Cor Mariae Newsletter : August Issue 2017-09-01

They want to Make Our Lord Disappear

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    “... Why do I insist on all these things? It is to show you the continuity, the continuity in the diabolical action that is taking place in the world and which is nothing other than the battle between the world and Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is nothing other than this. They want to make Our Lord disappear. They want it to be humanity that reigns, man who reigns, and no longer Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    So it has taken very diverse forms throughout history since Our Lord finally vanquished Satan, in principle, by His cross; so the devil concentrates on those whom he can still wrest from Our Lord, from His Mystical Body, from us. He attacks us because he knows that we do not yet belong definitively to Our Lord, so he still has a chance to get us, he still has a chance to turn us away, and so he takes all the possible means imaginable to try to wrest, from Our Lord Jesus Christ, a large part of humanity. And the means that he has taken is precisely by diffusing errors, diffusing errors. They corrupt the mind in order to corrupt the will and corrupt morals.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Conference, December 1973)