. We are not against it because authority did not use his technical power. So what we have today is a very serious problem. Catholics are standing for the truth for the wrong reasons. Hence they CANNOT defeat Satan. One thing that we're noticing in the modern generation. We're finding amongst the new generation which is definitely not very impressive generation. They are willing to accept the whole truth - the older generations are not. And they are willing to accept, alright if God is God I accept whatever God teaches. I accept whatever God says. And if He says Einstein is a nut I've seen the picture. He looks like a nut - probably is. So the fact is that they are not ATTACHED to Einstein. They are not ATTACHED to vatican II. They are not ATTACHED to these evil demonic figures that the older generation has made into saints - were told were saints.

    So on the negative side they have to think of these people without these mentors but on the positive side we're like in a new age...(here Father diverted to another matter)

    One of the things I wanted to consider giving in this conference on modernism and we didn't make it - it is actually taken from Father Rivature(?) former priest of the Society of St. Peter. Unfortunately, he is on the wrong side of the fence who is now a diocesan priest of the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma - he is an exorcist. He gave talk on the six demons - or the demons of each generation. Going back to the lost generation which was a hundred years ago - World War I 1905; the next generation called the greatest generation 25-45, then the baby boomers 45-65 then generation X and Y and then to the present generation. Millenials are the present generation. We're not going through all the generations - he said, we've reached now - there's a devil for each generation; a general spirit for each generation - when you get to this generation which is called the sixth generation what is the devil of this generation? He says there are two devils One: Paganism Two: Depravity.

    Paganism and Depravity
    Not every single person is affected by these devils but they are the general course of the generation. What is one of the signs of paganism? Tattoos. We see amongst pagan cultures they have tattoos. It is normal to have tattoos. Sticks in your mouth - go from one side of the face and out the other. Women traditionally are not allowed to go on pilgrimages - only men. Because it is worship to the gods. And it is the man that is responsible for worship. The women stay home. Only men on pilgrimages and they cut themselves; they have tatoos; they put spears through their mouths and noses. We see these as signs of pagnism - guess what people are doing nowadays? They've got this earring you could park truck in - girls with sticks in their noses and of course the tattoos are everywhere. The point is that this is becoming normal. There are pagans in every generation. Depravity has become normal. Mummy and Daddy - well they're not together of course. Everybody just sleeps around and lead a completely immoral life. We're in an age of paganism and depravity. These pagans that are depraved are the kind of people that the devil wants in order to get the antichrist to come and rule them. Christianity is gone. I noticed myself last couple of years - when you walk through and airport or down a street you can see by a guy's eyes Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu looks as if he's kind of lost. They've got the pagan eyes, lost eyes - you can see right away, Catholic, Hindu Muslim. Bang bang bang. Now what's happening is that we're noticing pagan eyes, lost eyes. First when I ran into this was when I was a newly ordained priest - twenty-three years ago. I went to an airforce base and about fifteen to twenty kids came around and we started to talk about Christ. Not one of them knew who Jesus Christ was. Not one was a Muslim.One or two said their families were atheist. Most of them were Catholic or Protestant. They knew nothing about Christ. One kid, said, I heard the name alright because it's what my dad says when he's really mad. They were not being bad. They were just part of a new generation. They didn't know anything about Christ. This is paganism. We have to understand where we are. Those who get angry about us traditional Catholics - you guys are living in the past. The sins of one age are not the same as sins of another age. For instance, the age of independence is gone. If you think your kids are independent why are they exactly like every other kid. The kids aren't rebelling like they used to. We used to do things like break windows climb trees throw firecrackers - wholesome stuff. But now kids don't do that - they don't know how to rebel.They don't even know normal rebellion. Because they are trained to be automatons to do exactly what they are told. Leggo corporation reported on that twenty years ago.They used to make little blocks and sticks and plastic things and give it to kids to invent something. They realised that kids couldn't invent anything any more. So they started making plans - pictures of a toy space-ship. They make it exact so that the kids could do it to match the pictures. They couldn't use their imagination. The ability to use the imagination; the ability to actually rebel. Even these things, that are not always good - the modern generation has lost. Why is that? Because this generation is being prepared for the antichrist. This is a generation of paganism and depravity where depravity is normal. You know they just fool around. They're having marital relations before they are teenagers. They are leading immoral lives. They see no problem with homosexuality. They talk about it in school when they are seven years old. They live in complete depravity and it is just normal for them. They are not immoral they're just depraved. The whole new World Order is ready to go to them - how are we going to defeat them? We have to realise we are dealing with people who are in complete ignorance. The answer is to give them the whole picture. Give them the whole of Christ. This universe is beautiful; this universe is united; this universe is made by the good God and every part of it is ruled by Him and he is totally in control. He is going to have his great victory. The devil is going to be wiped out. You must accept all the truths of the Church. The Church has the right to say where the earth is and where the sun is. Because that's what God told us in the beginning. In the beginning He created the heavens and the earth which means that the earth is not the heavens. He created day and darkness and light. He created the world in six days. On the seventh day He rested. He made this the pattern of time. After 1,656 years he wiped it out by water and cleansed the earth of sin. Then he put a rainbow in the sky. When you see the rainbow it is a reminder to all humanity He will never destroy the world by water again. He made Noah to do what He told Adam to do. Take you sons, Seth, Ham and Japheth and go and people the earth and subdue it and rule and make it be all used for my glory. This is what the world is about. The whole universe, every pagan religion - Hinduism - all the so-called ancient religions - they are all corruptions of the most ancient of all religions which is the true religion of Our Holy Mother the Church.

    The first pope of our church was Adam. The last pope will be Peter II and Christ's true church reigns from the very beginning of time from Adam until the end of the world God rules from the Alpha unto the Omega. He has victory over all His enemies and there will not be any exceptions. There is an order in society and there is one complete united harmony. Moral theology, dogmatic theology, philosophy - all of the sciences - Canon Law - all these sciences are connected together - they each have a part to play in our education and learning. All connected in one hierarchy no one science can contradict another . God is in control of all things supernatural and natural.

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    A fun evening of entertainment enjoyed by all at the 2017 family conference:

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    Pope St. Pius X said that the battle we are fighting now began in the Garden of Eden. With the fall of Adam and Eve God declared that the Woman would crush the head of the serpent, so we are on Her side by the grace of God and the hope to die in that. But it is her battle against the dragon. It's her battle against the serpent. Like she did in the beginning she will crush the head of the devil. She will have a victory over the devil. The antichrist will have his little flash in the pan. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will be the absolute and total victory of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King and He will honour in (the devil's) fall His blessed Mother. So it is under her banner that we are fighting - with her Rosary, her Scapular. These are the special days of the children of Mary to rise up and defend her son in this age of apostasy which we are here in 2017. So let us finish up with this conclusion of this vision of history which I agree is a little artificial. (Points to his chart)


    It's not totally complete but it gives us a theological vision of history which is really all that matters. The Ages of the Faith (points to beginning of chart) there are about on hundred and thirteen hundred - some extended from five hundred to fifteen hundred - the thousand year glorious reign of Christ the King on the earth. That is through his holy Catholic Church and we saw yesterday how all these great countries became Catholic - Italy, Ireland, Spain all unified in what was called Christendom. For example, one of the priests that Father Pfeiffer visited in Poland- an old priest told him Poland resisted the Muslim invasions - also with Ukraine. Poland resisted the attacks of the Communists. Poland stood strong against the attacks of the Nazis. They kept Catholic and they kept the Faith. But what did it make to make Poland fall? It was Vatican II and a Polish Pope. Now they are losing the faith. But to Poland's credit they're standing up to the Muslim invasions today. So back to the Ages of the faith (beginning of chart) about a thousand years - obviously it's not utopia, it is not a sinless world - it's a very sinful world. That's why the confessional lines were very, very long. But the sinners knew, the abortionists knew this is a crime: I can be excommunicated for it. The murderer could be excommunicated. The one teaching heresy knew that was the worst crime and he could be put to death for the worst crime called 'heresy' which takes eternal souls to hell. The murderers kill the body but heresy is a worse crime than murder. We have completely lost this understanding in the modern world. But truth matters and this was an age where truth was really respected. You get the ages of the great saints - there are saints in all ages, these glorious saints like St. Thomas with the whole Catholic vision. Let me just quote G. K. Chesterton talking about this (first) age in comparison to the renaissance which is about the 1500 - 1600 period. G. K Chesterton in his book, 'The Dumb Ox' St. Thomas Aquinas:

    Nobody can understand the greatness of the thirteenth century who does not realise that it was a great growth of new things produced by a living thing. In that sense it was bolder and freer in what we call the renaissance which was a resurrection of OLD things discovered in a dead thing.

    So remember, the renaissance - this period 1500's (second section of chart) more or less - the renaissance was reviving the old pagan and Roman gods, the old pagan and Roman ideals. They scorned the Catholic age and they called this the Middle Ages (first part of chart) between the golden age of the pagan world and the revival of the pagan world in the 1500's. So it was a scornful term to call the Middle Ages - middle ages. WE call them Ages of the Faith. That was the age of light; the age of the crusade; of the cathedrals; the age of the universities teaching truth; the age of the greatest works of art and music. The Catholic faith will influence all the way down the ages. G K Chesterton continues:

    In that sense medievalism was not a renaissance but rather a nascence - a real rebirth. A birth. It did not model temples upon the tombs or call up the dead gods from Hades They painted architecture as new as modern engineering

    The gothic cathedral for example. Indeed it still remains the most modern architecture only it was followed at the renaissance by a more antiquated architecture. In that sense the renaissance might be called the relapse. The renaissance is the relapse to paganism. That's the better name for the renaissance. Remember the enemies of Christ have named this period a mystery so the renaissance (to them) means rebirth, - Chesterton is right, it is not a rebirth - it's a relapse into darkness. But it won't happen overnight. The real darkness is going to hit in the modern apostate age. Remember the devil has to prepare this with the great principle 'dissolve et Coagula'. This is one of the devil's game plans. Father Pfeiffer brought this up with Pope Pius' X's Pascendi and the whole worldview. Dissolve the Catholic vision - dissolve the Catholic unity of everything for the glory of Christ the King- the union of Church and State; the union of morality; the union of science and piety; the union of all things seen in the vision of the Blessed Trinity and Catholic teaching. Dissolve all this (points to the chart from beginning to end) and put it all together in a one world vision again (points to the very end of the chart). That's what we're in right now. It is re-coagulating, reunifying of the whole world's vision - of Satan's vision under the lies of modernism and its distorted way of thinking - disjoints it. So - DIVORCE state from church; DIVORCE morality from theology and true doctrine; divorce piety from science; divorce everything from Christ the King. As Father was saying before, divorce mother and father, divorce the sacredness of marriage; divorce even the baby from the mother's womb and ripping the baby out. That's our modern world. Empty tabernacle - empty womb. It goes together. G.K. Chesterton -

    In many an architecture the ages of faith as new as modern engineering indeed it still remains the most modern architecture only it was followed at the renaissance by a more antiquated architecture. In that sense the renaissance might be called 'the relapse'. Whatever may be said of the gothic and the gospel according to St. Thomas Aquinas they were not a relapse - it was a new thrust like the titanic thrust of Gothic engineering and its strength was in a God that makes all things new. G.K Chesterton.

    So this whole vision had to be smashed (points to beginning of chart's middle ages) and even St. Bernard who lived in the eleven hundreds he could already begin to sense the beginning of the collapse of Christendom because of the new philosophies and the new teaching which was starting to hit- really hit - in the age of William of Ockham ... who was a young boy when St. Thomas Aquinas died in 1274. St. Thomas left a big empty space when he died. He was a big man but a solid saint. William of Ockham will introduce nominalism. These are the errors and philosophies which we will not go into here that would be a separate course altogether. The errors of philosophy from nominalism to Descarte
    and the whole modern world of modernism. That's another angle. But Christendom, as I said yesterday, was rooted in the Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church and classical tradition. And this was an age blooming with the Catholic faith. There was even a unified language. A one-world language called Latin - St. Thomas was from Italy but he taught in France - he taught in Latin. His teacher, St. Albert the Great, who was from Germany - he taught also in France. He taught in Latin. The language that unified the whole age, the whole one-world order of Christ the King was Latin. Father Dennis Fahey - we need to resurrect this great priest who was in the same seminary as Archbishop Lefebvre thirteen years before. And taught by the same great professor Fr. Le Floch. Fr. Dennis Fahey - every page of his is golden. We need to re-print his words and you've got to read them - especially you men. You've got to pass this on. Fr. Pfeiffer and I, we sat through all his talks as seminarians. Bishop Williamson gave in those days very good doctrinal conferences - but the kids were out playing and the fathers must not have passed all that down to their kids. What you receive here, and what you receive of tradition in this fight we're in now you've GOT to pass it on to the kids. Otherwise it stops right here. So the little children out there playing - they better know about everything said here and in the retreats, conferences - spoon-fed of course, but you've got to prepare them for the battle. But Father Dennis Fahey is one of those great books that should be on your shelves and not too dusty. He gives the divine plan for ordered social life. God's plan for ordered social life. Firstly God Christ the King, then the Priesthood of Jesus Christ and with his priesthood comes - the role of the Church - the Pope, the Bishops, the hierarchy to sanctify souls, to feed them the truth, guide them to heaven.Then the temporal side under the Kingship of Jesus Christ under which falls all political leaders.

    Now we have presidents instead of kings. But those presidents must render to Christ supreme adoration and honour. That's why as Catholics we can't be liberal and be satisfied with separation of church and state. That's one of the greatest heresies the freemasons have always dreamt of - to promote the modern world and atheism to prepare for the antichrist, then the spiritual Kingship of Christ, the Pope and Bishops and universal temporal kingship of Christ shared in the rulers of nations and states and Christ's Kingship over politics and economics. As you see in the Catholic vision, everything has everything to do with Jesus Christ the King. He is King, and He is the one who influences everything to a whole organised society whereby Christ is acknowledged and adored and his laws are upheld. The modern world spits on Christ's laws - abortion laws, divorce laws, sodomite laws - spit on the laws of God and defy him.

    So how did we get to the modern world?

    From an age of the faith to the modern world had to be dissolved. It couldn't be done overnight. This is why the Catholic church militant is in battle all the way to the end of the world. So let's summarise the major revolutions of success that the devil was able to bring about. Through the false philosophies of Ockham as well as Scotus' voluntarism
    you have in 1517 the rise of protestantism which said I don't need the Catholic Church; I don't need the hierarchy; I don't need the Pope and the Sacraments. I go to God directly. I don't need the Mass or Sacraments. Luther will say the Mass is an abomination. Luther will get a hold of every summa theology of St. Thomas he could grab and burn it publicly. He hated St. Thomas because St. Thomas had that Catholic vision of nature and grace; church and state; science and piety - everything united to Christ. (The Church) will begin to be smashed. This is the true beginning of the modern world. This is the real modern world. Galileo fits right into the modern picture at that same period. Luther throws off the church. The Catholic church is going to rise to the defence of the truth and condemn the heresies of Luther and hold a light to the Catholic truth at the Council of Trent and unleash a great catechism called the Catechism of the Council of Trent which we love and value - it's a precious treasure. We need to have that also in our homes. The Council of Trent will condemn these errors but the errors are already in the bloodstream of people. Luther will cut off half of Europe from the Church. England, the Netherlands, modern Germany. Half of Europe will fall to protestantism. The Virgin Mary will replace that half that was cut of, including Northern Ireland, that half will be made up with Spain coming in the 1500's - the great Cortes landing on the shores of Vera Cruz burning his ships and saying, We're going in now - this country's going to come under Christ the King and our Lady. He carried a statue of the Virgin Mary and when he got to Mexico city he succeeded to have her statue on the top of the pyramid. Just think of it - an army of 600 men overthrew the whole city of ten million people. It is amazing what Our Lady did through him. Not long after Cortes comes and puts Our Lady of top where the Virgin Mary will appear in Mexico. This is such a great history that's another long conference I won't go into. Just suffice to say all of South America, thanks to Spain and Catholic Portugal with its many faults - all of South America will become Catholic. They will convert these people. They won't exterminate them as happened unfortunately in the United States by the Freemasons in Washington. They exterminated the Catholic Indians - literally, genocide. Then put the rest of them on the reservation. They didn't do that in South America they just converted them; married them and elevated the pagan world to Christ the King. Hence you had the great Catholic ages and the great Catholic countries of South America which has contributed to the Church great saints and great warriors of the faith. The council of Trent (points to the 1545 are Council of Trent) - as Archbishop Lefebvre pointed out in his book, They Have Uncrowned Him the renaissance will affect the arts of the church. You've got the bare bottoms everywhere in the Sistine Chapel- Michael Angelo's art which has become very humanistic. Archbishop Lefebvre mentioned this glorification of the body, this glorification of the pagan Roman world - it does enter into the art and architecture of the church. 1600's - Descartes and this is also the period of what is called in music the Baroque period where you have the great works of Vivaldi for example and the triumph of the Church. The Mass is with drums and orchestras. The Credo that lasts for 45 minutes with trumpets blowing in the church and the glory of the Church militant we might say - slightly exaggerated even. The Gregorian chant will follow into the parishes where it will be Pius X who wants the chant restored.

    This is the age of enlightenment, the age of the freemasonry. The freemasons created great success for the dark side. It will be the exclusion of Jesus Christ out of the political and economic Rome. We do not want this man to reign over us. So the French revolution will put into practice the ideas of freemasonry and shortly before that, on our soil, the freemasonry ideas will be implemented with the American revolution and the Declaration of Independence. We don't want this man to reign over us. So Christ will be excluded from the political documents, constitutions and the supreme court's decisions as the Second Amendment. So Jesus Christ OUT! Separation of Church and State is IN. Separation of Church and State is a heresy long condemned by all the Popes. That basically means that Christ is excluded from all life, political life, social life now down to family life and individual life. The French revolution will send to heaven an army of saints and martyrs . Archbishop Lefebvre will say, the French revolution sent thousands to heaven and make martyrs. Vatican II succeeded in making ten thousand priests and nuns plus abandon their religious vows; abandon the faith without martyrs. That was the horrible success of modernism in the Church.

    So, 1800's you have the battles against liberalism and the great Pope Pius IX and the Syllabus of Errors which will condemn all these modern errors (right back to the middle ages).which are already in vogue. They are already fashionable. On the side of music - this is also the classical music, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach. It is beautiful music. It is influenced by the Church's beauty, glory and teaching but it is becoming more secularised. Art and architecture are also becoming more and more secularised. Immanuel Kant - St. Pius X said Kant is the modern heresy. So modernism, evolution has a lot to do with the teachings of Immanuel Kant which is a perversion of philosophy. St. Pius X when he comes on the throne he will condemn all these philosophies of the 17th and 18th centuries. He condemned them all because they made truth come from within. As you have been studying with Pascendi - remember Archbishop Lefebvre in his conference seven months before he died he was quoting Pope John Paul II who taught at a priests' retreat that the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity evolved out of man's need for the Blessed Trinity. Pope John Paul II taught this. It's pure blasphemy and modernism. These are the Popes of our time. It's modernism, freemasonry liberalism triumphant in the minds of the clergy. So you see this all dissolving of everything Catholic in the Catholic truths and ideals. Then 1917 - communism. Communism will be called and condemned by Pius IX, Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI will condemn it and call it intrinsically evil because it excludes God from society. Because of communism there have been millions and millions of martyrs, saints in China, Eastern in Ukraine, Poland, Russia herself. The key element of communism is atheistic materialism. That is why we say the west has become more atheistic than Russia today. So with communism then what else else is there left to dispatch? Once you get rid of the Catholic Church and once you get rid of Christ the King - once you exclude God what else is there to throw out? (Answer) The Natural law which is built into us. We know by nature - it's against nature to kill one's own baby. Sodomy is against nature. All the crimes of the modern world, transgenderism, playing with genetics, playing with foetuses like they're instruments of science to toy with. This is all against the natural law. Euthanasia is against the natural law. Donating organs that you need to live with and they are kill people to get the organs. These are crimes against the natural law. You don't need to be told these are wrong. These evils have become the norm in our age.

    The modern world, and Vatican II this is the age of apostasy. It has been well prepared as you see - dissolve Catholic Christendom and put it back together for the age of the antichrist. This is our modern world, this is why there's going to be the few. It is only the few that keep the faith. When I come, Christ said, Will I find faith on the earth? It is going to be almost completely destroyed - extinguished. That is why our fight today is so re-armed. We are really standing up against this total wave of 400 years of revolution throwing off Christ the King. Let me just talk to you about Archbishop Lefebvre.

    Furthermore, unsurpassable blasphemies - the council of Vatican II intended that the State freed of its duties towards God become for the future the guarantee that no religion be prevented from freeing man investing the particular fricassee of his doctrine and organising society and uniting it in all activity.

    In other words all religions can spread - the state can be neutral.

    Vatican II invites Our Lord Jesus Christ to come and organise and enliven society at the level with Luther, Muhammad and Buddha. This is what Pope John Paul II wanted to bring about at Assissi. An irreligious and blasphemous plan. Formerly, the union between the Church and the Catholic state

    which was dissolved especially, separation of Church and State of the Catholic countries took place most of them after Vatican II. Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos he was the one for example from Rome to promote and effect the separation of church and state in Columbia. The removal of Christ the King in the country of Columbia which was an immense crime. So this is what Archbishop Lefebvre is talking about:

    ..the union between the church and the Catholic state formerly had as its fruit the Catholic city. The perfect realisation of the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Today the Church of Vatican II is married to the state which it wants to be atheistic. The fruit of this adulterous union is a pluralistic society (that is, all religions like the tower of babel can babel off their nonsense) the babel of all religions the indifferentist city this is the object and desire of freemasonry.

    So Archbishop Lefebvre clearly understood the battle we're in and we might summarise Archbishop Lefebvre's chapters into the five main principles of the one world religion in brief.

    1 Progressivism means anything new is always better. Out with the old world in with the new world. Progressism will be the foundation for the next principle >

    2. Evolution. Since everything new and the latest discovery of science is always better. Evolution excludes the first cause. God is the first cause. Evolution says there is no first cause. Evolution is just the development of matter. Hence evolution is the foundation of communism and modernism as Father Pfeiffer was well describing. Evolution will be in the bloodstream already in the 1800's already well established. That's why it was a best seller. Darwin's origin of species was a best seller because people were already ripe. How do you think people are ripe for the new mass in 1969? Their minds were soaked in evolution. The tridentine mass was good for the 15, 16 1700's. Now we're modern and we need a Mass for modern man to understand. So we've got to put the Mass in English; face the people and be more sensitive and feeling. People swallowed it because we believe in evolution. It's in our blood. This is why we've got to anchor our minds back on the teachings of sane natural laws, sanctifying laws, Christ the King, the Church's teaching that of absolute fixed truth. Truth that doesn't change. Evolution will also, with the modern philosophies feed tight into what is called>

    3. Subjectivism or immanentism. Subjectivism will say since the truth is not outside - the first cause is excluded - then where does truth come from? It must come from within. That is modernism/subjectivism. Truth comes from within. I'm happy - you believe what you believe, I believe what I believe we're all happy. Let's work for peace. Subjectivism - pure poison. And if truth comes from everybody's interior Vital Immanence - to use the words of Pius X - then what will establish truth at a political level? What will establish truth at a natural or city level? It's got to be democracy and the vote>

    4. Democracy. The vote is going to determine truth. There is a true Catholic understanding of democracy and there is a false democracy that is condemned by the Church and the Popes and by natural law and that is that truth is in the numbers. So if the majority of people vote for abortion then it must be established as true. Because everyone has truth and there is no external truth and everything is always new and changing is always better. Then Archbishop Lefebvre will say>

    5.Historicism is one of the greatest corruptions of all this. These are the five main principles of the modern world. Everyone believes this. It's in our blood. It's in us too. Historicism says, well Vatican II and the new mass was needed for our age. What Pius XI did in condemning the errors in 1864 with the Syllabus of Errors was good for his age. The old Mass was good for that age. The teaching of hell was good for the middle ages but now, in the modern world we have another age and if you look at one of the big Fathers of Vatican II was Hans von Balthasar who was made a cardinal before he died. Father Balthasar was the one who promoted that the modern world, the modern youth need a new message. They need a new message hence the Church has to adapt to the modern man. Historicism says what was true in the past does not apply now. Cardinal Ratzinger said this. Pope Benedict XVI - he said in Dignitatis Humanae In the teaching of Vatican II are a counter Syllabus of Errors. They are totally opposed to the Syllabus of Errors. He really believed that Vatican II was needed for this age. That is why Pope Benedict XVI whom Bishop Fellay loves so much - do you know how he came to the council? As a priest he came to Vatican II dressed like some of you - with a suit and tie. A modern priest. Historicism, Archbishop Lefebvre will say, is the complete decadence of the minds. This is what has filled the minds of modernist Rome. This is why in 2012 when the General Chapter statement came out by Bishop Fellay and the forty priests. He says in his letter to all the priests in Cor Unum we had doctrinal sessions with Rome. We met and we saw that the cardinals in Rome they don't have the faith but we're going to seek a new agreement anyway. He admitted they don't have the faith. Archbishop Lefebvre said they don't have the faith we can't work with them We acknowledge the Pope, we pray for him but we cannot put ourselves under obedience to him with his modernism and his imposing the Vatican II reforms and ideas. He said very simply - we can categorically refuse Vatican II and the new mass. We have to continue to build. This is where we are again.​

    The Society of Pius X built many schools, built colleges, built seminaries, five or six seminaries, many good parishes. Because of Bishop Fellay's betrayal now they are all being led into modernism. The resistance rises up and as Father Cordozo well said when there's an action there's a reaction. So the reaction was the resistance. But the enemies of Christ knew that resistance had to be honed in on - so this was Bishop Williamson's job. Hone the resistance into the same direction as Bishop Fellay. He's gone farther than Bishop Fellay on errors of the new mass and Vatican II now. It's unbelievable to say that but we know that - we've got to pray for them but we've got to oppose this monstrous deception with the Catholic truth. So, with the Catholic resistance with what is left throughout the world we just fight on. Our Lady is our General. Let me just close with the words of our great commander in this age foretold by Our Lady of Quito, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Listen to this. This applies to us, and even if we have to start all over again which we are doing now - the seminary here is four years old now - it's been sacked, its been hit, it's been bombed and suddenly we have to expel a seminarian this year sadly but the fight goes on. Archbishop Lefebvre had a rough start also with his seminary. We cannot expect in any way to be better than the Master. The disciple is not better than the Master. So we're lucky if one good priest comes out of here. We'll be lucky. Pray for the seminarians ; talk to them; yell at them if you want; we need priests who are solid. Solid in the teachings of the church in the great counter revolution. So pray for the seminarians. Encourage them. Let me just close with these great words (of Archbishop Lefebvre):

    I am not a pessimist. The holy Virgin Mary will have the victory. She will triumph over the great apostasy which is the fruit of liberalism. (The fruit of all this decadence - Fr. points to last two thirds of chart.) One more reason not to twiddle our thumbs we have to fight more than ever for the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In this battle we are not alone. We have with us all the Popes up through Pius XII inclusively. All of them combat liberalism in order to deliver the church from it. God did not grant that they succeed but this is no reason to lay down our weapons. (The Vendee in France did not succeed. The great catholic counter revolution in Austria (Name of leader) we don't hear much about him but he led three counter revolutionary attacks against the masonic armies but they got slaughtered by betrayal. The Christeros were betrayed and slaughtered. So we have to build) God did not grant that they succeed but there are no reason for us to lay down our weapons. We have to hold on. We have to build while the others are demolishing. The crumbled citadels have to be rebuilt. The bastions of the faith have to be reconstructed. First the holy Sacrifice of the Mass of all times which forms saints. Then our chapels which are our true parishes, our monasteries, (We need a monastery in the United States that's for sure) our large families (large families - you will be persecuted for having more children than two. You will be persecuted if you are going to have more families than dogs. Blessed are you Our Lord says) our enterprises faithful to the faithful doctrine of the church. Our politicians determined to make the politics of Jesus Christ. This is the whole fabric of Christian social life; christian customs; christian reflexes;which we have to restore on the scale that God wants, at the time God wills. All that I know that the faith teaches us is that Our Lord, Jesus Christ must reign here below. NOW not only at the end of the world as the liberals would have it.

    Then he mentions the young generations coming into the seminaries and he concludes:

    Our Father thy Kingdom come. Long live Christ the King. Holy Ghost fill the hearts of thy faithful. O Mary be our Queen we belong to Thee.

    And what belongs to Her is another great victory which is foretold in the end - My Immaculate Heart will triumph. If we live through the chastisement and see that age of the victory of Our Lady don't fall asleep. We've got to rebuild according to what the church has always built - the Kingship of Christ. Round the altar, the monasteries, seminaries, large families - all centred on the politics and economics and the whole teachings of Christ the King. After twenty-five years of good harvest, Our Lady of La Salette said, man will forget God again. Even in the age of victory, it's going to be a fight time always. It is always war because we belong to the Church Militant. We encourage you all to fight on. Many of you came from all over the country and Canada. We see you on the mission runs. We know the battles you've been in. You've seen it in your own chapels; some fall to sedevacantism, some fall for the new direction of the SSPX or St. Peter's or Ecclesia Dei or Motu Proprio. We've just go to hold the faith, hold the line trusting in Our Lady so fight on little flock as St. Athanasius would say. Fight on little flock, they've got the churches and the chapels we've got the faith.

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